Feuerstein’s Fire #73 With More CONCACAF Champions League

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Monday, September 19th 8:00PM EDT – 5:00PM PDT

Guests: Mike Kuhn of Down The Byline, Sporting Kansas City Blog

NASL Segment: Brian Quarstad of Inisde Minnesota Soccer

Red Bulls Hour: Matthew Conroy of The Vipers Nest discusses the Red Bulls One Goal Road victory at FC Dallas


Friday, September 23rd 8:00PM EDT – 5:00PM PDT

Guests: Ben Knight of Onward Soccer discusses Toronto FC

Dave Clark of Sounder At Heart discusses Seattle

Adam Serrano of Soccer By Ives discusses Los Angeles

Daniel Robertson of Big D Soccer discusses FC Dallas

Shaun Schafer of Colorado Soccer Now discusses Colorado


4 thoughts on “Feuerstein’s Fire #73 With More CONCACAF Champions League”

  1. Daniel- That Rapids fan you had on as a guest, his remark about
    uneducated Santo Laguna fans was a nasty generalization; really a
    pretty racist remark. People, either visiting America or Americans
    celebrating their ethnic heritage for one special night, have every
    right to have a good time. Their fans were fine, and made for a fun
    night despite the Rapids terrible performance. Also, the ref may
    have missed the offside on their second goal, but the Rapids were
    far inferior on the night. The new teams and their fans are what
    make CONCACAF Champion’s League nights special, I’m enjoying the

  2. I’m sorry you feel that way Tom. I’ll let Quinny know that he needs
    to tone it down. But you can tell he felt angry at how his side
    performed and at the same time their having these problems pop back
    up with security. But I will let him know about it. Thanks.

  3. That’s fine, Daniel, I didn’t want the ignorant remark to go
    unexamined. There were a hell of a lot of hispanics there with
    Rapids gear on, I hope Quinny took notice of that. I don’t have to
    deal with the security issue since I’m a fan (who goes to 10 or so
    games a year) who does not generally sit in the supporter’s
    section, but I realize the supporter’s culture is vital to the
    league and the experience and, thus, the clubs should view those
    fans as an asset, not a liability. I just thought it was a fun
    night and the Santas Laguna fans were better than the empty seats
    we’d normally get on a Tuesday. But, I’m sorry about the issues
    Quinny and his friends have with security.

  4. One other thing, you mentioned in this podcast that MLS is going to
    stay with a 34 game schedule when the league goes to 19 teams. I
    have no problem with this as long as it doesn’t mean what you
    concluded, which was that teams would play everyone in their
    division 3 times and everyone in the other division once. I think
    this would be a mistake- do we really want only one NY-LA game? Or
    one Toronto – Vancover game? Instead the schedule should be that
    every team plays 16 opponents twice, and the other two opponents
    once (one home, the other away obviously). Single table would be
    great, but otherwise they can just align the divisions however they
    want. Hopefully, we just have the divisions winners and the 6 next
    best teams make the play-offs in a single 8-team bracket.

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