10 Reasons Why Manchester United Won’t Win the League

After 10 days of disappointment, United’s woeful week was topped off by a Champions League exit. Crystal Palace came to Old Trafford and managed to get away with a win. Yes, fair enough… Mickey Mouse Carling Cup. They managed a goal to nothing victory against a struggling Villa but just four days later they crashed out of two competitions in the space of a week and the Premier League is slowly drifting away from them.

Here are just ten of the reasons why United won’t win the Premier League.

1. Noisy neighbours – City look to have the League wrapped up and it looks against the odds for any other team to snatch it, the last time these two sides met, Man City took all three points and a plus five goal difference, which shows how far they really are off top spot.

2. Fit as a fiddle? – Injuries look to be taking toll on the Manchester club with Ashley Young looks to join a dreadful list of injured players which contain Nemanja Vidic, Michael Owen, Anderson, Tom Cleverley, Fabio, Rafael, Javier Hernandez and Dimitar Berbatov.

3. One step forward, two steps back – United spent over fifty million pounds in the summer which some might see as massive steps forward, but they lost key figures in the forms of Van Der Sar, Gary Neville and the unforgettable Paul Scholes.

4. Blunt Rooney – With Wayne Rooney once again not looking so sharp, dropping back into a midfield role. Javier Hernandez out and  a man who has 4 goals in his 18 league appearances for United, where are the goals going to come from?

5. Playmaker? – A summer of speculation had football fans wondering when Wesley Sneijder was going to be arriving in Manchester but nothing concrete ever happened, United were on the lookout for a man to be slipping balls in for the attackers. United are seriously missing out on with other teams providing strong playmakers, City have Silva, Chelsea have Mata, Spurs have Van Der Vaart and Arsenal have Arteta.

6. Europa League – Harry Redknapp labelled it a “distraction” and Fergie has called it a penalty, but whatever it is branded it will mean United playing on a Thursday and then again on a Monday/Sunday.

7. Captain vanish – With Nemanja Vidic out for the rest of the season, United will be struggling, the heart of the defence, the captain and quite bluntly United’s best player will be missed. Man Utd don’t seem to be scoring freely as they have scored just one in each of their last 7 games and Robin Van Persie scoring more goals in his last 8 games than United have in that time period.

8. Giggs lost it? – Has 38 year old veteran Ryan Giggs finally hit the time where he feels it necessary for him to hang up his boots, after a couple of disappointing performances his future was put in doubt by a number of pundits.

9. Start from the back – Van Der Sar leaves and Spanish goalkeeper David De Gea is drafted in, but he looks to be a shadow of what the Dutchman was. After a number of mistakes made, De Gea looked to have regained a regular spot in goal but with him and Lindegaard both making a number of mistakes Fergie looks to have some trouble in between the sticks.

10. Holding midfielder? – Not only do United not have a creative man on the field they don’t have one to sit in front of the back four and break play up like Arsenal do with Song, Chelsea do with Ramires/Essien, Liverpool do with Lucas and City do with De Jong.

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  1. Citeh have the league locked up and it’s so early? They have to play Chelsea 2 times, United again, Liverpool, Tottenham & Arsenal. They have a 5 point lead so you’re telling me that there is no chance they will lose any point to any of those teams?

    Come back to reality, Thank You.

    1. Mate, I wouldn’t even listen to this clown. I nearly splurted my coffee out reading this uninformed drivel. Then I clicked on the name of the writer, and it’s some 16 year old Arsenal fan… bahahahaha, EPLTalk.com going on my list of websites I laugh at. If this is what EPLTalk journalism has come to, kids writing uninformed bile about why Man Utd won’t win the title, then my word this website is on for a heavy fall.

      I thought it was really funny how the kid also included Arteta (haha), a player well past his prime. I’m quite confident that City will bottle it in a few games. Don’t forget, City have some massively tough away trips.

    2. it’s funny that you listed chelsea, tottenham, and liverpool as teams where they would drop points… when they were in fact beaten by sunderland, everton, swansea, etc. that’s the beauty of the premier league.

  2. There are plenty of reasons why people will believe that Man Utd can’t win the league, but its easy to do that after the week they have just endured. Also I wouldn’t say the title is wrapped up. If Chelsea get a win on Monday then the gap is two points. That doesn’t sound like the title is all done and dusted, Then Man City have to play Arsenal and then Stoke. There is still a lot of football to be played and the title race is not finished yet. I’m not saying Man City won’t win the league, but it only takes one or two results against you, and suddenly the doubt will arise. They are going to lose Yaya Toure as well in January.

    The mention of Man Utd injury list is valid and of course they have endured a ridiculous amount of bad luck on that front. However these players won’t remain injured, with the exception of Vidic, and slowly Man Utd will get them back and playing. The actual schedule will be a nuisance at best, but essentially we are playing Premiership matches, whether on Saturday, Sunday or Monday. They know what they have to do and that’s win the match, The UEFA Cup isn’t going to be played by Ferdinand, Carrick, Evra, Nani or Rooney in all likelihood. They are going to be getting the rest between the league matches. All I’m saying is that this title race is not over yet and I wouldn’t dismiss Man Utd all together, but to be fair though this is the time for all those hatters to do so because of the week Man Utd have just had.

    1. Agreed. Only a fool would write off United, Chelsea, and even Arsenal as title contenders, with barely one third of the games played.

  3. You do realize that City are playing in the Europa League also?? I suppose logic and reason are not needed in such a ridiculous article. I agree that United most likely won’t win the league, but not for any of the ridiculous reasons you’ve listed here. This site has turned into amateur hour as of late.

  4. The articles on this site are barely passable as half decent at the best of times but this one made me laugh louder than usual! What a joke of an article… and this is being said from a Liverpool fan!

    1. Paul, let’s see you write an article for the site about Liverpool. Send it to me at thegaffer(at)epltalk(for)com.

      The Gaffer

      1. Me writing an article on Liverpool sounds like a superb idea actually. I might take you up on that offer!

        But back to the article at hand, should you not be asking me to write an article on another team as is the case with the Arsenal fan writing an absurd article on how Manchester United aren’t going to win the league at such an early stage? I gather you like to give people a shot at having work published for others to see but it’s glaringly obvious the writer is young and ultimately it comes down to you to exercise some editorial control when publishing things… or not as should have been the case here!

        1. The Gaffer makes a very good point. Whether I agree or disagree with what is written here, I respect them for having the courage to put their ideas and thoughts for the whole world to see. It so easy to be critical when it’s not your work in the public eye, show some courage and wrote one Liverpool. Besides if you are going to be critical of the person’s idea show them the respect in saying something intelligent without resorting to ad hominem remarks.

          1. In direct réponse to the “ad hominem remarks” you speak of… there are no positives to take from the article. I have no obligations or requirements to find good in anything on this site, it is open to discussion as is every article on here otherwise this very message board wouldn’t be open for people to leave replies – negative or positive. With all due respect to The Gaffer, how did he make a very good point? Like I mentioned previously, a very good point would have been asking me to construct an unbiased, levelled article on a team other than my own.

            You’re correct in saying that it’s so easy to be critical of things but when something along these lines has been approved for inclusion on a site like this, quite frankly, it beggars belief. This is a site I presumed relied on some sort of credibility and factual elements – not amateur journalism biased toward personal opinion.

            Like I have said previously, I would be very happy to write a report on Liverpool but I’d make it clear it was from a Liverpool fan so therefore it’d be shining very brightly in Liverpool’s favour! That’s the key – don’t have articles written by the same follower of the team(s) in question and on the flip side don’t have an article written by a ‘rival’ fan in a biased manner.

          2. Paul, I just think if you want your thoughts and ideas to be taken seriously you need to tell us or the writer why you disagree without just saying “the article is a joke.” From my point of view I just don’t take people serious when they do that. Granted this is a sports blog but still I think people should use some thought process in their arguments. Just because you’re a Liverpool supporter that doesn’t mean you can’t write a well thought out story about your team and have readers challenge you.

  5. Jordan i will go easy on you for being young and naive.for your sake i hope RVP stays healthy or else your gunners will be fighting off regulation.ask your dad how many CL titles your gunners have won?ENJOY!

  6. I understand some of the reasons listed here, especially their injury woes. But to say City has the league wrapped up is too far-fetched, just 15 matches into the campaign.

  7. Man. Utd was always bigger than any player no matter how important he is for the club. Vidic out, Rooney unmotivated, who cares! They trashed Wolves, they have experience to go forward in hard times.

    1. It annoys me when people – managers especially – go on about the club being bigger than the players in the squad! It’s the current squad that makes the club. You have bad players, you have a bad club. You have great players who are unfit, you have a bad club. You have great players who are playing well and scoring lots of goals and defending well, you have a great club.

      A club wouldn’t be anything without its current squad of players playing well in order to carry the clubs name on in my opinion.

  8. I think the three main reasons why Man United won’t win the league are (in no particular order)

    1. Injuries

    2. The rest of the league (particularly Man City) have gotten better

    3. De Gea is a major step back from Van Der Sar

    I’m not willing to suggest it will be City winning the league just yet, but I do believe Man United have taken a far enough step back that someone will topple them this season.

    1. Sorry…which is to say, I don’t agree with all your points. As another poster points out, City is playing in Europa too. And losing Neville is not exactly a cause for concern.

      But I agree with some of your points (the ones that coincide with the three I listed).


  9. I am amazed at the lack of common courtesy or respect people have for individuals who have the backbone to write for this blog. Some people really need to act their age. But I forget it is the internet.

    1. Have you ever heard of an open discussion? A debate? A democracy even? Or are we all expected to keep our opinions to ourselves? Are people only allowed to enter into a discussion on this article provided it meets your criteria of being a positive comment, no matter how people may ACTUALLY feel about it? I don’t think anybody has been disrespectful, they’ve just expressed their opinion in the same way you’ve just expressed yours.

      If you have the “backbone” to write an article like this then you should also have the backbone to take criticism, no?

      1. ‘I don’t think anybody has been disrespectful’ Really? ‘What a joke of an article’ who said that then?

        If Utd do not will the league most of the reasons this lad had cited will be why.
        1, is correct if City win it. 2, Injury list is correct. 3, Utd did spend a lot of money De Gea is not looking his value or any way near yet, Young has look average except his first few games. Neville and Scholes I don’t think they miss Scholes didn’t play much in the end. 4, As a goal scorer Rooney is overrated his form drop is correct. 5, Utd don’t have a playmaker the fact their fans think a player who has done only OK while only playing in 7? game in his entire time with them say it all. 6, If Utd put a team that isn’t made up of kids this will affect the more than City who have a better quality squad to play with. 7, Vidic is the best defender Utd have and will be badly missed. 8, I agree, he’s being used less and less and does not impress when he is used. 9, Already agreed with in 3. 10, To a lesser extent I agree as they have players capable but not the standard or even near those mentioned.

        The article is his opinion not yours or mine as I feel Utd have other thing going for them but never the less these thing will all be said if City or any others win the league. I don’t see the problem.

        1. Are you American by any chance? “What a joke of an article” is personal opinion just like the authors personal opinion runs through this article. Disrespectful would have been bringing his mum into it. This is football we’re talking about. Either grow a pair or get out.

          I don’t think anybody is saying that these points wouldn’t be raised in the long run, I think the argument is that articles are published more and more on this side by amateur authors who get a thought in their head and just roll with it. There is no professional journalistic element to things on here. The fact an Arsenal fan wrote it and the fact the main image is ‘6-1’ would mean this article would never get published anywhere else because it is biased from the start.

          Instead of being typical Americans, get to grips with banter. We don’t hold back if something needs to be said… It gets said. Just because somebody is speaking THEIR mind doesn’t mean it’s disrespectful. There are many different cultures using this site so just because your local one may think something is disrespectful doesnt mean it’s the same in London or Manchester or somewhere so perhaps you should remember that but sounding like you’re preaching on.

          And Matthew… Go crawl back under your rock mate.

          1. No I’m English actually and calling people a joke is disrespectful, bringing the lads mum into it would not be disrespectful but pathetic and that’s in anybodies language my man! Try going up to somebody in a pub on a Friday or Saturday night listen to them for a bit then call them and their opinions a joke, see what happens! As your English you should have a good idea how that will pan out for you ;). Do try not to make it a 16 year old though.

            England/Paul are you still a pool fan if you change your name?

            Again calling people a joke is disrespectful where ever your from. Banter goes like this, SIX ONE! Maybe it’s you who should get used to it!!!

          2. To England, I was born in the United States but raised by an English mother and grandermother. However, I was taught to think with my brain and treat others with manners. Having opoinions is great but you need to back them up. Plus, your lame personal attacks on me just show me the boy you are not the man.

  10. I think you have missed the point. You said that this article was a joke and made you laugh. However, you offer no insight as to why you think so. If you are going to be critical of someone’s point view at least state why.

  11. United have played one of the worst seasons so far, city have played one of their best seasons so far! …………. and theres still only 3 points in it! If United hit second gear we will blow citeh away, never mind if we hit top gear! City need to win otherwise teh Sheik will be unhappy, the rest of the city fans shouldnt care, its not like they had any hand in Citys success so far, jeez they dont even need to turn up for them to have the best players! joke fans brought along for the ride and thats all!

  12. well present day and city are 2nd ? u talk some absolute sh*t n i am glad its on the internet for everyone to see how much of an absolute tool u are … thank you !!!!

    1. My my…look who’s at the top of the league with 3 points to spare. So, where did the author go? Haha. With all those points you’ve just stated, we’re still number one. Maybe now is a good time to write about how City COULD win next season. Lol

  13. This artilcle would have held some credibility if it was written about any other team but it was written about Manchester United. The simple fact of the matter is it doesn’t matter what the sum of your parts are, its how they work together. When an important player has been out injured for long spells (Vidic, Fletcher) other players have stepped up to the mark (Evans, Fletcher). When City won at Old Trafford it was a massive wake up call. WHen the turn of the year came Utd stepped it up a gear. Experience is the biggest key and bringing back Paul Scholes, laughed at by most is now looking like the kind of genius masterstroke reserved for the clairvoyant. there is one reason why Man Utd are named that way and that is because they stand united, united against all the haters, united within their own dressing room, City on the otherhand are a squad divided, divided by ego’s, divided by wage packets, upset by selfish idiots (Balotelli & Tevez) and with a manager who can be to honest, who is not in control of his team. If Sir Alex Ferguson was managing Man City they would have already won the title by the middle of March with this squad. City willm need to hope the wheels don’t come right off or they will be in danger of finishing third. Winning the title will be celebrated at the Etihad, only problem is United will be celebrating come full time.

    1. I hope so. 3 wins and a draw at the derby will do it for United. Easier said than done. But that would be sweet! We’ll keep the red flag flying high!

  14. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! BRILLIANT! What a TOOL! He shouldn’t write an article called ‘1 reason why I should keep my mouth shut…’

  15. I wrote ‘shouldn’t’ coz he’d probably be wrong there aswell! (Just incase anyone didn’t get the joke) hehe!!

    I wonder if the author feels embarressed!!! I love stuff like this in life, where ppl really think they know it all and especially about football, writing an article that early in the season… Haha!!!

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