England 1998 World Cup Stickers From Merlin: Photos

In the build-up to the 1998 World Cup held in France, a company named Merlin launched the Official England 1998 World Cup sticker collection. The quality of the stickers was equal to that of Panini, and Merlin issued quite a lot of other football related stickers during their time.

In this particular collection, I’ve selected ten different stickers to share (click the image for a larger version of it). The England crest in the top right is one of those shiny stickers, so the quality looks better in person than what the scanner captured. But as you can see in the other nine stickers, England’s footballers are captured in their glory, playing for their national team.

For a bit of fun, let’s see who can be the first person to name all nine players. Post your guesses in the comments section below!

This is the last edition of collectibles I’ll be sharing for a while. I’ve gotten to the bottom of the box that I found in my garage, while cleaning. Hopefully I’ll find some more boxes in the future and, if so, will definitely share the treasures I find.

5 thoughts on “England 1998 World Cup Stickers From Merlin: Photos”

  1. Hi

    I think its:

    steve mcmanaman

    gareth southgate

    alan shearer

    paul gascoigne

    robbie fowler

    nicky butt

    robert lee

    david batty

    paul ince

  2. correction, the last one looks like ian wright and not paul ince. though i’m almost sure ian wright wasn’t in the 98 squad.

  3. well done Imran….early bird an all that….Correct that its not Ince but Wright. Forgot about Robert Lee, was a good player for the Toon in his day

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