Philadelphia To Host All-Star Game

Less than a year after hosting it’s first playoff game, PPL Park will be showcased on July 25th as the venue for the 2012 MLS All Star Game.

Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber officially announced the event at City Hall, alongside Mayor Michael Nutter and Philadelphia Union CEO Nick Sakiewicz. The format will not change, with a leaguewide group of top players facing an international club on their preseason friendly tour. MLS will announce the identity of the opponent at a later date.

This is a momentous occasion for the Union, heading into their third year of operation. Attendance at PPL Park has been strong and has led to early buzz of an expansion. Another obvious positive about the selection is its proximity to both New York City and Washington, DC. It also represents the continued support of soccer specificity in MLS facilities. The last time they played the match in an NFL stadium was in 2010 at Reliant Stadium in Houston.

Of course, with soccer specific stadiums come a smaller capacity. PPL Park holds 18,500, but could probably be expanded slightly for this match.. It will likely be the smallest crowd since the 2007 All Star Game, held at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in suburban Denver. It will be interesting to learn the identity of the opponent. With a smaller number of seats, a large European club could mean a premium on tickets – especially given the number of people within 3 hours of PPL Park.

From the timing standpoint, July 25th will conflict with the Olympics, so assuming the qualification goes without issue, some stars (Brek Shea, Freddy Adu, and reigning MVP David Beckham) will not be able to participate. While that may take some name recognition out of the MLS squad, usually the opponent is as much the draw as the squad of MLS standouts.

24 thoughts on “Philadelphia To Host All-Star Game”

    1. Yes because an event that brings publicity and revenue to the
      league is a terrible thing. All-Star Games and play-offs, two
      things that will NEVER leave. Trolling them because they go against
      assessment of the entire league.

        1. Yet MLB, NBA, and NHL have all-star games that are well watched and
          well covered. There’s a difference between a mid-season all-star
          game and and post season all-star game. Pro Bowl is a reward
          because they’re going to Hawaii, the others are events for the city
          to utilize. Go study some economics.

  1. Have you been to one? I went when it was in Colorado; it was fun.
    It doesn’t have to be the biggest TV numbers of the summer for it
    to be worthwhile. Just enjoy the occasion if your night is
    available, and don’t read too much into the result. The teammate
    combinations are different: Donovan – Henry, etc… I’d love to see
    Fulham this year, or a Latin American opponent. Undecided if
    Mexican All-Stars is a good idea. I’m against East verse West for a
    few reasons, chiefly is that two teams dilute the talent. Anyway,
    enjoy it Philly, a good summer night.

      1. we dont need a the 2012 MLS kiddy Bimbo AT&T allstar game
        presented by adidas (TM) TRADEMARK! to figure out who is better the
        FMF or MLS. just take a glance at the CCL.

          1. No it shows how ignorant you are. FMF vs MLS will prove nothing,
            but again its an event to showcase players who have performed well,
            a chance for players to take a break, a chance for a city to get
            people to spend money.

  2. What a stupid stupid game the “All Star Game” is. Why mold MLS in
    the vein of NFL, NHL, MLB: another sterile single entity league,
    where they tell you to “get loud”, who to cheer for and how to

    1. Oh begging the question, you EVERYTHING MUST BE LIKE ENGERLAND lot
      are loaded with logical fallacies. Go to a Blackhawks game and tell
      the fans they are all pansies and don’t know what real cheering is.
      I refuse to pay for your medical bill though.

      1. what does Ivan’s logical argument have to do with “trolls” wanting
        everything to be like ENGERLAND?! is the average american fanboy
        soccer fan that stupid and ignorant? there are SOO many things MLS
        could change in order to be a serious soccer league while not being
        a carbon copy of ENGERLAND. for one who the hell needs this stupid
        all star game? you wanna see a b-c squad of a euro club trample MLS
        for the 3rd straight year fine by me, but look at all the stupid
        congestion these kiddy mid summer friendlies cause. all that time
        could be used to schedule regular season games that, hey, could
        result in a balanced schedule! go back to you NBA NFL NHL and leave
        soccer to real fans. and take your corn dog with you!

        1. Mind telling me the results from years before that, ah, selective
          memory that’s right. Alas all the idealists that exist on MLST
          don’t realize there are bills to pay and then you don’t call me a
          real soccer fan. When you’ve been to a soccer match on every
          inhabited continent, give me a call.

  3. really, will MLS do anything for money? how about humiliate
    themselves against a B/C squad of some euro club for a stupid event
    like the ASG. Charles and his boyfriend tim will surely label me a
    troll and wave the “THIS IS AMURICA!” flag like its no tomorrow.
    grow a pair ya nancys. if mls wants to improve then cater to real
    soccer fans. and real soccer fans grew out of the allstar fad back
    in the 5th grade.

    1. Would you watch if MLS added a longest trick shot goal to the
      festivities? Or how about Mickey Mouse comes out and leads the
      national anthem while F-14s due a fly over? USA can be so gay at

  4. Come on guys (if there really is more than one of you). Cut it out with the homophobic slurs. We get it, you hate All-Star Games. That’s good, because nobody is sitting you tied down in front of a television and making you watch it. Take your remote and put it on a different show. Just quit with the imbecilic hate speech that only disqualifies your opinions because you’re too childish to argue without calling names.

        1. Earl you’re fighting a losing battle. MLST is the last bastion of
          the crazies. We’re talking about people that don’t understand basic
          economic theory, logic, and have an odd case of Anglophilia. The
          bigger issue is they utilize 3rd grade rhetoric as seen above,
          which makes any of their good points look like drivel.

  5. If there is no Pro/Rel, the labels Dicision 1, 2 and 3 are just
    semantics, they don’t mean anything! MLS, USL and the NASL are
    basically 3 independent leagues. So, shouldn’t we have a play off
    at the end of the seasson between the winners of the 3 leagues to
    see who is the real US Cahampion Club?……………Why should we
    accept MLS Cup Winner as the national champion if they did not beat
    Orlando City or Carolina RailHawks, the USL and NASL best 2011
    clubs?……………..If we had such play-offs and clubs could
    fight for a national title and therefore earn CCL berths via either
    MLS, USL or NASL , which new investor will drop $40 mil to get to
    MLS if they could invest a lot less on the other leagues and spend
    without a salary cap building their REAL clubs?……..where do I
    want to get?……….I dont see MLS as the problem, It is the USSF
    labelling them exclusively D1 status!…………..MLS is a private
    club as far as I am concern, they could apply any kind of idiotic
    rules………..If the pro/rel haters are right, and one of the
    other leagues opens up for it, them MLS will survive and the open
    pro/rel soccer leagues will go bankrupt right?……”remember the
    old NASL” …as they say over and over and
    over!…………………….Why dont we put it to the test?

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