Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 32: Open Thread


Could the Premier League title race be effectively over after today’s matches? With Manchester United playing the early match today against QPR at 8:30am ET/1:30pm GMT, a win for United will put the pressure on Manchester City who has to travel to the Emirates to take on the mighty Arsenal (11am ET/4pm GMT kickoff time). If Manchester United wins and City loses, United will be eight points ahead in the table with six games to go. However if United loses and City wins, United’s lead at the top of the table will be just two points.

Don’t forget about Arsenal and QPR. Both of those clubs have points to prove. QPR needs to take advantage of all of the bottom clubs losing on Saturday by taking points off Manchester United. A win would lift them to sixteenth place. For Arsenal, meanwhile, the club is battling Tottenham Hotspur for third place and a Champions League spot. A win would move Arsenal back into third, two points above Spurs.

Before, during and after today’s Premier League matches, share your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

Enjoy your football!

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  1. Awakened this morning at five o’clock by a thunder and lightning storm….thanks JT!!! :)

    Should be a very interesting day with two very important matches. I imagine the streets of Manchester will be fairly deserted today…

  2. Going to watch MU v QPR right after the Hibs match is over on FS+. It’s fun being back at Easter Road. Got my jersey on. :-)

          1. Right you are. Would have preferred a win, but the single point could turn out to be vital. Fans were clapping at the end. Down the Road and into the pubs. :-)

    1. Yeah, it’s not been an easy year. I think there were about 6,000 there for the match we were at in September. However, it was a great atmosphere.

  3. Shame that the linesman couldn’t have spotted the offside leading to the spot kick in the United game. The referee (Lee Probert, I think?) is going to take all the criticism on whether or not a penalty/red card should have been awarded when it all could have been avoided by flagging the offside.

  4. I gave up all American sports one year ago when this sport became a passion. People that know me considered that a pretty big deal & some are saying its a midlife crisis that I’ve altered my weekend habits and that I just don’t give a rats azz about teams I followed my entire life. Being a noob in this sport has taken allot of time so I can catch up and will eventually be able to talk intelligently about the sport. As much as I don’t miss the major American sports, I gotta say they have their act together way more than the EPL when it comes to the management of the sport by the league offices. The FA is a joke. In a life time of watching the American sports, the sum total of major screw ups in three major sports, do not equal the amount of major screw ups there has been in the EPL this season. I know the fear about replay is the commercials that would be played while calls are being reviewed. I also agree that one of this sports greatest appeals is that we get 45 minutes plus commercial free, then halftime, then another 45 minutes. I don’t want this to change either. But there has to be another alternative for getting justice for teams like Wigan today & Fulham last Monday.

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    Why? It rarely affects the top 6 teams which is all the league and most armchair fans are bothered about.

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    @IanCransonsKnees I would like to see true equity like the NFL has. A team can go from worst to first in three years. Soccernomics makes the argument that fans prefer the dominance of a few select clubs but I don’t buy into that theory. I’m in favor of anything that levels the playing field for all 20 clubs. Better offiiciating and a salary cap are two ways to help achieve that.

    I started this discussion very late last night on the Saturday thread.  I’d like to carry it over.

    1. Problem with the salary cap is that it would have to be a global cap set down by FIFA. If the EPL started using a salary cap then teams wouldn’t be able to keep all there good players because they would leave for Spain, Germany, Italy, etc. Because they wouldn’t be able to keep there best players they wouldn’t be able to compete in Europe.

      1. Something’s screwy with the site. I tried to respond to “dano”, but it never showed up.

        I don’t think even FIFA could invoke a salary cap. My understanding of EU law is not all that great, but I believe any type of cap would be “illegal”. It would take an amendment to the EU Charter to accomplish any change.

  5. How bad is the officiating been this weekend, its effecting the teams battling relegation ref’s have to lift there game!

  6. It’s a tough ask to play with United at OT with 11 men, let alone 10. QPR should feel hard done by. Poor poor officiating.

    1. Add to that a shameful dive by Ashley Young that led to the penalty. It should have been a yellow card to Young not a red card to Shaun Derry. I know a win is a win but this one has a bad taste.

  7. what a crazy game MUFC scores 8 against AFC and today struggles to get 2 on QPR with only 10,and one was a bad call.

  8. Post game red cards, with 3 game bans, for diving is a small change that could help.

    @CTblues FiFa’s control is another thing that baffles me. And it’s run by a moron. If England, Spain, Germany, and Italy would unite and get rid of that guy (by threatening to leave FIFA) then major improvements could start.

    1. Funny that you included Italy in your list. They should clean their own house before deciding who runs FIFA. Spain is hardly an example of how to run football league. And England with the cowardly cronies on FA board? That would be some coalition to fight against FIFA control.

      Besides financially neither of the countries in your list is in position to challenge FIFA. Leaving FIFA would have a disastrous consequences for them after FIFA disqualifies their football associations and threatens to disqualify the players who continue to play there. The truth is that British economy cannot support EPL on its own. EPL is increasingly dependent on global markets and global workforce (aka foreign players).

  9. shame that the linesman couldn’t have spotted the offside leading to the spot kick in the United game.

    If you look at it he never touch the ball, he ran from an off side position to an on side position in line with the defender and turned: without touching the ball and was clip on the heal by the defender with out touching the ball, if he had touch the ball before he got in line with the defender then the lines man would of raise his flag calling the play offside, but he did not touch the ball even after he got in line with the defender, he got clipped on the heals and you know the rest.

    an “offside offence” occurs when the a player is “actively involved” which is subject to the interpretation of the referee.

    ( In a nutshell he came from offside to on side before getting involved with the play or touching the ball and that lets play continue leading to the pen)

    1. He was in a offside postion when the pass was played, touching or not touching the ball has nothing to do with it. If the pass was made to another player then you might be able to argue he wasn’t interfering with play but even that would be a tough call. If he’s on the pitch he interfering with play as far as I’m concerned.

  10. Balotelli should’ve been sent off!! He’s been showing his stuns all game, shouldn’t be allowed to this dangering footballers well being.

  11. I wonder what Balotelli’s wonderlich score would be? He shows a complete lack of intelligence and is very very selfish. I wouldn’t want him as a teammate.

  12. That’s it. Roberto Mancini has six games left as manager at Man City. Period.

    When you put your faith in a seriously mentally deranged person like Mario Balotelli, you get what you deserve.

    1. mankini lost the tittle plus he lost his integrity over the tevez deal.for city fans it would be fun to pile on but there is nothing i can say that will make you feel any had all the stars aligned the big 4 were all down on talent and your team had the big summer signings.your side never got on the same page.

      V Kompany can play on my side anytime he is a STUD no games no attitude just all out for the 90 mins,and today after the loss and knowing they have lost the tittle he still walked to the other end of the pitch to thank the city fans.pure class top defender in the EPL hands down.

      20 championships for MUFC “Why always us”

  13. I don’t see why Mario gets the blame. All I saw was a player doing the best he could on the pitch. Yes he made a few bad tackles. No big deal. The only one to blame is Mancini. He talks way too much and if he would have handled personnel maters behind the scenes Carlos Teves would have been playing and earning his outrageous wage. By the way, where were all the other over paid ManC players? Didn’t they get the memo: YOU NEED TO WIN. Arsenal spooks must have intercepted that one. Good job Gunners.

  14. I would wait until the title is mathematically impossible to be won by City before making a full comment, BUT Mancini kept on moaning that the squad is not big enough, that he needs 3-4 more players to win the title, that his players are tired, injured etc. That doesn’t give a confidence to his players. People should read an article in the Mail couple of months back that Sir Alex instilled a belief to United players that they are good enough to win the Premiership.
    Once you give an excuse not to win something, you’ll give the players an excuse not to perform.

  15. There is no doubt in my mind that bar some players, City have players capable of winning the title. Specially the defense of Kompany and Lester and the holding midfielders in Barry and Milner, a great great GK in Joe Hart (one of the best in the world). These guys are fighters and warriors who have the mentality and physical ability to dominate any attack in the world. You can just see it in Vincent’s eyes when he makes a great tackle, he is willing to fight, to give everything he has.

    And then they have super Mario Balotelli who thinks the City’s team and the world revolves around him and him only. It’s a shame these great players have to play with 10 men so many times due to the behavior of this punk. No team can play, no matter how good the players are, with 10 men and win the title. I don’t care what anyone else says. He, and Mancini who keeps putting this dumbass in the field, instead of Tevez who once had a bad judgement call and is desperately hoping to repay him, is just insane tactics by Mancini. Tevez is a far better player and a better goalscorer and runs himself to the ground and does most things better than this guy, yet Mancini refuses to give him meaningful playing time except few minutes where he can’t make any impact.

    Agreed, Tevez was a fool but he is still a player who can impact City’s season and yet he is left out. Shame really.

  16. While I have grown to dislike ManCity and the way oil money has financed that squad, P.  Morgan does not represent Arsenal fans as a whole.  He has zero class and would be calling for Wenger’s head had we lost yesterday. The taunting is uncalled for. Just because I dislike ManCity doesn’t mean they aren’t entitled to spend how they wish. I am optimistic RVP won’t wear that kit.

  17. Awesome job by Norwich today now Chelsea need to beat Fulham today and keep a clean sheet and we can go into 4th spot.

  18. mario should of been tossed from the game 4 times yesterday i think he should just be put down like the dysfunctional animal he is

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