Comcast Soccer Fail: Caught In The Wild (Photo)

Thanks to the eagle eyes of EPL Talk reader Dave Griffiths and his son, they snapped a photograph this week of a Comcast van on the streets of Atlanta, Georgia.

The wraparound on the Comcast van, with a goalkeeper diving through mid-air, announces:

“More Big Plays. More Excitement. More HD.”

Except that Comcast doesn’t offer FOX Soccer HD or FOX Soccer Plus HD in that region. According to Griffiths, “We recently dumped Comcast for Direct TV because I was tired of not having FSC in HD and also not having the option of FOX Soccer Plus either. I’m very happy since we switched by the way.”

FOX Soccer HD and FOX Soccer Plus are still currently unavailable for the vast majority of Comcast customers in the United States. Based on the above photograph, it looks like they’re guilty of some misleading advertising as well as using copy (“More big plays”) that works for American football, but doesn’t translate well into soccer.

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    1. That’s a bit of a stretch though. ESPN2 and regional FOX Sports channels were HD before. And how many soccer games a week are in HD on those channels? Three tops, but it’s often just one since ESPN2 isn’t showing many of the Monday games live on ESPN2 anymore.

      The Gaffer

  1. Really it’s a FS issue on Comcast. Anyone know who is to blame? More importantly for the future Comcast does not support the Watch ESPN iphone app or streaming via the internet.

    1. Lou, WatchESPN – which was formerly – works on streaming via the Internet using Comcast, but iPhone app doesn’t work for Comcast customers — unless there has been a recent change? As for the issue of FOX Soccer HD not being on Comcast, it’s completely Comcast’s fault. All they have to do is make it a priority to add it to the different Comcast regions.

      The Gaffer

      1. WatchESPN is more than what was formerly ESPN3. Comcast customers still have access to the part of WatchESPN that was ESPN3, but customers of other cable companies (I forget which) have access to all of WatchESPN, which includes live feeds of all the ESPN channels including ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNews and ESPNU. These channels have programming and even live sporting events not available on ESPN3.

  2. I currently have Charter in Wisconsin, and I’m having the same problems. We have Fox Soccer Channel, but we don’t have it in HD and there is no option for Fox Soccer Plus. So I’m finally switching to Direct TV and I’m able to get both, plus Direct TV has all the Champions League Group Stage games and almost all the Europa League games on additional channels, and I’m able to get it for $40 less a month for the next 2 years then I’m currently paying for Charter (and that includes paying $15 a month for Fox Soccer Plus).

  3. We were in the same situation a couple seasons ago before finally getting fed up with Comcast and going to Direct TV. I will say that while it’s awesome to have all the premier league games b/t FSC, FSP, & ESPN2, paying that extra $15 a month for Plus is a bit much. However like I said, aside from yesterdays Carling Cup tie, we get to see literally every Arsenal match. Direct TV is the way to go, simply put.

  4. This is absolutely true. I also have comcast and there is no FSC HD I don’t believe. MLS games are shown on Altitude for Rapids games, and the EPL games are shown on FSC and rarely sometimes ESPN stuff. Direct TV is just better honestly, but Comcast offers a decent internet service and that’s the only reason I have it. I’m curious if there is a FSC service available online though.

  5. The main problem providers have now is bandwidth. FiOS for years talked about FS as coming. But pressure from clients pushed it through. Using message boards, twitter and Facebook to demand FS… and they noticed.

    Comcast is a bigger cookie to crumble. They are franchised or split into smaller companies… Would seem the best approach would be to to flood @comcastcares with requests. He’ll get annoyed, but Fios Joe was super annoyed at one point, as was the Facebook mods… But we have it in HD now. and remember to mention that fact the FS attracts the key demo of males 18- to 35

  6. RE: @Tuggie
    You can get Fox which shows most of the EPL games, but that ends up being $15 a month I think. Also, you can keep getting Comcast’s internet and get Direct TV. That’s what I ended up doing, because I’m really happy with the internet service I’ve got from my cable provider, but I couldn’t stand how expensive my cable bill was and I still wasn’t able to get Fox Soccer Plus or any of that in HD.

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