Why Liverpool Needs More Transfer Funds to Match Club’s Ambitions

In the beginning of 2011, Liverpool Football Club began to make a statement of intent that was designed to kick start the revival of the sleeping giant.

John Henry made a pledge when he won command of the club. That promise was to strengthen the current Liverpool squad and to continue a building process that would bring back the good times at Anfield.

The purchases of Suarez, Carroll, Bellamy, Coates, Henderson, Adam, Downing and Enrique have given Liverpool added strength but more is needed if Liverpool are to return to the Champions League and a possible challenge for the title within two to three years.

Early indications show that Mr Henry has been true to his word but ambition comes at a price and Mr Henry must spend now or risk the squad becoming stale and losing some prize assets.

Luis Suarez has been a revelation since his arrival but how long can you keep such a talent without the attraction of Champions League football? To even consider a move to Liverpool, it’s the requirements demanded by the best players.

John Henry has major decisions to make over the club’s transfer policy. Does he spend big now or wait until the summer transfer window opens? Also what players would be prepared to join Liverpool if they fail to gain Champions League football? The gap between the Manchester clubs and Chelsea would grow and the emergence of a splendid Spurs team makes Henry’s decisions even more important.

It may be the case that Liverpool will have to pay more for the quality players required to add to the current squad but its a gamble worth taking. To be in a position to compete, Henry needs to fund the transfer budget without hesitation or fear of failure.

That does not imply that Liverpool should vastly overpay or make ridiculous wage promises, but to see long term success it will take courage and a degree of risk which am sure John Henry knows all about when he took control of the Boston Rex Sox.

Liverpool have underachieved for 20 years in the Premiership and the cycle must now be addressed and broken. Kenny Dalglish has a good eye for quality players and he must be strong and assertive when requesting funds for highlighted players.

Dalglish has managed to offload many non-performing players such as Cole, Aquilani, Jovanovic, Poulsen, Ngog and, possibly the worst ever full back in Liverpool’s history, Paul Konchesky.

Liverpool as a club will always be an attractive club to play for but it needs to provide the player with some sort of reason to come. Europa League football will not attract the type of player Dalglish wants or needs for Liverpool if they are to become a real force in the Premier League.

Liverpool’s problems don’t stop with transfer deals it also has the problem of realisation. No longer can Liverpool expect the right to be a top four club or have a divine right to expect trophies. As a Liverpool supporter, I have witnessed the change in fan expectation with regards to status within England’s top flight league.

Liverpool’s fans are without doubt the most knowledgeable, loyal and passionate group of people in world football and understand what is happening at the club under John Henry is a work in progress and will take time to reach its peak.

But how long must the fans wait? Two seasons. Three seasons? Liverpool fans just want to see their club move forward and progress, but what the fans don’t want is years of more underachieving and more missed opportunities on player transfers.

This is why its vital John Henry keeps his word and spends the funds to make Liverpool a great power again, buying the players over the next two transfer windows will make a impact on the other teams in the Premiership and drive the club into contention for honours, also making the club attractive to players who want to play for us.

Every Liverpool fan knows that instant success is a long shot. Even fourth place my not be achievable this season, but what the fans do expect is to see is Liverpool at least come close or be challenging for it come the end of the season.

We all know ambition comes at a price. I just hope so does John Henry.

28 thoughts on “Why Liverpool Needs More Transfer Funds to Match Club’s Ambitions”

  1. You can look at the money Liverpool spent recently as a lot. And you can argue that these purchases are not providing the results needed – but I think you need to consider that two of these players (coincidentally the most costly) are investments into the future. Henderson is for the future. Carroll is still young as well.

    So a fan could argue that we DO need to spend in the upcoming window if we’re to make a play for a top 4 spot.

    I like our squad. I think we need to be patient as top 4 might not be in the cards this season, we just need our players with Champion’s League dreams, players like Reina and Suarez to be patient as well!

  2. I think LFC’s problem is Dalglish. He was a feel good appointment but there is no rhyme or reason to his acquisitions. I don’t believe he has a vision for Liverpool. They made a big move for Andy Carroll and the proceeded not to build a team around him- which is okay, but there doesn’t seem to be a coherent style of play. In fact Dalglish’s Liverpool reminds me of Raffa’s. There is certainly a lot of talent there but it shows no sign of gelling. Luis Suarez is deceiving. I think he is a bit selfish and not really a team player, the last thing Liverpool needs at the moment.

    1. you do know that for the team to be built around Carroll, Liverpool would have to play like Stoke city right? why can’t people just be brave enough and admit that they were awful buys? i remember when they were buying these players(except Carroll and Enrique), only Liverpool fans and delusional pundits thought they were getting top class players.
      Carroll is not a very good footballer. He is not technically sound so it limits what you can do with him. If you build a team around then you can kiss top 4 dream goodbye.

  3. Liverpool have put themselves in a right old pickle. They gave a terrible manager, 100m to spend with the idea of buying British players – they decided to buy one big money non-English player, and surprise surprise, he’s the star!!!

    I agree with you, Liverpool do need to spend more money, but first they have to sack Dalglish, and give the money to the right person to spend. Had a great manager spent that 100m better, they’d been seen as top 4 contenders – at the moment, they’re finishing 6th at best.

    1. actually, this non-english player was a very good buy. However spending all that money on British playrers was pure folly. You only spend that type of money on top class players and British top class are few and far between. The only top class british player plays for man united.

  4. Dalglish’s policy of spending big for home grown talent is a poor one, as I feel these players could have come from what is probably the best youth team in the UK at this moment in time, with young burgeoning stars such as Conor Coady and Raheem Sterling.
    At this moment in time, I can’t help but look at the players bought since January 2011 and think “What would Rafa have done if he had had this kind of financial backing?” I don’t think Dalglish has a system in mind to take us to the top, whereas Rafa always had a tactical formation that got results out of his best players. Given the money Dalglish has had, Rafa would have bought in quality players to make a difference and realised where the shortcomings in the squad are, instead of running around buying mid table quality players like Downing, Henderson and Adam.
    hope they improve, but don’t believe it will happen

  5. I understand why liverpool bought british talent. I don’t think it was just dalglish commolli had to have an input. Obviously carroll,henderson were for the future. Adam,downing,suarez and enrique were to add as squad players. Did we over pay on some yes but adam, enrique were clearly bargains. John henrry and tom werner must now have a better understanding of the premier league and what it takes to compete in the worlds best league and own the worlds best club. I would expect them after what they did at the red sox to do the same at lfc. Home grown players are the way forward in todays market and judging by the academy we are on the right track, foreign players are cheaper but they are just guns for hire you may get the odd one or two like reina and kuyt who take the club and fans to heart. But more than likely will want to return to there home country. So investment for now should be quality foreign players at a cheap price to get us top four, whilst bringing through and in the best young talent around. Investment yes at the right price we do not want to end up in a situation like last season with h&g although FSG seem a lot smarter they have listened and brought in the fans choice in dalglish and spent in the market as well as getting rid of deadwood and recouping some money. They have been quietly efficient and effective in building for the future. I see no reason why if commolli or dalglush asked for funds they would get them. I love our history so let everyone at anfield build to make new history on the great traditions of this great club.

    1. still overspending for average playerswasn’t a good idea regardless whether they sold Torres for 50 million pound. you should only pay that kind of money on top class talents.
      Enrique and Suarez were very good buys though.

  6. 2 things:

    1. Net spend isn’t that high when you take the Torres transfer fee and getting the high wage earners off the books. Also, they might’ve been spending a lot on raw transfer fees, but those guys came on on low wages per week…an often underlooked part of European transfers.

    2. Liverpool have outplayed the opponent in every single game, bar the Spurs game. The chemistry hasn’t been there for the final ball, but they are owning possession and conceding few chances. I think they start bashing teams at some point of the season once the cohesion has set in more.

  7. Surprises me how negative some of the comments are, not just to this article but on a large number of opinion pieces.
    It is not necessarily a matter of spending money to “buy” our way back into the top four, look at who is currently sitting in third place, Newcastle hardly opened their wallets in the summer, indeed some could argue that they were weakened by a large number of their “better” players being sold. No I believe that what LFC need is luck.
    Its already been pointed out by another contributor how we have dominated games this season but that the end result has been a disappointing draw, how many times have we hit the post or the bar? There’s also the matter of our Captain fantastic, no sooner back on the pitch than he’s off again with what appears to be an unlucky injury
    I believe that the quality is there in both the management and on the pitch, buying players might even be detrimental to the team spirit that is obviously building (ask Newcastle how important that can be), the players we have can be a success.
    One last point, we have bought players for the future, a policy I believe in and judging by the academy one that is working, maybe what we should consider is giving one or two of those lads a try, after all, what harm could it do to put Stirling or Morgan on the bench and give then 10 – 15 minutes when we need a little something different? Perhaps a little of the Academies luck will rub off on Suarez or Carroll

    YNWA JFT96

  8. Liverpool paid far, far too much for Carroll. Building a team around Carroll would be a foolish idea, as he does not have enough talent. For him to be the vocal point of the attack would mean playing long balls, and no other top 6 team does that. In fact, Carroll would not get much playing time with any of the other top 6 clubs. He is only 22, so he still has time to prove himself.

    Henry and Liverpool paid the English premium for a striker, and we all know that strikers are overvalued world wide as it is. Dalglish can still have his English core, but the Liverpool staff should be looking for players from the continent.

    Liverpool will have trouble buying players from the top clubs in Spain, England, Germany, and, to a lesser extent Italy, but they can still look into the French, Portuguese, Dutch, and Brazilian leagues. There are bargains and talented players to be had.

  9. Given Daglish’s track record with what happens when you give him money to spend I think it’s time for FSG to begin thinking about the future of the club. Daglish was a very good short term appointment but he isn’t the future. He is still boggged down to the past and even his tactics are of the past. Trying to build a team around a big striker, Carroll, is not what the modern game is about.

    Bring in a new manager with better ideas and give him the money instead.

  10. More funds? Are you kidding me? Stop making excuses.

    50 million pounds for Torres, near 16 for Meireles, another 7 or so for Benayoun, just from Chelsea alone!

    Liverpool don’t need more funds to compete – they need to spend more widely what they have, which has been considerable as of late – Downing, Adam and Henderson are not going to win scousers the league!

  11. Sure let’s give Daglish and Comoli more transfer funds so they can waste it on overhyped British trash. That’s what you get when you give money to a manager bogged down in the past and who thinks Carroll is a great buy.

    Stop kidding yourself into thinking that Liverpool need to spend more money to be competetive. They need to buy quality and there’s lots available for the kind of money they wasted on Carroll, Henderson, Adam and Downing.

  12. Liverpool don’t need to buy more players what they need is to sell their mediocrity in the cloak of Carroll, Henderson, Adam and Downing. Even if they get half of what they paid for them they will still be able to buy quality that will improve the team. In the meatime they have players like Maxi Rodriguez and Aurelio who can do the job of filling in. Daglish is trying to justify his buys by playing Henderson, Adam and Downing most of the time when they are clearly average to poor at best. Even Carroll when playing has been awful.

    Daglish needs to admit to buying mediocrity and start playing his best team instead.

  13. Liverpool have been generating chances like nobody’s business. They are a clinical striker away from being legitimate. As to Andy Carroll, hopefully he’ll revert back to the form that he had when he was at Newcastle and will end up being a bigger meaner Crouch. He’s still young, i’m not sure he can be judged just yet on his value. Downing over time will gain consistency as well. Adam was a crap purchase and the jury should still be out on Henderson. I think the real error for Dalglish was letting Mereiles walk in favour of Adam and not playing maxi anywhere near enough.
    Is Liverpool top 4? I think Tottenham are probably a classier team as it stands. But as i said, a clinical striker and all of a sudden Liverpool could have another 6-8 points – i’m saying that the suggesting a clinical striker would have finished at least 1 extra chance in the 4 draws, certainly not a stretch when you are creating 18 chances a game and scoring 1-2 goals.

  14. Suarez can be a clinical striker if it is not up to him to create the chance himself. He had demonstrated with Ajax and has proven time and again with Uruguay that if he’s not the furthest man forward like he is for us, or that with a loose defence that you’d never see in the premier league, he can and will score. We have the players to get the goals out of Suarez in Bellamy and Maxi, and in Gerrard’s absence, it may be worth considering playing Henderson in the middle so that he can bomb forward to complement Suarez better. However, I do believe Kenny and co. are trying to avoid designing the team around the strikers and this is precisely the flaw that needs finances to splash at to address.

    We have so far conceded the least shots at goal and we must be doing alright, seeing as only Newcastle has conceded less goals. We have also created the 3rd most goalscoring chances after City and Chelsea, so our players are definitely doing alot of things right! So we must give credit to both players and staff for getting that many things right! Our plight is down to finishing only, and too often it looks like our players aren’t shooting early enough or shooting too late. This can only really be addressed by players being more relaxed, which boils down to familiarity or confidence. Our boys try too hard, but you get that with most unfamiliar teams. City took 3 seasons to get where they are today, Silva, Toure and Milner aren’t exactly new additions. United took 7 seasons, and have had 18 subsequent seasons under the same manager to just tweak the squad, they never add more than 3 1st team players each season. Arsene Wenger is a miracle worker, but he wasn’t without his share of problems.

    Money has indeed put United, City, Chelsea and Spurs in better positions than us and we’ve only just pumped in enough to compete, but pumping in more does not guarantee instant success, which is what alot of fans now want. For those with no live broadcasts or without season tickets, all they have are results and journalists’ opinions which they base all their judgments on. However, if we consider the stats and watch the way the teams play, then it must be obvious that all we need now is time, not more transfer funds.

  15. I do think Liverpool will have to spend again because most of the players they bought are not performing at all. Yes, without CL football it was always gonna be a struggle to get world class players but if Dalglish and Comoli did their homework as they did with Suarez, they would certainly have gotten better value for money from overseas with the odd 100mil pounds they spent. Why buy young players for the future when you’ve got some of the best young prospects in Sterling, Suso, Coady, Morgan et al in the academy. I would much rather see these homegrown players in the first team getting chances over the likes of Carroll and Hendo. With all that money, I could see quality spanish players coming in and lighting up the league. City got Silva for an odd 25 mil and look how well he turned out. Well, I’ll only judge this Liverpool team at the end of the season but anything less than a top 4 will be a disappointment considering all we spent.

  16. The problem is not money. The problem is that Daglish has bought rubbish. Give him more money and he’ll buy more rubbish. Anyone who thinks that Adam is preferable to Miereles should not be allowed to spend any more money. Daglish is yesterday’s Liverpool and the club needs to look to the future and get a more tactically astute manager who understands the modern game. Building a team around Carroll is plain daft for two reasons. It’s not how the modern game is played and the lad is rubbish.

  17. Liverpool don’t need more funds. They need a better scout capable of finding decent players. They squandered the money they spent on average players like Carroll, Henderson, Adam and Downing. Buying British and paying over the odds to boot is plain silly.

  18. I’m surprised at some of the negativity around Adam and Downing. I’m not a Liverpool supporter but I’ve seen most of their games. Besides his tendency to disappear for fifteen minutes or so each game and make bad tackles, Adam has looked good to me. Downing doesn’t seem to be crossing as accurately as last year but he has not been bad. Carroll and Henderson have been poor. I agree that at least a couple of Liverpool’s draws could have easily been wins with just a bit more luck.

  19. Trust me, John Henry is not allowing Dalglish to make the spending decision. He and Comoli are pulling the strings. As long as Henry owns the team the manager will always be a puppet.

  20. Forget about how much players cost and concentrate on whether they were quality signings. The answer is that they were not. Those who go on about the future ignore the fact that these players were brought in to make an instant impact which is why Daglish keeps playing them week in and week out. Without buying quality players Liverpool are going to remain outside the top 4 and with each passing year will find it even more difficult to get back in.

  21. Liverpool don’t need more funds. They just need to play their best players rather than justify signing Henderson, Carroll and company by playing them all the time asthey are clearly not as technically good as players like Maxi or Bellamy. Better player selection rather than more funds.

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