DirecTV Threatens to Remove FOX Soccer From Its Programming

DirecTV has threatened to remove FOX Soccer and FOX Soccer Plus from its programming by November 1st if the satellite provider is unable to make a deal with FOX.

According to DirecTV, NewsCorp (the parent company of FOX) is demanding that DirecTV pay a 40% increase to show FOX sports channels which include FOX Soccer, FOX Soccer Plus, FOX Deportes, SPEED and more. FOX, meanwhile, issued their own statement:

“We have proposed to keep the Fox Networks on DirecTV for the same price, and on the same terms as they are currently carried while we attempt to work out a fair agreement. Unfortunately, DirecTV has decided that unless they get their way, they are going to pull the plug on their customers November 1.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting sick of these type of tactics. TV networks and cable/satellite providers have been airing their dirty laundry in public quite often recently, to make sure the public knows about these spats.

We’ve seen this story played out so many times before (with different cable and satellite providers, and different networks). Both FOX and DirecTV will argue publicly for the next 10 days. They’ll use scare tactics to get the public concerned. And then at the eleventh hour, a compromise will be reached or an extension will be granted, thus saving all of the DirecTV customers from losing the programming.

While it’s a concern for soccer fans, they’ll figure out a deal. Wake me up when it’s over.


42 thoughts on “DirecTV Threatens to Remove FOX Soccer From Its Programming”

  1. This is the way Fox (NewsCorp) plays. They always take an “all or nothing” stance. They show that in their “news” (?) approach with their support of the Tea Party, their UK phone hacking, etc.

    I have been a DirecTV sub since 1998 and subscribe to their Sports Pack. I appreciate Fox bringing the EPL, F1, NFL and other sports and entertainment programming, but I am sick and tired of their tactics. It gets very, very old.

    And, unfortunately, their presentation is usually sub-par from both the announcers and the picture quality to ESPN. I don’t think that Fox will let anything happen. They have too much to lose. Especially, with the soccer community. They have may a very large investment in the future and losing DirecTV would be a serious setback.

    1. It’s sad that we’re already paying high prices just to enjoy watching television, now these companies want to raise the prices of how they deliver their product to us and most of us will pay it, just to watch TV. I say we should all get converter boxes for one month and see how they like the decision of the ones really controlling the pocketbooks. If we stop paying and choose free TV for just a while, they’ll bow down or they’ll starve. SIMPLE.

      1. I don’t agree with illegally gaining access to the programming, but it is hardly a “lefty” idea for the consumers to speak in the marketplace by refusing to by a given product thanks to the seller’s tactics.

  2. I hate all things Fox, and yet I pay my ridiculous fees so I can watch the EPL every week. I’ll keep Directv and simply cancel my Fox sports package if this isn’t resolved. I imagine Fox will be hurt by this much more than Directv. Espn, espn3, and illegal streams will do just fine. If Fox was smart and truly wanted to grow the game’s viewership among mainstream American sports fans they would make their programming more available on cable/satellite channels without a premium price. Only the diehards are willing to pay the monthly fees associated with Fox soccer. How many more American fans would slowly get more interested in the EPL and other leagues if they actually knew they were on television and got a taste of the atmosphere and passion associated with those leagues?

  3. Everybody whines about fox, with great reason, but you continue to give them your money.
    This company has done so much damage to the United States. If any of us did what they do we would be serving time.
    Amazingly the network who tries calls the Brittish a bunch of socialists and tries to destroy their left leaning officials have no problem selling their game.
    I have never & will never give fox nor direct TV a single cent (or pence) but I continue to be a huge and knowledgeable EPL fan. There are many other ways to enjoy the Euro leagues and not support these Jack@$$es.
    EPL Talk is much better at covering the EPL then fox and when they act like idiots, its quite amusing.

  4. typical american fan doesn’t give a $hit about soccer.. it will not make any difference to Direct Tv.. but folks like us miss out.. Fox get a grip

  5. Fox Corp: the world would be a better place once this abomination disappears! Sad news that they outbid ESPN for the WC rights…
    As to Murdoch, I would bet that even Satan doesn’t want this monster anywhere near him and this disgusting creature will end up living a long live at the helm of his empire of evil…

    1. With commentators like Julie Foundy and Tommy Smyth, I am not missing EPSN carrying WC a bit. And who knows MaxBretos could come back anyday since he is with ESPN now.

  6. I don’t care about soccer but FX is also on this list. I’m not worried nor do I care. A deal will be reached by October 31 and we can start to prepare for fox to try this on another major carrier.

  7. Will this affect FSC+. Are fox going to be asking for $21/month ($15 + 40%) or is $15 a price kept artificially high by DTV (and Dish).

  8. Is one of the reasons that Comcrap doesn’t carry Fox Soccer Plus is the pricing structure that News Corps is negotiating with Direct TV ?

  9. Can anyone elighten me, whats this about Fox out bidding
    ESPN fow the WC? I’ve heard no such thing as far as I know Espn & Univison have the World Cup rights up to 2014 at least. As far as Fox’s squabble with Directv as a subscriber of Directv I hope they resolve their BS as i’m allready paying a little over $100 a month for service and that includes a $12+ fee for the sports pack which includes Fox Soccer Channel. I really hate to miss out on the Champions League due to their selfish bickering!

  10. I am not sure if I am sad that ESPN lost their soccer rights… I will not forget few years back when ESPN had the rights on the champion league rights and they would cut a game short because a baseball game would start, or they would not go on showing a game that went on overtime (it was a champion league knock out phase game) because they didn’t want to disrupt their regular programming and not show a bullfight film!! Screw ESPN.

    1. Agree totally. Besides some of the aweful commentators, they don’t even broadcast some the La Liga or EPL games when the hold the rights to show. Instead they just put them on ESPN3.

  11. I never thought I would say this but its time for ESPN to launch a dedicated soccer channel and get all of the programming from Fox. FSC is getting unbearable. They are so amateurish by comparison. If this sh*t with DirecTV goes down and we lose FSC for even one day, then the only way forward is for ESPN to rescue us.

  12. Get a grip! I see the idiotic comments about soccer and fox and realize that I’m reading comments from the closed minds of liberal ignorance, perhaps if you all were to watch fox more often you would understand fair reporting were all sides are allowed to state their point of view.

    About soccer, is the most popular sport in the whole world, were you don’t have to be a 7 foot giant to play or a 400 pounds monster, all you need is the skills of a dancer, the speed of a sprinter, the courage of a fire fighter
    and be a team player as no other sports demands.
    Now you are a little smarter what you do with it is up to you.

    1. Fox News and MSNBC are propaganda channels.

      you lost me when you said “watch fox more often you would understand fair reporting were all sides are allowed to state their point of view”.. really..

  13. Why do some of you children feel the need to comment on the Tea Party? I wonder which principle you do not agree with. Limited government, fiscal responsibility or free markets.

  14. I’m all for fiscal responsibility. However, an even bigger government would protect us commoners from being exploited at will by corporations like NewsCorp, that increase fees arbitrarily, for no other reason than sheer greed.

    1. If you’re looking to government for answers, you’re looking in the wrong place. Government is the problem and one of the main reasons we’re in this mess. Quit being a commoner.

  15. Direct the culprit. These channels are in your contract with DTV. and to cancel then is a breach of contract. Read both sides of the dispute and you will see that DTV is the one being the hardball. I’m interested to know how much my exuberant bill will drop if I decide to stay with DTV?

    1. I know I’ve thought this very same thing Betty, but you’ve got to think they have something, anything, in the fine print that allows them to cancel or rearrange shows, packages, etc without notice. It’s still garbage, but it pisses me off more knowing they actually plan ahead for this.

    2. Directv would be cancelling the channels once the contract is over, so they aren’t doing anything illegal there. They are playing hardball. Look, if Directv caves into Fox, then guess who’s bills will go up a bit more… because Directv isn’t likely to eat these increases on their own.

  16. There are superb high quality streams through sopcast and other p2p programs for these matches.

    Feeding the beast isn’t your only solution.

  17. yea…..this is why i use hulu netflix and off air oh and the internet i pay 15bucks a month get hd and the whole shibang…. lol

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