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Liverpool Officially Announces 2012 Summer Tour of United States

liverpool summer us tour 2012 Liverpool Officially Announces 2012 Summer Tour of United States

Liverpool today officially announced their 2012 summer tour of the United States. The much anticipated visit by Liverpool, which was reported by EPL Talk more than two months ago, will see a welcome return for the Reds to America — their first visit in 7 years.

Currently, Liverpool has announced only one date of their North America tour, and that’ll be July 25 when Liverpool plays Roma at Fenway Park in Boston.

Tickets for the Boston match will go on sale on Saturday April 28 with details of how to buy tickets available at next month.

“We had a great time playing in front of our supporters in Asia last year and it will be good to give our fans in North America the chance to watch us live this summer,” said Liverpool FC Manager Kenny Dalglish. “My son Paul worked and played in America and he’s told me about just how much interest there is in Liverpool, and English football, right now. We’ve had some amazing matches against Roma in the past, particularly the 1984 European Cup final, so it should be fantastic.”

“During its 100-year history, Fenway Park has hosted some of the best in athletic competition and a match between Liverpool and AS Roma – two of the world’s most well-known and respected clubs – is an appropriate way to help celebrate Fenway’s 100th anniversary and showcase our ballpark to an international audience,” said Fenway Sports Group Principal Owner John W. Henry.

The Liverpool club website said that the team will use Boston as its home base. The club will train at Harvard University. This summer’s tour will be a 12-day visit to America which will include two more matches to be announced. One of them is expected to be in Toronto. Yankee Stadium has also been touted. We already know that Chelsea will probably play Celtic at Yankee Stadium, so it’s possible that Liverpool and another team to be announced could compete in a four game invitational tournament, or that Liverpool will play elsewhere instead if Celtic was selected over the Reds.

Stay tuned to EPL Talk in the coming weeks for news updates regarding the tour.

If you live in the United States, let us know in the comments section below whether you plan on going to see Liverpool play Roma at Fenway Park. Also, let us know which two cities Liverpool should play in for their final two fixtures. Plus, if you’re a Liverpool supporter, how excited are you about the Reds coming to America, and how will it be watching the game in a historic baseball stadium?

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72 Responses to Liverpool Officially Announces 2012 Summer Tour of United States

  1. Zach says:

    VERY excited to see my beloved Reds this summer! Living in Orlando I would love to see them play here but realize it is not likely. A Miami event would make sense, though, assuming partial owner Lebron James can pull some strings.

    • The Gaffer says:

      If they’re using Boston as a base, it’s more likely that Boston, Toronto and New York will be the three venues. I live in South Florida, so I would love to see them play in Miami, but I doubt it unfortunately.

      The Gaffer

  2. Garry O'Connor says:

    I’m in for Boston and would love for them to play in Chicago too. I would go to both for sure.

    • Eplnfl says:

      Well all for Chicago as everyone here knows. A four team tourney sounds like a great idea with two EPL teams and at least one MLS club. May be a touring Italian team in addition. The European tour season for American soccer has become a special event each year. I think Chicago’s Soldier Field would be a great place for a four team event. If Chicago is the location then a Mexican League team would be a great choice with a large following in the Windy City. Stadium usage becomes a issue. The MLB ballparks are heavily booked and not the best for soccer. NFL stadiums are wide open for the most part and better venues for soccer.

  3. jules says:

    Would love to see my REDS somewhere in Texas. The World Football challenge came to Dallas Cowboys Stadium last year, maybe Liverpool can come play at the SBC Center or Alamodome in San Antonio?!?!?!

  4. Sean says:

    I saw Celtic play Sporting at Fenway two years ago. It was absolutely fantastic. Can’t wait to see Liverpool playing there — even though a lot of Red Sox fans, me excluded, would rather ownership spend money on baseball free agents.

  5. Ben says:

    I currently live out west and would DIE if they were able to come anywhere near here. LA, Seattle, Denver, Texas, It would just make the flights cheaper. But right now I have to save $450 for a flight then add on hotel, tickets, and all other expenses to try and make this happen…. Time to work overtime!!!


  6. Chris says:

    I’m hoping the Reds make it back to Toronto.

  7. Fricktion says:

    San Diego or HomeDepot Center in LA!

  8. Ty says:

    Well, I’d love for Liverpool to come to Detroit, but I’m sure that’s unlikely. Toronto is close enough to be fairly realistic, Chicago even more so.


  9. Ivan says:

    I am in Columbus OH. I hope they make it close to OH, so I can go and see them. That is going to be dream come trough. I will make everything possible to go and see them In Boston. Plus I am a Red Sox fan, so it will be Awsome……..Go Reds.


  10. FCAsheville says:

    It’s too bad the Southeast gets shunned by every club. Atlanta or Charlotte could host events and sell a lot of tickets.

    I really doubt I can make it up to Boston for a friendly on a Wed night. However, we are planning a Fall trip to the UK and I’d rather see a real game anyway.

    • I’m guessing this is aligned with the MLS Marketing arm that is one of the promoters of foreign clubs US tours – the fact that matches in non-MLS cities are the rarity rather than the rule. Atlanta hasn’t been a visit for a foreign club in two years – when Club America and Manchester City met in Atlanta under the banner of the Aarons’ Challenge. Reports from that time list only 33,000 attending at the 70,000 seat Georgia Dome.

      Miami has been the other recent exception, but there seems to be more interest there.

      I have mixed feelings on these friendlies. While it’s fun to see these clubs in person – a lot of the matches last year ended up as less than competitive.

  11. CTRed says:

    I am beyond thrilled that this official – and will do whatever it takes to not only go to Boston but other hosts cities as well. YNWA

  12. Trevor says:

    I think Liverpool and Tottenham are going to play each other in Baltimore? No?

  13. vin says:

    hearing liverpool v tottenham in baltimore!

  14. David says:

    Liverpool should come to Seattle! Best football fans on the west coast and an amazing venue in CenturyLink Field. Chelsea came to Seattle and I naturally went to cheer against them, but the atmosphere was amazing.

  15. DaS says:

    I would be first in line for tickets if they come to toronto!!!

  16. Eric Mrugala says:

    I agree with Gary O’Connor!! I would love to see Liverpool play in Soldier Field or Toyota Park in Chicago. Please like the comment if you agree!!

  17. Fernando says:

    Ah, the Carling Cup victory tour is official now.

  18. michelle says:

    i live in Chicago and would love for them to come here! my boyfriends 18th birthday is in july and i would love to take him! hes a HUGE Liverpool fan!

  19. jeff says:

    I would hope Raleigh, NC makes it to the list of venues. The US National Team trains here in Cary (at a large football US “soccer” only stadium) and there is a strong following for world class football.

  20. Kevin says:

    Send them to Livestrong Sporting Park in Kansas City!!!

  21. Ben says:

    I’ve already made plans to head up to Boston from Pittsburgh. If this Baltimore deal firms up I will definitely be stopping there for game number two!

  22. Sloaney says:

    An Exiled Scouser in Grand Cayman Writes…

    Yep, meetin a few of the boys for the Boston game…planning on doing the whole tour. New York would be great. Chicago, Detroit and Toronto too…

  23. Freddy G says:

    Please come to Texas!!

  24. would love to see them in Chicago,but if not will try to get to the closest one,have been fan for years,since 1973,love this club,and HOPE TO SEE THEM SOON,

  25. YNWA says:

    Seattle…it is a long way from Boston but Seattle has the largest number of season ticket holders and their average attendance to MLS games puts them on par with seventh in the EPL….

  26. Matt says:

    Please come to Chicago!!!!!!!!!!! Please come!!!!

  27. Just says:

    coming to my backyard….. BALTIMORE!!! i may go to Boston if there is a good package.

  28. hfdlfc says:

    Would LOVE to see them come to the west coast!!!!!!

  29. ed kingham says:

    the mighty liverpool will rise again and a massive thank you to boston for helping us back……a cup of tea for you guys and this time dont throw it in the river …………….

  30. Chicago Yeti says:

    Chicago Please.

  31. Denni Wibowo says:

    Would love to see them play in CA. A game with LA Galaxy would be perfect

  32. eva says:

    Finally be able to see the reds in us soil :)
    Even though I was hoping they do a tour further west, say southern California,
    just like fellow European team Real Madrid and maybe play Galaxy for a friendly
    Either way, I’m excited to see them, Boston Baltimore or New York, I will go.

  33. Gerry says:

    Wow! Please come to Toronto. Good luck vs Everton in FA cup.

  34. Patrick says:

    Pleaseeeee Reds come to New York i have to see you guys play! whether its at yankee stadium or at the Red Bulls Arena or anywhere near there just please come my way!!

  35. James says:

    I agree NY is such a great city to be in and tour around for the entire club. It’ll be an amazingg exprience for everyone too and im dying to see the Great Reds Play in NY babyy!!!!!

  36. dre0992 says:

    HUGE FAN!! I live in Miami,Fl and would love to see Liverpool here! we might have our own KOP!
    For now it looks like I’m going to be booking a flight to Boston this summer.

  37. Mac says:

    Love to have them in Texas! Why? North Texas is one of the largest regions for youth playing the game. We even have our own youth club, Liverpool FC America with each team named after a legend. The Liverpool International Academy for America is here in the Dallas area so the best place to come is Texas! Hugh fan base!

  38. Dave says:

    Liverpool vs DC United at Fed Ex Field in DC would be great!!!

  39. Dominic says:

    I’m from Liverpool and have already booked the three weeks in Toronto and would love to see them as I dont get to go to many games at home…Come on the Red Men. YNWA.

  40. fernando says:

    come to the new dallas cowboy’s stadium

  41. shane says:

    Last year I went to the Barcelona vs. Club America game at Dallas Cowboy Stadium and I told my brother and dad while we were there that I couldn’t wait for Liverpool to come back to the US and play. I am very excited to hear that it is happening. I want throw a venue at you that probably no one else will, but I think it makes a lot of logistical sense. Owen Field in Norman, OK; home of the University of Oklahoma Sooners (the Big Red, goes along with Liverpool). The stadium seats over 80,000 and is in a great centralized location to allow people to drive from Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. If not there, then Cowboys stadium would be a great venue. I definitely think you should stay away from any more baseball parks because the seating arrangements for fans simply sucks, stick to football stadiums.

  42. Patrick says:

    head the the new meadowlands the new Metlife stadium is unreal and would be an amazing site of Liverpool FC

  43. Ryan Getty says:

    Seattle…..Lets Go for Seattle the best MLS attendance ever and it even feels like the Anfield crowd it would be great. Liverpool FC deserves the best crowd it would only make sense to go into Seattle, the west coast needs it lets go Reds You will Never walk alone…..

  44. jimivara says:

    Great news! I live in Providence RI and I miss all those amazing games. Hopefully Barca, Juventus and Bayern Munchen would play in Gillette stadium or somwhere around New England!

  45. Garry O'Connor says:

    I looked at the cost of going to Boston from Indy. over 1K for me and my girlfriend. But here’s a question: with the Euro Championships (June) and Olympics (July) What players will be making the trip?

    I know that Suarez is out. But what other players will rested/or in London? (Best guess)

  46. LFC Fan says:

    LFC can you play at columbus crew stadium or chicago. I have ben a lfc fan for years and would like to see you play once in my life instead of on the tv.

  47. LFC says:


  48. cerise says:

    COME TO SEATTLE! Real football fans wit a great team!

    Liverpools#1 fan

  49. Donelle says:

    Wish they’d come to Seattle. We have an extreme fan base here and a passion for football. Does John Henry realize there’s a west coast in America?

  50. Jcoe says:

    Great to have Liverpool back in the United States. It would be awesome to see them out here in California or New York/New Jersey.

  51. Moe Snypes says:

    Anywhere on the East coast is fabulous. Would prefer Newyork since im from PA but I will be there in Boston. Pretty sure I can make that considering I’ve dared go to Europe multiple times just to see my beloved Reds.

  52. Connor Hill says:

    as a sox season ticket holder I already bought tickets and I’m really excited. I went to Sporting Celtic game 2 years ago at Fenway and it was great. Also I’m Dutch and am really looking forward to seeing Kuyt and Steklenbug

  53. Rolo says:

    Chicago, Chicago, Chicago! The City of Broad Shoulders is the perfect place for the tradition of Liverpool FC. Soldier Field or Wrigley Field would be ideal!

  54. john says:

    Huge Liverpool fan. Travelled to Anfield last year for my 50th birthday (surprise from my wife!). Liverpool has got to play in Chicago. I agree that Soldier Field (or Wrigley Field) would be perfect. There are huge numbers of Liverpool fans in Chicag. Also,Chicago is the easiest city for Liverpool fans from around the United States and Canada to get to easily by plane, bus train or car.

  55. csb says:

    West coast! You can’t really call it a US TOUR if you are only playing the in North East! I might as well fly to England to watch Liverpool. :(

  56. Sharif says:

    Come to NY/NJ metro area. We want to see the Reds!!!

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