Landon Donovan Loses FIFA 12 Game Against Baseball Pitcher Tim Lincecum

Having your picture gracing the cover of the FIFA 12 video game as well as being one of the best soccer players in the United States doesn’t mean you’re a good video game player. That’s one of the lessons learned after watching the video below featuring Landon Donovan taking on baseball pitcher Tim Lincecum in a game of the soon-to-be-released FIFA 12 video game.

In the game, Lincecum picked Arsenal and Donovan selected LA Galaxy. And just like any real game, the two athletes were handing out plenty of smack talk during the game to try to psychologically outwit each other.

Lesson learned: Even baseball players can beat soccer stars in video games, sometimes.


And here’s the trailer for the United States release of FIFA 12:


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