Poll: FOX Soccer Plus Versus FOX Soccer 2Go

FOX is currently offering FOX Soccer 2Go subscribers a chance to win an autographed Landon Donovan jersey. To enter, all subscribers have to do is answer a simple question.

But it’s the nature of the question that has got me thinking. It reads:

“Do you subscribe to FOX Soccer Plus and FOX Soccer 2Go or just FOX Soccer 2Go?”

It’s a harmless question that’s easy for contestants to answer. But why is FOX asking the question? Of course, FOX knows who their FOX Soccer 2Go subscribers are and where they live. But it has no idea who their FOX Soccer and FOX Soccer Plus customers are since the cable and satellite TV providers are the ones who have the direct relationship with the customers.

Perhaps the reason FOX Soccer is asking the question is just market research. But perhaps there’s a deeper reason behind the question? Maybe FOX is concerned that FOX Soccer 2Go is cannibalizing the number of subscribers to FOX Soccer Plus. It’s quite possible that FOX Soccer may be looking at all of its platforms and wondering if there’s a way to set them up so that soccer fans would need FOX Soccer, FOX Soccer Plus and FOX Soccer 2Go in order to get the full wealth of its programming. As it is now, there’s very little reason to subscribe to FOX Soccer Plus if you already subscribe to FOX Soccer 2Go unless you want to watch some games in HD.

This month marks the two year anniversary of the launch of FOX Soccer Plus. Despite the gains the network has made in terms of programming offered and a new look-and-feel, the vast majority of soccer fans in the United States still don’t have access to the FOX Soccer Plus channel because most major cable companies (particularly Comcast) don’t offer it to subscribers. For some soccer fans, FOX Soccer 2Go is a necessity. For others, it’s a nice to have. But I don’t know of anyone who has both — both FOX Soccer Plus and FOX Soccer 2Go. If you’re out there, vote in the poll below and feel free to add a comment below.

Lastly, it makes me wonder what the results of the contest will reveal to FOX. If 98% of the respondents reply that “Yes, I subscribe to FOX Soccer 2Go only,” that won’t tell them whether that’s a choice they’re making because they don’t want FOX Soccer Plus. Or maybe they don’t have access to FOX Soccer Plus at all. Or maybe I’m reading too much into this?

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  1. Fox soccer plus is for home. Fox soccer 2go including fox soccer.tv is for work or bars that don’t (won’t ) show Fox soccer plus.

  2. I don’t like watching things on my computer or phone. I much prefer watching things on my TV. I subscribe to FOX Soccer Plus. I pay significantly less than most though. I have Bright House and FOX Soccer Plus is a part of their sports package, so I get it in HD for $8/month along with GolTV and several FOX Regionals.

  3. “I only subscribe to Fox Soccer Plus” is a false choice. I have the Sports Pass with TimeWarner. That gives me 17 sports channels. 10 are in HD, including FS and FS+. Cost—$6.00 per month. I also get ESPN3 at no additional charge…and watch it on my TV…not my computer.

    1. Good catch Guy. I removed the poll answer ““I only subscribe to Fox Soccer Plus” is a false choice.” So if anyone voted for that one earlier, please re-vote.

      The Gaffer

  4. Out of curiosity do you guys have interactive ‘red button’ services? We’re not very big on streaming here in the UK – instead, if there are multiple games on at the same time (Champions League for example) we just press the red button and choose which match we want to watch. How come games on Fox Soccer are split over 3 different platforms (2 TV, 1 online)?

    1. No we don’t have that option here in the US. The closest thing we have is on DirecTV we have UCL and UEL mix channel and temp channels that are blank until the game starts.

    2. Well, you have inadvertently answered one of the questions I have always wondered about. I watch Sky Sports News and have never really understood what they were talking about when they said, “Push the red button.” to watch a particular event. Thanks. :-)

      1. Ha.. yes, a lot of stuff is interactive – football, cricket, golf, tennis… You used to be able to choose different camera angles and individual player cams but they don’t do that anymore, it’s just match choice, highlights and stats now.

  5. No “red” button on either DIRECTV or DISH Network satellite TV in the U.S. for live events

    No “red” button on digital cable for live events either.

    Interactive TV services in the U.S. are for taped programming, not for live events.

    That’s the reason for the success of ESPN3.com, which can offer near 30 minor live events simultaneously (mostly minor U.S. college sports events, plus long-form events such as Cricket and World Series of Poker final tables) that will not fit or are unsuitable for ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, and ESPN Deportes.


    However, FOX has sold a sublicense to DIRECTV for picks 4-8 on UEFA Champions League matchdays.

    1st Pick – FOX Soccer (usually the more popular Premier League side, i.e. Man United)
    2nd Pick – FOX Soccer Plus (usually the less popular Premier League side) and FOXsoccer2go.com
    3rd Pick – FOX Sports Net – affiliated regional sports networks (a La Liga or Serie A side) and FOXsoccer2go.com

    4th-8th picks – DIRECTV and FOXsoccer2go.com

    FOX Deportes (in Spanish) can either take the 4th match (shared with DIRECTV), or simulcast one of the “Top 3” matches.

    FOX Deportes will take Barcelona or Real Madrid whenever possible until it feels that a match involving Manchester United is more compelling because of Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez, who is treated like god in Mexican immigrant communities in the U.S., such as the ones in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Houston, San Antonio, or Dallas.

    Remember that nearly 15% of the U.S. population are Hispanic, and about 10% of the U.S. population overall are of Mexican descent. The city of Los Angeles is nearly 50% Hispanic. A resort destination such as Las Vegas is over 25% Hispanic (because of the need for hotel workers willing to work at low wages.) Many small rural cities with poultry or meat-processing plants are now well over 50% Hispanic (because those jobs are dangerous with low pay.)

    1. With all due respect olivert why are you now trolling the blog and jumping at the chance of posting replies? If anything you’re making me not want to post on here any more. CTBlues give me a great answer – it was more than enough for me so was there any need for you to join in by including an essay? Not even that, but the majority of what you said is nothing to do with what I asked! Gaffer if I was you I’d ask Olivert to pipe down a touch because his ‘I know all and I know better than you’ approach to everybody’s replies are really wearing thin. This is meant to be a fun place with banter and individual views. At the moment as soon as anybody types something, olivert is there with his bit.

      1. Paul, Oliver has every right to share his knowledge as you do, too. Both of you have been very helpful in answering questions and explaining the TV rights in both the UK, US and rest of the world.

        The Gaffer

        1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I beileve olivert used to own the livesoccertv website, but sold it becuase he got into poker or something.

          His site, used to be the one I would go to to get EPL US TV channel and times.

          1. Oliver was the owner of SoccerTV.com, which was the go-to source for soccer listings and information for many years.

            The Gaffer

        2. Fair do’s. Everybody has the right to reply to things, I like that, it’s just those incredibly long winded posts that sound more like a Wiki or Encyclopaedia entry. I really like this site in how people can just join in etc. I hope Oliver can accept my apology for my rant but it was early morning for me 😉 He is who he is! Now let’s get back to talking football… or soccer! 😉

      2. Yes, olivert can be a bit annoying at times….and even wrong, but I don’t have to read his posts if I don’t want. At any rate, I find his information is usually sound and now that he’s posting here again I don’t have to go over to BigSoccer to read it. 😉

  6. I don’t subscribe to either but I do get the EPL/CL games on my FOXSOCCER2GO ipod app for free and I didn’t give FOX a dime!! U mad, bro??

  7. I subscribe to DirecTV. I get Fox Soccer by purchasing their Sports Pack at $12.99/mo. I do not choose to pay an additional $14.99/mo. to get Fox Soccer Plus. It is a ridiculous price for a part-time HD channel. I have taken advantage of FoxSoccer2Go free trials, but have never subscribed because the monthly fee is too high. For me, the combined price of two subscriptions is too much.

    I would use FoxSoccer2Go exclusively IF the subscription price was $9.99. I use my 50″ HD TV as my PC monitor and am satisfied with the picture quality of FoxSoccer2Go.

  8. Maybe they’re mulling on coming out with a roku/xbox360/apple_tv app, but are worried this would take away customers from cable subscriptions. It could also be that the 2go service is not meeting their expectations with lower subscriptions than projected.

    1. That probably has to do with the fact that $19.99/mo is much too high, even for a serious fan like myself.

      I saw a poll recently (I think it was from ESPN) which showed soccer as the second highest sport 18-24 year olds care about most (behind NFL). As a member of that age group I can say that these findings are both a blessing and a curse to companies like fox. Although their product is growing in a vital market, we have the tech savvy to find our content through illegal channels. We are not fundamentally opposed to paying subscriptions for a product (well, at least I’m not), but only when it’s affordable. Until fox understands that they are asking for far too much money, I will continue to stream games to my laptop and phone illegally.

      1. Here here!

        Also in that age bracket and I couldn’t agree more. I have no probl paying for such a service but at $20 a month I would not even consider it. That’s price gouging. And when we have easily accessible free options for most games how could they expect people to dish out $250 a year for their service. Fox soccer plus isn’t available on cox which is my cable provider but at $15 for one channel I wouldn’t pay for it either if it was offered.

  9. I had Fox Soccer + on Fios but at 15/month, it was no where near worth it.

    And, for Fox Soccer 2Go to still not have an android app is a complete joke. They deserve to be ripped off by these illegal streaming websites. Just their incompetence is starting to piss me off.

    1. Mark, we’ve gone over this before. They’re working on one, which should be released this year. These things take time.

      The Gaffer

      1. The Gaffer…Takes time? They are FOX, owned by News Corp, are you telling me they don’t have the resources to get this done in a timely manner?
        Please….they are one of the largest media companies in the friggin world, if not the largest.
        No, Gaffer, it doesn’t take this much time if you are News Corp and are really interested in getting the product out.
        It is just a joke and I’m just annoyed. Sorry….Mark

  10. I can’t afford to get both FoxSoccer2Go and FS+. FS+ is limited n content, only in SD on Dish Network. FoxSoccer2Go is worth the price to be able to see the lesser teams, if one wants to watch them. Also, all the Rugby coverage is nice as well. I really wish Fox would combine access to both at the same price, like HBO does with HBOGo. At $20 a month, having FS+ along with the FoxSoccer2Go doesn’t seem unreasonable.

      1. Good point. I hadn’t really thought of it like that. My experience is Setanta and FS+ being $15 a month period, but some do have other rates for the channel, so Fox would be getting different rates from different subscribers.

        But if people were paying the $15 rate, it should be possible to cross them into being able to access FS2G. It could be done on a provider to provider basis. HBO is like that with HBO GO, offering different methods of access to different subscribers via different providers.

        In any case, I’m not willing to pay much more for FS2G. It wouldn’t make sense to up the rate of FS2G in order to encourage people dropping it, to get the cheaper channel. Maybe, this may entice them to lower the price for FS+.

  11. In an effort to save money, I cancelled my satellite and subscribed to FS2G. It can be really annoying at times, watching games on tape delay, but I have adjusted my activity patterns to handle it. When my team is playing on delay, I don’t go to Facebook or read my blogs until the next morning. I always check the team sheet before the game starts, and then I remove myself from all contact. It can be frustrating, but it works for me.

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