FIFA Predicts High-Scoring Man City vs Arsenal Game This Weekend

The FIFA 12 Simulation Engine has calculated the strengths and weaknesses of Manchester City against Arsenal, and has computed what will happen on Sunday when the two giants clash at Etihad Stadium.

Not surprisingly, EA Sports is predicting a lot of goals in this one.

But will the final score prediction be correct? Watch the video and find out for sure on Sunday.


7 thoughts on “FIFA Predicts High-Scoring Man City vs Arsenal Game This Weekend”

  1. 3-1 to the boys in red if they suffocate silva. chelsea made them a 1-dimensional team by doing this last week without the quality defensive of alex song. obviously anything cal happen when two sides with that much offense meet up but arsenal are better balanced, have a better in-form player and possess the ball better. plus i cant see manchini out-strategizing wenger any time soon. we’ll see but i think the gunners will cut the lead to 6 points and make the holidays interesting.

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