5 thoughts on “Man United Supporter Adds New Meaning to Man Sh*tty In Norwegian TV Advert”

  1. I don’t know why you would take a sh*t on a toilet seat with your team’s crest… Probably funnier if it was a City toilet seat.

    I know people like this that actually exist. More than they root for United, they root against City. Just really poorly thought out banter…

    A tip to United fans, Wayne Rooney is the easiest target ever. You really need to think out what you say to a City fan because if you make fun of a City player, chances are Wayne Rooney has done worse. Also, Balotelli isn’t a good target, we know he is a a very very eccentric/not smart/immature person and we love him to death for it. We accept his faults because he is pretty hilarious and at his core not a bad person. So please don’t make fun of Mario, everything you point out about him(save the Dynamo Kiev red card) we just love him more because of it.

    1. Alan Knut….You Absolute Wet Lettuce, Its banter, if it was the other way round it would be the funniest thing ever made, dont try making it into a thorough conversation or arguement, Its banter, get over it

      1. Yeah, it is banter. But that doesn’t mean it is good banter. I just want to hear clever banter, not “your team sucks” “that player is gay”.

        And the commercial is good, I’m just referring to people who are actually like that in real life. Which I doubt there are many of. I went on a tangent quickly, off of my original thought.

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