Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 7: Open Thread

Six Premier League matches kick off today with Everton against Liverpool getting things started at 7:45am ET/12:45pm BST.

Before, during or after any of the games today, feel free to post in the comments section below to share your observations, questions, rants or raves.

After the Merseyside derby, there are four matches at 10am ET/3pm BST featuring Blackburn against Manchester City, Manchester United against Norwich (a rarity to have Man United play in this timeslot), Aston Villa against Wigan and, perhaps the biggest match of the four, Sunderland against West Brom in a must-win match for Steve Bruce if he wants to keep his job.

The sixth and final match of the day should be a firecracker between Wolves and Newcastle. This will be a true test for United to see if they’re as good as their fourth position is.

25 thoughts on “Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 7: Open Thread”

  1. m atkinson made a horse bleep call.saurez did not help with his drama.maybe when it is reviewed by the FA atkinson will sit out 3 games and game checks,and i am not a fan of either side.i did not get up at 4:30 am for some jacka$$ to ruin the match.

    1. It was a terrible decision by Martin Atkinson, but he wasn’t helped by Suarez’s blatent cheating, simulating serious injury. What I don’t get is that when a player is badly hurt they rarely commit the level of histrionics displayed by Suarez, so why fall for it. One of these days the pussy may actually get hurt and I’ll guarantee he will not be doing the forward roll, backflips and general gymnastics he performs when he gets breathed on by an opposition player.

  2. Understand the Everton fan’s frustration, but throwing bottles and coins at rival players is not what we need to see in 2011.

  3. I didn’t see the game in its entirety but I saw the first half highlights and the whole 2nd half, and I’m asking, “What was up with David Moyes’ tactics?”. Got them totally wrong today. Being defensive and cautious at home. I can understand doing that when they were playing away to Man City and last season when they played United at Old Trafford(a game that was shown on ESPN2, as well), but at home. And it’s not like Liverpool are in top form either. Losing to 4-0 to Tottenham, albeit with 9 men, and could have easily dropped points against Wolverhampton the way they let Mick McCarthy’s side back into the fray. They should have gone attacking. And I hate Luis Suarez…diving, cheating, pussy. The jack rodwell sending off was just plain bad decision from the ref. I’m no Evertonian, but I’m disappointed in the way that David Moyes set his team up. ESPN, do everyone a favor and NOT show any more Everton FC matches as they play ugly football which if said in a nicer way, means, “organized, strong at the back”. that usually means the game will be closed and the team isn’t going to create anything going forward. that’s enough of my rant. Good luck to Arsenal in the derby tomorrow. Cheers!

    1. Moyes’ tactics were fine until the red card, Everton were on par with Liverpool until that point. The problem afterwards is that it’s hard to play with 10 men in that heat against a team like Liverpool. The red card ruined it, it would have been a much better game if Rodwell was still on.

      When you say “I didn’t see the game in its entirety but I saw the first half highlights,” you completely missed the first part of the game so for you to have a rant at Moyes over playing slightly defensively when he’s lost a man is very harsh!

  4. Like Liverpool, but getting that win felt awfully dirty. The red card would have been a bit harsh if it were yellow. And luckily Howard was able to stop Kuyt to keep the soft penalty award from making a difference.

    But down a man for 70 minutes… that’s just too long. Atkinson usually does well, but that was a terrible day for him.

    And a major jeer for throwing stuff at the Liverpool players. Frustrated, yes, but there is never a call for that.

  5. what can i say about the game?? dreadful quality of football. almost put me to sleep. that’s how these derby games are in england. they play good football against all the other teams where they pass the ball along the ground and keep you interest. but when they play a derby, they launch long balls, foul hard, and the passes go beyond the goal line and it repeats itself. how can you watch this for more than 5 minutes??? these teams need to learn from Real Madrid and Barcelona how to play good, scintillating football where they pass the ball along the ground and let each other play. please ESPN, don’t ever show Everton FC matches ever again. Everton should be relegated to the Championship where they belong, where they can play their pressing and physical rugby style of football and break legs and kick the football out of play. and Brighton FC belong in the Premier League because they play beautiful football and pass along the ground. the only thing that kept the game interesting was the crowd noise. without it, it would’ve been like watching an amateur non-league game with players who’ve never felt the touch of a football in their entire lives…

    1. Yeah, cause we saw how beautiful those derby matches in Spain were. Remind me how many scuffles, 1-0 wins, 0-0 results, and negative football there was, oh wait, you don’t have to, because sadly I’ll never forget those hours wasted spent watching that crap.

  6. dear barca footie fan,

    my rec league team plays ball to feet all day long, should we be in the premier league?

    shut it.

  7. i agree with beautiful barca footie. liverpool completed many more passes along the ground even though they didn’t create many chances in the first half to score other than the charlie adam strike that clanked against the crossbar. in the 2nd half they came alive. but everton also tried their best whenever they got the ball back. marouanne fellaini made that possible every time he broke up Liverpool’s play and because of his tall frame, he was able to hold the ball long enough and pass it out of his half and along the ground. this game for everton was like the blackburn game where they were outplayed for long periods in the game, but this time they didn’t win like they did against blackburn.

  8. Liverpool were handed the win by a very bad decision by Mr. Atkinson. Apart from his goal Andy Carroll was awful, Adam was out of his depth and Kuyt was very predictable as usual. That’s why Liverpool will struggle to get fourth. Everton need to bring in reinforcements if they want to stay out of the bottom half. The problem is their owner doesn’t have the money to spend. Mid-table finish at best for Everton.

    Manchester United didn’t put in a vintage performance but once again they showed why they are champions. They win even when not at their best. Manchester City on the other hand have so much quality that even with players rested they won comfortable at Blackburn. Blackburn are going to be involved in a relegation battle.

    Wolves were very disappointing today and losing at home does not bode well. They might also be involved in a relegation battle. Newcastle is definitely the surprise team of the season. They definitely are showing they belong in the top four so far this season. If Newcastle continue to win consistently against the teams outside the big 6 they will definitely get a Europa spot. They look strong enough and confident enough to finish in the top 6.

    Good win for Aston Villa. Getting Bent back will make them stronger and they can get goals when needed. Wigan are going to find life difficult again this season. I just cannot see them not being involved in the relegation battle.

    Sunderland and West Brom should remain above the relegation zone in time but both sides are now short of confidence. If Sunderland would have lost this game Steve Bruce’s job may have been in jeopardy. He has bought himself time to reverse their fortunes. West Brom once again cannot win away from home. What else is new from a Hodgson side? Hodgson must have one of the worse away records in the EPL.

    Saturday’s big winner was Newcastle.

  9. The Everton against Liverpool game, for me, was tedious. Brilliant save by Howard, though.

    How unlucky must Wolves fans feel? After being outplayed for almost the whole match, they didn’t get a penalty decision that should have been, and had an injury time goal wrongfully disallowed. If that happened to Manchester United, the ref would be hung, drawn and quartered.

    The Gaffer

  10. When will referees (for all sports for that matter) be accountable for consistent bad calls. I know that they’re human but when you’re THAT close the the call, it screams suspicious to me. Players have to be accountable…why not officials? Very poor and incompetent.

  11. Not sure how anyone can call the Liverpool penalty soft. He went through the back of Suarez. It was a clear penalty not even up for any sort of serious debate.

  12. I agree that the Everton-Liverpool game was poor. Liverpool definitely don’t look like they are a team capable of competing with the big boys even after spending all that money. Adam is average at best, Carroll has no technical ability and Downing is too inconsistent. Without Suarez they would be in the bottom half. I can see United turning them over in two weeks. Without the bad call by the referee reducing Everton to ten men Liverpool would not have won today.

    1. Please…Liverpool dominated United at Anfield last season…before most of the new troops arrived. Everyone criticizes Adam, yet he has had a hand in 4/10 of our goals this season and that was 4/8 before today’s game…it’s time to start realizing that he produces results. Time to stop the semi-blind hating.

      That’s precisely why that call by Atkinson is even annoying to us Liverpool fans…we feel we still would’ve gotten the 3 points without his poor red card, but everyone throws it in our face.

  13. Refs make mistakes, so deal with it. The story of the day was how average Man U looked against Norwich until a few plays at the end pulled it out.

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