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What Does This Racy AC Milan Banner Say?

ac milan banner What Does This Racy AC Milan Banner Say?

While watching the match on television today between AC Milan and Cesena, I couldn’t help but notice this banner that was caught on camera during half-time.

The banner features a racy image of a blonde wearing an AC Milan kit. But does anyone know what the slogan is? My Italian isn’t that good.

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0 Responses to What Does This Racy AC Milan Banner Say?

  1. khalid says:

    from google translator: “and ‘sad my heart away from you” btw, i am
    from saudi arabia! :P FROZA INTER! ;)

  2. Anthony says:

    “My heart is sad far away from you”

  3. The Gaffer says:

    Thanks guys. But what does that mean? i.e. why is a banner saying that? Does it have anything to do with the blonde girl that the camera panned to a couple of times during the match? Does the blonde have anything to do with the Silvio Berlusconi sex scandals?

    The Gaffer

  4. Anthony says:

    I think it is a metaphor; AC Milan, the club, is the beautiful
    woman on the banner, and it is the club (the woman) the fans love,
    hence when they are far away from the club (literally or
    figuratively), just like being away from their lady, their hearts
    are sad. It is like a beautiful romance between the club and the
    fans :)

  5. Dave McBride says:

    Anthony, I must commend you o a terrific job with that post!!

  6. Anthony says:

    Haha, but you might be right it may have something to do with the
    sex scandals. It seems to be an expression fans from all Italian
    clubs use to express love for their club.

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