MLS First Kick Open Thread

Bring on MLS 2012!

We’re only about 40 minutes away from First Kick! To celebrate, let’s have an open thread where we can discuss all 5 matches from this evening’s docket. From Montreal’s first touch in Major League Soccer, to the beginning of Los Angeles’ campaign to repeat as MLS Cup Champions, let’s enjoy the night with some good banter.

If you’d like to follow some of my observations from this evening’s action, you can always catch up with me on Twitter @earl_of_reed. You can also find some of my other MajorLeagueSoccerTalk cohorts there as well, such as Robert Hay (@roberthayjr) and Daniel Feuerstein (@dfeuerstein). And of course, don’t forget the main MLSTalk Twitter account (@MLSTalk)

So bring it on, MLS! In the ever-true words of my EPL and MLSTalk colleague Kartik Krishnaiyer, “Enjoy your football!”

6 thoughts on “MLS First Kick Open Thread”

    1. No, but there is a free preview of MLS Live. Wish they would have put it on the tube, at least one of the matches today.

      1. Was anyone able to catch a game in San Diego? I kept looking in
        guide channel but nothing was popping up for MLS in SD.

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