Comcast Soccer Fail: Caught In The Wild (Photo)

Thanks to the eagle eyes of EPL Talk reader Dave Griffiths and his son, they snapped a photograph this week of a Comcast van on the streets of Atlanta, Georgia.

The wraparound on the Comcast van, with a goalkeeper diving through mid-air, announces:

“More Big Plays. More Excitement. More HD.”

Except that Comcast doesn’t offer FOX Soccer HD or FOX Soccer Plus HD in that region. According to Griffiths, “We recently dumped Comcast for Direct TV because I was tired of not having FSC in HD and also not having the option of FOX Soccer Plus either. I’m very happy since we switched by the way.”

FOX Soccer HD and FOX Soccer Plus are still currently unavailable for the vast majority of Comcast customers in the United States. Based on the above photograph, it looks like they’re guilty of some misleading advertising as well as using copy (“More big plays”) that works for American football, but doesn’t translate well into soccer.


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