Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 9: Open Thread


The biggest match of the Premier League season kicks off this morning between Manchester United and Manchester City. This could give us an indication of who will win the Premier League. Not mathematically by any means, but whoever wins today will have a huge psychological edge and confidence boost for the next several weeks. It is the biggest Manchester derby in decades.

Here are the starting lineups:

Manchester United: De Gea, Evra, Ferdinand, Evans, Smalling, Fletcher, Anderson, Nani, Young, Rooney, Welbeck

Manchester City: Hart, Richards, Kompany, Lescott, Clichy, Barry, Y. Toure, Milner, Silva, Aguero, Balotelli

Ferguson has picked a very attack-minded line-up, as has Mancini. City was supposed to have Nigel De Jong start, but Yaya Toure has taken his place instead — which is a very promising sign for viewers who want to see an attacking match.

It’s important to note that there are four other Premier League matches being played today, too. Arsenal plays Stoke at the Emirates, Fulham is against Everton, Blackburn battles Tottenham and Queens Park Rangers plays Chelsea.

You know the drill. Before, during or after the matches today, feel free to post your questions, comments, rants, raves and feedback in the comments section below. This promises to be a spectacular Premier League Sunday. I hope you enjoy it!

29 thoughts on “Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 9: Open Thread”

      1. I wish he’d have stayed on the bench! Interesting how Arsenal seem so reliant on him, God help them if he gets injured/transferred.

      1. But he didn’t take his shirt off he did what many have, showing a message under it saying ‘Why always me?’ talk about irony!

        1. The whole message under the shirt thing is exactly why they card people for this. The only irony here is in Balotelli not realizing the reason it’s always him is because he’s a dumbass.

          The real question is why they card people who take off their shirts and don’t have a message underneath. Just seems like a kick in the teeth to the female fans. A little beefcake can’t hurt the ratings.

  1. The balloon that is Manchester United will burst early this year. It won’t take another humiliating defeat from Barcelona in the Champions League final to expose the sheer medicority of the side.

  2. A card for taking off your shirt? What a ridiculous rule!! Like the commentator said, this is entertainment, let them entertain.

  3. with the exception of the score, looks like I called at least 2 of the 3 things to look for. I know this much the defense needs some help!!!

  4. Still absolutely stunned. As a City supporter, I was in all honesty hoping for a draw as a good result at OT. 6-1 – are you kidding me? Did I wake up yet this morning . . . nope, must be dreaming!

  5. Thank you, Manchester City, on behalf of football!!!
    No need for Barcelona to humiliate Manure this time around!!!
    Welbeck, Evans, Jones, Chicharito, Fletcher, team that is oozing of mediocrity.
    The only footballer on the team, Berbatov, gets rewarded for winning the title last year with being benched every single game.
    I get to see Sir Rudolph with the big red nose preside over the beginning of the end! A glorious day!
    David Silva taught a footballing lesson today! He is, hands down, the best player in the league!

  6. Jones & Chicharito mediocre? Really? Lescott, is he any good? Gareth Barry? Talk about mediocre. Micah Richards (had a good game), is mediocre as well. City have some very good players, but when money is no object, you would expect that.

    5 goals were scored after the admittedly mediocre Evans got sent off. But United aren’t like other teams who put the remaining nine men behind the ball and hope to not concede any more. They went for it and got shredded, but at least they went for it. 1-0 or 10-0 a loss is a loss (even though goal diff is a concern).
    Let’s see how ManCity do once they get some injuries to key players. United have had injuries since game 1 (Vidic, Feerdinand, Jones, Cleverly, Smalling….) A lot of shuffling has gone on, but it’s a long season. City have never played in the Champions League, so let’s see if they can keep it up. Will City still be in the Champions League by December??? Enjoy this while you can, you noisy neighbours!!

    10 man United got hammered, and City deserved to win (but ONLY after Evans got sent off). Before that I think their first goal was against the run of play.

    Let’s see what happens in May.

    1. I expected nothing less than continued arrogance by United fans, even after their worst home loss in at least 25 years. 6-1 is 6-1, however you frame it. Yes, after they went to 10 men, United had little chance of winning, but remember it was still 1-0 at that point. As a City supporter, I even feared a 1-1 still, or even typical United magic and a 2-1 win for United.

      The scoreline alone, and the fact that in the past United WOULD have done something more, suggests something very starkly different.

    1. I flipped over to the Bayern match after the 2nd sending off. Just in time for handbags in Hannover leading to Boatang getting the red card. Sheesh.

  7. So I turned off the Man Utd v Man City match with less than 2 minutes left. 1-3, game’s over, right? haha, idiot. Thank goodness I had it DVRd. :-)

  8. QPR v Chelsea….

    Two reds, every player for Chelsea with a yellow except the keeper…

    And the thing is Chelsea should have won.

    As much as I dislike CFC they where hard done by… Dodgy penalty, and the first red was a joke.

    Then CFC dominate the 2nd half with 9 men. QPR couldn’t even get a shot on target, and the best tackle of the day was QPR on QPR.

    Best match I’ve seen in quite awhile.

  9. No complaints With todays result. City took their chances well and utd fell apart at the end. We paid the price for some shocking defending. 29 games still to go and lots to play for. All the top teams are going to dro more points over the coming months. The next 2-3 games for utd will be crucial, 5 points at this stage is nothing but you don’t want city or any other team extending that lead much further.

  10. Crazy day of football. Nobody expected the rout at Manchester and it appears the city is far from united with this day belonging to the sky blue revolution.

    Didn’t expect the result from QPR vs Chelsea but playing with only 9 men and also having 7 others given a yellow basically shows they were ref’d out of the game. Chelsea are still contenders though as you can read here…

  11. This was more about City’s credentials than anything else today. They are for real. They have bought well in buying technically solid players. The title is their for the taking if they concentrate on the league and not try and go all out to win the Champions League or FA Cup.

    United have always bounced back from such humbling defeats and won the title in each of those times so anyone who writes off United is being premature. A 5-point lead at this juncture is not insurmountable. Coming this early it might actually be a good thing for United as it might wake them up. Ferguson is a master at using such occassions to his club’s advantage.

    I wouldn’t write Chelsea off just yet despite their defeat to QPR. they actually were the better team even with 9 men. They were also the victims of terrible officiating. When torres returns they will get back on track. They also learned that Drogba is past his due date. Even before his sending off Drogba looked lethargic and out of sorts.

    Spurs also showed why they are favorites to get 4th spot. They won despite not being at their best. Arsenal continue their winning ways but are still a half step behind Spurs in my opinion. The big loser this weekend was Liverpool who once again dropped two points at home. They spent big on mediocre talent as compared to other clubs that bought players with technical ability. Besides Suarez, none of the other Liverpool signings are worth talking about.

    Newcastle continue their winning ways and look a good bet to get 5th or 6th spot. Definitely the surprise team of the season.

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