FOX’s Broadcast of Arsenal-Man Utd Delivers 0.9 Overnight Rating, Says Report

UPDATED: FOX’s live broadcast of Arsenal against Manchester United delivered a 0.9 overnight rating, according to Sports Business Journal. This compares to a 1.5 overnight rating from the record-breaking Chelsea against Liverpool match from November 20, which was shown on tape delay on FOX.

Two factors that can explain the decrease are (1) the Chelsea against Liverpool game was shown on tape delay during a more favorable timeslot of either 2-4pm or 4:30-6:30pm (depending on the local market), compared to 11am-1pm ET, and (2) the game wasn’t shown live in six of the top 56 markets that make up the overnight TV ratings.

“While unfortunate, the tape delay in certain markets did not at all influence the rating,” said a FOX Sports spokesperson. “The fall EPL matches on FOX. which averaged a 1.3 overnight, benefited from the enormous audiences that adjoining NFL programming provided. Obviously, yesterday’s match did not, so a decline was not unexpected. The soccer audience may have also been negatively impacted slightly by breaking news coverage of the death of Joe Paterno. News of the passing was confirmed just prior to 10:30am.”

18 thoughts on “FOX’s Broadcast of Arsenal-Man Utd Delivers 0.9 Overnight Rating, Says Report”

  1. It was fantastic to see the Arsenal vs Manchester United game on the local Fox Channel 9 here in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) Minnesota. I only hope that more games will be televised.
    YNWA Liverpool fan

  2. If the game will not be live (and not in HD) then what’s the use. If you’re going to do it, do it right. And please get music specifically for soccer. Stop using the NFL music.

  3. Fox didnt carry it in Miami…at least i didnt get it on my Comcast cable. Sucked because i was forced to watch a spanish language broadcast n though i live in Miami, nope, i don’t speak Spanish.

    1. Might want to have tried using the SAP button. I have watched internationals that were on Fox Sports Espanol and not Fox Soccer and hit the secondary language option and it switched to the English announcers.

  4. Well half the country was still asleep and the markets that opted out hurt. The Fox studio crew was a wreck. Piers Morgan has no business being there. Stone seemed nervous throughout but Eric Wynalda was solid. The studio end had little to do with the audience however. The technical side of the broadcast was close to what we in the US expect for a NFL game which is the standard. The picture which I had over the air was crisp and clear and Fox should be thanked for bringing in live or close to life cut ins from the game site.

    To early to tell but Fox will want American’s to get used to watching soccer early in the morning for when their World Cup coverage comes around.

  5. My local affiliate in Raleigh, NC decided to run it one hour delayed and broadcast a church service at 11:00 AM. I would’ve rather it been on FSC.

  6. Great JOB FOX showing the EPL, but please do something about the commentators, they should have some passion, we need commentators that can say GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, when someone scores.

  7. Completely disagree… Martin Tyler is the best in the biz.

    I personallly can’t stand the spanish commentators who yell GOOOOOOOOL. They yell the same call everytime a goal is scored.. if a goal is scored when it 8-1…. it ‘GOOOOOOOOOLLLL’

  8. Yea so they chose to show Arsenal, who are not even close to the team they used to be. The first half was incredibly boring and I don’t doubt a lot of people tuned out during that. City v Spurs was the obvious match to show on FOX, guess it was too early though.

    City v United, Chelsea v Spurs, even Liverpool v United are all better matches in the future to try this again.

    1. This is a match to televise EVERY year, don’t know if you knew but both teams were/are decimated with injury and btw, sp*ds got DESTROYED against City. In the future, anytime the Big 3 play each other (Arsenal, United, Liverpool) should be televised as well as the Manchester and North London Derby,

  9. Sunday at 11 AM (8 AM Pacific) is not going to be a great time slot if you want to draw ratings anyway. A large chunk of the country is attending some form of worship service, another is asleep. Unless people physically set a DVR (or, gasp, a VCR) to record, it’s not going to make it on their televisions.

    I’m not sure what the EPL’s motivation for avoiding Sunday night games happens to be, but for this country a start at 8 PM GMT (3 PM EST) would greatly improve ratings. Not sure whether they are afraid of hooligan behavior on a weekend night, but kids have to go to school on Monday just like on a Tuesday night (see Champions League fixtures).

    My point is…if the EPL is unwilling to schedule matches for Sunday evening, FOX will never get a great rating for that type of broadcast, A start between 2 and 3 PM EST would garner them the most ratings.

    1. The reason is rather simple and economical. The reason why for the early kick-offs is to get a big ratings in China and India.

  10. I love seeing the EPL fanboys pull every excuse out of their ass when their proclamations that the EPL will dominate don’t come true. It’s the most popular league in the world, yet it can’t succeed because it’s in the morning, I don’t like the music they play, some markets don’t show it, the studio hosts suck, the matchup wasn’t good enough, yada, yada, yada.

    Face it and admit that club soccer is not as popular in the US as you want it to be. That’s not a crime or a failing. It’s just reality. Stop expecting Nielsen ratings to give you some measure of self-esteem and just deal with the fact this this is a slow steady process.

    1. I’m not a big “fanboy” of EPL. It’s not my favorite soccer league. It’s ok, and I can see why folks really enjoy the speed, or at least become interested in the sport because of it.

      But, thanks for noticing soccer isn’t as popular in the US as it is elsewhere. It is a slow process, sure, but, not every soccer fan in America wants to watch the English style of play. Soccer fans are a diverse crowd with many different preferences for league play.

      I missed the first 20 minutes of the game because I was asleep. I prefer to watch games after 11am, preferably around 2pm in the afternoon CST.

    2. No Rabble, you are old. Young people enjoy association football because we don’t have a superiority complex forbearing us from supporting something not made in this country. Like it or not football is the number one sport in the world and here to stay. Just because old SOBs like you don’t like it and don’t watch it and try to discourage your kids from watching it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the quality of other sports.

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