Gareth Bale Models Great Britain Olympic Football Shirt: Photo

Wales and Tottenham Hotspur winger Gareth Bale has caused a bit of controversy after modeling the supporters shirt for the Great Britain 2012 Olympics football team.

The issues are:

  1. The Welsh FA (and Scottish FA) don’t want players from their nations participating on the Great Britain team because they feel it’ll undermine their power with FIFA, and
  2. The teams haven’t been picked yet, so there’s no guarantee that Bale would be selected (although if they can find a way to get past the Welsh FA, then Bale would be one of the first names picked).
Whether the British football associations figure out a solution in time for next summer, we’ll have to wait and see. But for the time being, at least we can ogle what the supporters shirt looks like. The actual shirt worn by the footballers will be different.

25 thoughts on “Gareth Bale Models Great Britain Olympic Football Shirt: Photo”

  1. Very sad to see, very, very sad.

    The thought of there being no Wales national side doesn’t bare thinking about, and he’s putting the future of the national side at risk by wearing the GB shirt, and by playing for team GB. He’s an absolute disgrace in my eyes.

      1. says a person who clearly has no clue on the matter. Do some research, come back and then make an argument rather than just insult. I post on this site for healthy debate, not to interact with tw*ts.

        1. Says a person who no one agrees with and gave himself two thumbs up. I agree with Bentley and i Welsh. Give up on the disgrace bit and try uniting for once. You’re trying to hinder the uniting of a nation which makes you the “tw*t” and him an advocate.

          1. Notice he’s the only one against it on the thread. He’ll never see what an ignorant twonk he is. Unfortunate for him.

  2. Give it a break…Just because he identifies with the UK as it IS part of the UK does not give you the right to call him a “disgrace”….Grow up

    1. You both must be English, fed up of failing every tournament you go to if you’re lucky enough to qualify, and must actually want a permanent British football side thinking that a few Welsh or Scottish footballers might change your fortunes! In that case I can’t argue with you, cause clearly you’re idiots.

  3. @ Andyb
    You must be one of those retarded trolls. If anything it would be the Welsh and Scottish players wanting to represent GB as they don’t often get the chance to play in a football tournament. The English may not always do that well but they do usually get to them, Wales and Scotland don’t.
    Also, playing for GB is as much of threat to the England national side as it is to Wales and Scotland as FIFA really want all the home nations (England, Wales and Scotland to play under GB and have one vote rather than them each having a vote.
    @ Gaffer. Get the facts right and stop making this into a situation where only Wales and Scotland are at risk of losing their international status, if FIFA get their way there will be no England either.

    1. Pete I don’t get you, you’re clearly a passionate Englishman, do you want Bale playing for team GB or not?

      You make a good point, Bale playing for GB does put the English side at risk too, the FA might be confident it doesn’t by encouraging Wales players to play for GB but they were confident they would win the World cup bid, and that was a massive failure, because simply FIFA cannot be trusted. Saying all this, I don’t think a small amount of players wanting to take their opportunity of playing in a big tournament should put hundreds of years of history and future at risk.

      I’m not a troll, I have a strong belief in this topic being a dedicated Wales fan. It would be like my club team going out of business, only worse!

      1. You don’t know what your talking about. FIFA said it won’t risk
        The national team it’s only the ignorance of
        The fa’s of the poorer home nations being stubborn. The Olympics in our
        Nation is a once in a lifetime opportunity and so it
        Shouldn’t Be taken away!

      2. @Andyb

        Speaking of history and tradition, I think it’s admirable that so many people in Britain want their country to represent itself in the sport it invented (and on its own soil with the world watching). I don’t see this as an attack on the tradition of British football, but rather an attempt at expanding upon it and making it more visible to the world.

        Of course, the only way for any English, Scottish or Welsh players to participate in this showcase is for them all to play under the same banner as the rest of the athletes from Great Britain. This reorganization is only for the Olympics, and there’s no reason the think that FIFA would ever support the permanent dissolution of the home nation FA’s.

  4. Has everyone forgot about Northern Ireland? You do realise our brothers in Ulster are eligible?

    In any case I am in favour of once every four years we enter a team. I’d like to maintain separate national side, but the Olympic side could be footballs version of the Lions.

    1. @Scott WHU
      I think there’s been less talk from/about the Northern Ireland FA because they don’t have any players who would be serious contenders for the GB team. I would be interested to know if the Northern Ireland FA have an official stance on the matter, but it’s purely a matter of principal for them.

  5. I’m 100% welsh and proud, but I see nothing wrong with welsh players playing for the GB side. It’s similar to the Lions side in rugby but they have no problem with that!! I hope to see welsh players playing for the GB side, it’s not as if they’re choosing to play for team GB rather that Wales. Get a grip Welsh FA and let them play, Let them do us proud.

  6. Thank you to rob of wales, I totaly agree with you 100%.Im English and proud, to watch and support, Both England and Great Britain, in any compition, let common sense win the day.

  7. who cares, I’m not an English, Scottish or Welsh. It might happen once in hundred years. World needs united football thats all,

  8. I cannot believe that the day I give this kit to my nephew on his birthday, that they release another football kit which will be what the Olympic football team will wear I feel duped into buying

    1. no need to worry so much tbh. this kit here is the better of the kits. stella mcartney totally ruined the official kit in my opinion. I’d much rather have this kit

  9. @ Andy B.
    I am in the BRITISH armed forces and as far as I’m concerned we are all BRITISH and should represent our nation as one united team in the olympics and every olympics thereafter.
    You should be proud of where you are from (wales) and proud of what you belong to (BRITAIN).
    We fight as an empire (england/wales/scotland/northern ireland/trinidad&tobago/zimbabwe/st vincent/etc/etc…) for freedom and for justice, and for OUR Queen.
    Therefore we should play as a BRITISH team, without prejudice or ignorance (yours in this matter).

  10. dont understand the problem…this is separate to an international football competition. all the athletes that have always performed in the past Olympics were represented under the great grat british flag. why is it such a problem that once its football players that are joining the athletes things must change?

    you seem to think that because youre a smaller nation that performing under ‘great britain’ will make ppl forget your nation. i am english and proud but im also f*king proud to be great british too.

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