Mario Balotelli: Why Always Me? (Photo)

Mario Balotelli has done it again. This time it’s scoring an exquisite goal in the Manchester derby, and then lifting his Manchester City shirt to reveal a T-shirt underneath which said, simply, “Why Always Me?”

Hats off to a brilliant cross by James Milner, and the cool, calm and collected finish by Balotelli. The man is nonchalance personified. How composed he was on the ball when he slotted it into the back of the net.

In a sport that lacks humor, it’s a breath of fresh air to see someone like Balotelli being a character again and showing a lighter side of the game.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. Balotelli may act eccentric but I find it humerous. Any man who says they were not reckless in their 20’s either are lying or not yet 20. I would much rather see Balotelli’s antics than have to see someone like Daglish cry and complain that he only loses because of the refs. That is cheating and much more damàging to the game. I would rather have my boy grow up to be a free minded talent like Balotelli than a cry baby cheater like many of the athletes and managers that get loads of respect and positive press for their ability to influence the officials decisions.

  2. “Exquisite goal?” I think not. It was a good cut back from Milner, and good placement from Balotelli (and terrible defence from United, as we saw the whole game), but I wouldn’t call it exquisite. I’d say it was a good striker’s finish. I understand the appeal of a Balotelli character and I agree he’s entertaining, but let’s not over exaggerate his play. He was pretty invisible except for popping up to score two pretty standard goals (his second in particular was Chicharito-esque in that he was in the right place at the right time to poach)

    1. It was absolutely an exquisite goal. The precision of his shot into the corner of the net was incredible.

      To say that he was pretty invisible for the rest of the game is ridiculous. He was a key player throughout the game. He contributed far more than just standing in front of goal.

      The Gaffer

    2. @Kearnkoff69
      i think you are letting your City-hate narrow your mind a bit. In one instance you call it a great goal and in another instance you say we are exaggerating. Did you also notice that Balotelli didn’t even stop to take his time for the shot? as the ball was coming his way he shot it with precision in the far-right corner.

      Go watch the build-up to Aguero’s goal and tell me if Balotelli was invisible.

    3. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that. People are praising that goal like it was hands down the goal of the year already. Someone who gets paid as much as he does SHOULD finish like that every-time. Pretty standard stuff if you ask me.

    4. He’s a forward? If he just pops up to score two goals in a huge win over Manchester United then im pretty sure he had a great game…

    5. Balotelli was invisible? He’s a striker. His job is to score goals, and he did that. Twice. What more do you want from him?

    6. It was an unbeivable goal of the highest class. He could have been sipping tea while he had the shot. Best goal of the game by far.

  3. @kearnkoff69 you sound like a bitter red devil.
    He’s a striker and he scored two goals against United at Old Trafford, can’t ask for much more than that.
    How many did Chicharito bag today?

  4. Great sense of humor. Isn’t it strange that after scoring a goal you can dance all over the place, slide across the pitch, blow kisses, etc., etc., but a gesture like that gets you a card. I know it’s the rule, but really……..

  5. Balotelli reminds me of Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens in the NFL. There’s a great deal of talent, but there’s more concern with being entertaining and noticed for antics as opposed to play. Balotelli is incredibly young and he may outgrow this need to be the center of attention or he may go the way of Ochocinco and Owens and never fully live up to the hype of his talent. In any case, it’s tiring when athletes are fawned over and praised for acting like children.

    Balotelli had a great game with two very good goals. Isn’t that enough? Do we really need to pat him on the head for wearing a funny t-shirt one night after he practically burnt down his house with “fireworks?”

  6. why always me ?
    will who did born his owen house ?not me
    simply balotilly promising player but he learned some bad hupiets from mourinho

  7. Great goal but far from the best, there have been better goals already this year. Can’t name any but certain there is. And as far as I’m concerned City will have a bad spell, United are in a bad spell, Chelsea aren’t doing great but still there. I believe if Newcastle keep their current form until at least Christmas they might have a chance for European football this year and with Tottenham with their game in hand could be a good contender for a top 3 finish.

  8. Balotelli may be one of the most contentious characters in the game but you have to admit he can play. He can be a manager’s nightmare but he has the quality to score goals. Anyone would want someone like that on their team.

    Liverpool have a very talented Suarez on their team but as we’ve seen these last two games he can be very frustrating when he misses chance after chance. Then again, Balotelli is surrounded by terrific players while Suarez is surrounded by crap. That’s why Liverpool will never win anything anytime soon while City will win lots of trophies.

  9. In the words of El Guapo, “I like this guy… he’s a funny guy…”

    So far the fireworks incident is still my favorite… but I will echo the sentiment that I’m glad he’s on someone else’s team.

  10. ROCKETMAN !!!!

    anyone notice how the Goals on Sunday idiots avoided the incident like the plague?? watching the UK GOS they had a great time with it.

    “Balotelli’s going to get a rocket from the Manager”

    “this game’s set to go off with a bang!”

    “Balotelli is playing like he’s on fire”

  11. Balotelli’s first goal, was a first class Goal, he was calm, precise and perfect and thats what you want in your forward. If we separate his antics from his skills and reading of the game we will see he is a very good player. If City maintains 90% of this current form they will win the Premiership hands down. Balotelli is going to score a lot more goals. remember. i told you so.

  12. There’s no doubting Balotelli’s talent. He is one of the very best players in the world. The problem is that it only shows when he is focused and that doesn’t happen too often, not even in a single game. Just before he scored, Mancini was talking to him about something he wasn’t doing and he shrugged off his manager. Moments later he scores a sublime goal. That’s what you get with him. Not everyone can put up with his antics, both on and off the field. But Mancini knows that when he’s focused he has one heck of a talent on his hands.

    You have to sympathise with Mancini for having to put up with both Balotelli and Tevez.

  13. Balotelli is the Tracy Morgan of the footballing world. Great talent but you never quite know what weirdness is coming next. Plus they both have a thing for taking off their shirts at strange times.

  14. How any of you City scum can even comtemplate Balotellis goal being amazing, didn’t any of you watch last seasons derby?? Remember Rooney’s Exquisite finish rest my case

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