Help Keep Fox Soccer Report On The Air [PETITION]

If you love Fox Soccer Report and you want the show to stay on the air, it’s time to take some action. The future of the show is on the line, and it’s time to voice your support for the show by letting FOX Soccer know how important the nightly news program is to you.


Time is running out. More than a month ago, EPL Talk reported that the future of Fox Soccer Report remained uncertain. Since then, neither FOX nor Shaw Media has said a word about the future of the show. And, according to an EPL Talk source, neither the show presenters nor the public have any indication whether the show will continue after Shaw Media pulls the plug on April 30, 2012.

After April 30, Fox Soccer Report could be no more. This is a show that is the heart and soul of FOX Soccer with a great cast, and an excellent highlights package that is made for North American TV.

Sign the above petition and spread the word to your followers, friends and soccer fans that you want Fox Soccer Report to stay on the air.

39 thoughts on “Help Keep Fox Soccer Report On The Air [PETITION]”

  1. Do you think Fox would move it to LA? Would Bobby go for the travel? If Bobby pulls the plug don’t bother it will be just like the pre and post match shows unwatchable.

    1. Moving to LA is NOT an option. Way too expensive.

      Bob McMahon has business interests in Winnipeg that is unrelated to soccer. No chance he will move. Not even to Toronto or Vancouver, much less the U.S.

  2. Relax.

    The show will continue through at least May 19, if not longer.

    The current programming license runs through September 30.

    SKY Sports News will be available as long as FOX Soccer remains FOX Soccer. That should be the case through May 2013.


    GOLTV News would be an alternative. Completely different show, with much more focus on Latin America. Also, much faster pace news program with no talking heads on camera.

    1. GolTV News has very little coverage of the Premier League and English cup competitions.

      Whether the last day for Fox Soccer Report could be April 30 or May 19, there is much cause for concern that the show may be coming to an end unless the public speaks up.

      The Gaffer

  3. I hope FOX Soccer Report continues – great show. But I can’t sign the petition when wants to get too much control over my Twitter account including updating my profile and post Tweets for me. But I support the cause.

  4. do I need a Twitter account to sign the petition- click on link and all this extra crap comes up asking me for information to accounts etc – not cool-can’t I just sign it without signing up for a dozen things?

    1. All you have to do is click the link, click on ‘Sign And Tweet,’ authorize the app to post on your account and you’re done. It takes less than 2 minutes.

      The Gaffer

  5. The production quality is s***. Bobby McMahon is the only reason to save the show. I live on the west coast and have watched it maybe 3 times in the past year. Give me Sky Sports any time!!

  6. Don’t watch the show so I don’t really care. If I do check out high lights I do so online or watch Sky Sports News.

    1. I’m the same. Couldn’t careless for the show now – haven’t watched an episode in years. Goals on Sunday is where it’s at.

  7. Is it safe to give this thing access to my Twitter account? Also, what is the target number of signatures??

  8. I asked Bobby on his blog and he said it would not be on in Canada but would continue in the US for the foreseeable future.

    1. “Foreseeable future” could mean two weeks, two months or more. No one knows yet until FOX Soccer makes a decision. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the show can be saved, but if you haven’t signed the petition yet, I would encourage you to do so, to ensure that FOX Soccer gets the message.

      The Gaffer

  9. I know this is an English Soccer Site, but I am much more worried about La Liga coverage next year. I have other ways to get my soccer news and highlights.

    1. No worries at all with regards to U.S. TV coverage of La Liga coverage next season now that the big players are all involved in this game of “high stakes poker”.

      Either Qatar Media buys a controlling stake in GOLTV, Inc. and rebrands GOLTV into “beIN Sports USA”, or Qatar Media launches beIN Sports USA from scratch (with the assistance of MEDIAPRO) and partners with Comcast (which controls both NBC Sports Group and Telemundo, in addition to 23 million cable TV households), or some combination of both.

      Don’t be surprised if “el clasico” ends up on Telemundo next season. Comcast would love to stick another needle into Univision.

  10. It depends on whether they will revamp the show. Its a great show with a good concept. I also like how they put in some A-League highlights. Maybe with a better cast and a show in HD I could be tempted to say yes. I remember when I was in Middle School and actually had time to stay up at 10 pm here in New Jersey and watch FOX Soccer Report. Now I barely watch it, I watched it yesterday though and again I am reminded of how good it could be with better quality and better cast.

  11. Make it in HD and I will watch/record every night. In its current state I do not care if FSR goes down. There is no reason why in 2012 this should not be in HD.

    1. Chad, the reason the show isn’t in HD is because the studio in Canada where they film it isn’t equipped for HD. FOX Soccer doesn’t own the studio, so it has very little leverage to make a difference there.

      The Gaffer

      1. The show has been filmed with HD cameras ever since CKND-DT Global Winnipeg moved from St. Mary’s Road on the outskirts of town to the top floor of 201 Portage Avenue in Downtown Winnipeg in 2009.

        The problem is the transmitter on the roof of 201 Portage, which can only transmit 480i analog SD video.

        A new HD video transmitter is considered a 5-year capital investment for accounting and tax purposes.

        Shaw Media obviously wants FOX Sports Media Group to pay for the new transmitter, but FOX Sports can’t commit to the cost if FOX Sports Media Group (read: CEO David Hill) doesn’t even know whether FOX Soccer will be around in its current form after May 2013.

        As of the end of March, Shaw Media doesn’t want to hire a 4th anchor for FSR to replace Derek Taylor, who moved across the hallway to host the morning news on CKND-DT Global Winnipeg, until August at the earliest.

        I suspect everything is in a holding pattern until the programming license agreement expires on September 30. By then, FOX Sports Media Group will know whether it will keep U.S. rights to EPL for 2013-2016.

  12. Ahhh, thank you both. I remember reading an explanation similar to that on here a while back but had forgotten the exact reasoning. I still feel the same way though. I attempt to watch FSR every now and then. I like the actual show. I don’t mind watching the classic games they air in SD for the history, but am not interested in modern day games in SD. I feel for those who cannot get Fox Soccer at all in HD due to their provider.

  13. Such a fuss about budget and hiring presenters and paying for an HD transmitter. The two things that make the show barely watchable are the presenters and the picture quality. So ditch the autocue addicts and get HD.
    I don’t understand frankly why they don’t do the show from the same studio they do live games from anyway. I mean the studio is there, use it!!

    1. The sound stage at Pico Blvd on the FOX Lot in Los Angeles is being used at 10pm Eastern Time each weeknight by FUEL TV’s UFC Tonight program.

      The set that FOX Soccer uses for EPL and UEFA Champions League is NOT available to FOX Soccer in the evenings. FUEL TV is using it.

  14. One source told me a while ago that FOX Soccer currently pays Shaw Media about $1 million/year for the U.S. rights to FOX Soccer Report.

    That would work out to about $3000 in rights fee for each show.

    The same show would cost at least $10000 each night if it were produced in Los Angeles.

  15. Wonder how much it would cost just to show highlights from a Sky Sports broadcast? They already show Sky Sports News so I imagine there is already something going on there.

    1. Another option would be to get rid of FOX Soccer Report altogether and re-run the 2300 London Time edition of Sky Sports News (which airs on short tape delay at 7pm Eastern Time on FOX Soccer Plus) at 10pm Eastern Time on FOX Soccer.

      That would be the cheapest available alternative for FOX Soccer during the 2012-2013 season if FOX Soccer were to lose the rights to EPL after May 2013 (and FOX Soccer becomes a multi-sports network i.e. “FOX Sports 1” with college football and college basketball becoming the cornerstone products after the conversion.)

      We will know by the end of August.

      In the meantime, things are stuck in a holding pattern.

  16. Love the show, but it took an immediate dive when Derek left. Asa is a nice guy but he pauses and speaks too slowly and drives us crazy. Eoin, Bobby and Michelle are great.

  17. I watch Fox Soccer Report every single day. It would interfere with my quality of life if it were to disappear. I have therefore signed the petition, tweeted, emailed, and Facebooked it.

  18. I dont watch it a lot anymore but its still great. It looks awful in SD but that aside this is a show worth saving. THe cast changes over the years have hurt it but Bobby M is obviously worth keeping.
    That said if they have to commit to a HD transmitter for 5 years, who is to say that Bobby is still there in 5 years?

    Either way I am in and will sign it because its something different and North American at that. Well worth saving.

  19. I watch FSR a few nights a week. It’s to bad America is too hilljack to appreciate the beautiful game. My problem with Fox Soccer is the hacks Wynolda and Barton during the EPL pre and post games. Their simply HORRIBLE!!! it’s like watching public access here in my home town. I would reather see the teams walking out into the stadium, the fans etc…. Most of the time the camera stays on these yobs in their cheesy studio right up to the first kick.

  20. As Bobby says on his blog, sometimes its about asking the right questions, not always having the answers. Bobby is living proof that you don’t need to have played the game at the highest level in order to understand it and more importantly, provide insights into what has transpired. Hopefully something can be worked out here. HD would be great, but the strength of the program is some of the insights and reflection, and a lot of the banter between the cast. This is a group that enjoys working together, and it shows. When you compare this to some of American commentary (e.g.. Olympics qualification), you really see the contrast in depth of quality.

  21. The reason that FSR is shown in SD isn’t technical at all. Its because Bobby was born in the 20’s and actually played under Bertie Mee. They didn’t have HD back then. If you look carefully, you’ll notice that Bobby is also actually only shown in black and white, while Eion has green braces on…

  22. For EPL news only, the simple solution would be to buy the daily news as well as the weekly 2 hour preview / review shows produced by the IMG for the EPL.

    There are 4 live 30 minute news shows per day.

    Friday and Monday have 2 hour shows looking forward and backward at the weekend’s action, hosted by James Richardson of The Guardian.

    Also, instead of the 3 Stooges in LA, I’d much prefer IMG’s studio game day coverage, hosted by John Dykes, formerly of ESPNStar.

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