Biggest Winners and Losers on Premier League Transfer Deadline Day

Not anymore that is.

It’s been a whirlwind of a day in England as footballers across the country have been scurried back and forth to sign deals on the transfer deadline day. While there was no major signing on a par with Robinho or Carlos Tevez, in recent years, there was today plenty of activity in the window.

As there is anytime business deals are done, there are winners and there are losers.

Here are my picks for the seven winners today and the three losers:


  1. Arsenal: The news that Arsenal fans were hoping for has finally happened. The much-needed recruitments to save Arsenal’s season have arrived. Mikel Arteta, Per Mertesacker, Yossi Benayoun and Andre Santos have joined the club, while moaner Niklas Bendtner has joined Sunderland on loan. Arteta will be a breath of fresh air at Emirates Stadium, while the lanky Mertesacker will add much needed stability to Arsenal’s defense. Plus don’t forget about yesterday’s signing of striker Park Chu-Young by Arsenal.
  2. Stoke City: Peter Crouch, Wilson Palacios and, ahem, Cameron Jerome will definitely add strength to Stoke City’s chances in the Europa League as well as their push up the Premier League.
  3. QPR: Shaun Wright-Phillips and Anton Ferdinand will be welcome additions to a side that just last week picked up Joey Barton. QPR now must stay up this season.
  4. Chelsea: Signing Raul Meireles was definitely a last minute coup for Andre Villas-Boas. He’s a class player that I rate highly, who deserved more playing time at Liverpool. Whether he’ll get that at Chelsea is doubtful, but it’ll be interesting to see where AVB slots him into the side.
  5. Bolton Wanderers: Owen Coyle’s side picked up a few decent players on transfer deadline day including David N’Gog (from Liverpool) and Gael Kakuta (from Chelsea, on loan). Plus Bolton managed to keep Gary Cahill at least for another six months.
  6. Blackburn Rovers. Steve Kean’s side managed to keep Christopher Samba as well as picking up quality defender Scott Dann and tricky striker Yakubu, while releasing El Hadji Diouf (good riddance).
  7. Tottenham Hotspur: Many Spurs fans may be complaining tonight, but they’ve kept Luka Modric and offloaded Alan Hutton, Wilson Palacios, Peter Crouch and Jermaine Jenas. Sure, a star striker would have been a great late addition, but if Adebayor can start banging in the goals, Tottenham supporters will breathe a huge sigh of relief.

A honorable mention for the winners section is FOX Soccer for their wise decision to show 10 hours of live Sky Sports coverage today.


  1. Everton: The Toffees have signed Argentine striker Denis Stracqualursi on a season-long loan, but they lost their best player Mikel Arteta for a fee that’s believed to be £10 million. That transfer fee is an absolute bargain for a class player like Arteta, and it shows what a financially unstable position Everton is in. With the deal being done at the eleventh hour, Everton didn’t have time to use the money to buy a top class player, but they did get Royston Drenthe from Real Madrid on a season-long loan. He’s no Arteta, so expect Everton to have a tough time this season.
  2. Liverpool: Losing such a key player as Raul Meireles was a huge loss for Liverpool. Craig Bellamy was a good addition, but his best years are past him. Meanwhile, getting rid of Christian Poulsen and Joe Cole is a welcome relief, but still, losing Meireles is a massive blow for the Reds.
  3. Swansea: The two positions that Swansea needed to fill the most — a creative midfielder and striker — have gone unanswered. Swansea picked up Fulham defender Rafik Halliche on loan as well as left back Federico Bessone from Leeds, but based on today’s dealings, it’s going to be a long season for the Swans. In contrast, fellow promotion side QPR today signed a boatload of players who will be earning massive wages. We’ll have to wait and see which one wins out in the end — fiscal responsibility or splashing the cash.

As always, your input is welcomed. Please share any feedback you may have in the comments section below.

80 thoughts on “Biggest Winners and Losers on Premier League Transfer Deadline Day”

  1. Fulham was a huge winner, at least their fans were. With all the rumors swirling around Dempsey’s imminent departure, and then the large amount of spending (for Fulham) on Ruiz and others, fans must be feeling as if they’re having there cake and eating it too. And their lineup is looking increasingly less meh.

    1. Yeah, Fulham seems like a notable omission from this list.

      Judging transfer-window success isn’t just about which new players get brought into a given club. It’s about what sort of overall team is in place when it’s all said and done.

      Fulham kept not only Dempsey, but several other key players, and the new signings were strong.

      1. I think the Dempsey rumours were massively over hyped. Wasn’t even mentioned on transfer deadline day within the British media. Sites like made out there was a massively possibility he could go to Arsenal, when there wasn’t.

        I do completely agree though, Fulham got possibly one of the signings of the summer with the Ruis guy, amazing scoring record in the Dutch league.

        1. He did. Some reports have it that Liverpool had preferred to offload him to a continental European team and were trying in that direction. They may not have been so thrilled to send him to Chelsea in the end.

  2. I would say Baines is easily Everton’s best player but I Arteta is certainly good. The problem is, he fell off a good bit last year and has had problems staying healthy. His free kicks and corners have been crap as well. At 29 and making a club high £75k a week, he simply wasn’t worth more than £10m at this point (although a season with Arsenal will allow him a lot more scoring and assist chances than he’s been getting at Everton).

    There’s no doubt that Everton are worse today than they were yesterday but there are some bright spots. We have a ton of center midfielders available to take Arteta’s place (Fellaini, Osman, Cahill, Rodwell, Barkley). Our young players especially need more first team football. If there was one spot we could have afforded to lose a player, it was at CM.

    The financial circumstances that put Everton in this position are depressing and you didn’t even mention that we lost Yakubu and Beckford (it seems like those were confirmed). Still, Drenthe and Stracqualursi don’t look too bad and hopefully we got an option to buy them after their loans.

    1. The question that begs is whether Arteta would fit better in a 4-2-3-1 than in the 4-4-1-1. Moyes preferred him in a deeper role at Everton, even using Leon Osman as the 2nd striker when Cahill was injured. Are they expecting him to slide right into the Fabregas role in Wenger’s system? If so, it may give him a different view of the pitch, and improve his chances of springing players.

      1. It’s certainly possible that the move to Emirates will revitalize Arteta’s career. I don’t think it would have happened at Everton though. Arteta will have to re-learn how to be more adventurous. Too often in Moyes system, he was just passing it side-to-side and back to the defenders. Arsenal definitely have better attacking players and more movement in the final third. That may be exactly what Arteta needs.

    2. I’d be optimistic about Drenthe. Hes fast, strong, and can score.
      Def a different player than Arteta, but RM was afraid enough of him that they wrote in their contract for him to play against them with Hercules, the latter club had to pay a million euros. How thats legal, I don’t know, but yes, RM were that worried of him.

  3. Stopped reading after you didn’t include Fulham who easily had one of the best days given Dempsey, Hangeland, A Johnson and company all staying while acquiring Bryan Ruiz, Grygera and Sa.

  4. I just can’t believe Tottenham turned down a 40M bid for a wantaway player. Meireles left Liverpool in 30 minutes after asking to leave, Modric has been tossing and turning all summer for the move. Gaffer, enlighten us on what happened here. Did Tottenham really ‘win’ anything with this decision?

    1. They kept Luka Modric. If he can play as well as he did last season, that’s a win in my book. And who knows, if they sell him in January or next summer, maybe they can get more for him then?

      The Gaffer

      1. I do have to say, Modric+Parker+Bale+Lennon+Adebayor+Rafa VDV will be a show to watch if ol ‘arry can pull the right strings together. Good luck to them cause the way it’s looking, its them or Arsenal for the last Champions League spot.

        1. nevermind on the last champions league spot. thats Arsenals or Liverpools. i completely forgot about the new behemoth Man C. times have changed…

      2. As a Spurs fan:
        the ‘win’ would’ve been to sell him for 40m AND have had the foresight to pickup Pjanic or (fellow Croatian) Rakitic weeks ago (he went for only 9!?) as a replacement.

        I won’t argue that Modric is a great player and adds quality to Spurs but one of the above (or similar) would’ve done the job (almost) as well.

        He might be worth 40m to some teams but Spurs would’ve been better served with 2 or 3 players worth that combined. As a recent example — if we had acted quicker and paid slightly over-the-top to get it — I would trade Modric for Pjanic (9m), Mertesacker (9m), and 22m left for a striker. Add Crouch’s sale (~10m) and 32m will buy someone of quality up front.

        It hasn’t happened, though, and I won’t hold my breath for the future either… I guess that’s where FIFA comes in.

    2. I agree with Neil, they could’ve got Daniel Sturridge and a potload of money, which would have easily been enough to afford Gary Cahill. Instead they’re stuck with a moaner who doesn’t have his heart in the club.

  5. Losing Mereiles isn’t that bad. As it were, Mereiles couldn’t crack the first team with the arrival of Downing, Henderson, Adam and thats with Gerard still injured. I guess he was pretty good sub. I would’ve preferred getting Daniel Sturridge plus cash for Mereiles but 15m for an aging and fragile midfielder is pretty damn good.

    It seems you’ve forgotten that we’ve also signed Seb Coates.

    1. SD, I’m just including players who were bought today in my winners and losers category. Coates officially signed yesterday, but I’m looking forward to seeing how he does with Liverpool regardless.

      The Gaffer

      1. Considering the form of Sturridge last season with Bolton – Liverpool should have asked for him to be thrown in with the Meireles deal. Bellamy on a free is a good piece of business but at 32, with dodgy knees, the club will be lucky to get more than a season out of him.

        Liverpool has a better goal scoring midfield this term but once Suarez starts making those tedious trips across the world for WC qualifying in a few months and if Carroll struggles to stay fit, the Reds could be a bit light up front. Shame they sold Ngog as opposed to agreeing to just a loan, he’s only 22.

    2. Who’d you rather, Maxi or Mereiles? Maxi won’t see a lot of time either, but I’d certainly want Mereiles coming off the bench first.

      1. Sad to see Mereiles go,he’s obviously class…But I guess we all got the answer,to a question I’ve been pondering since the season began…How the hell is Gerrard going to get back into this team? There just wasn’t a slot for him…now there is.

  6. Meireles is interesting, clearly Dalglish doesn’t rate him near as highly as you do, and he brought in a new midfield to play ahead of Meireles and put him on the bench. He wasn’t going to play the role he did last season even if he stayed so I’m not sure losing him can be considered a massive blow. It hurts squad strength for sure but then swapping Ngog for Bellamy is a clear upgrade so it sort of washes out.

  7. Arsenal’s last minute transfer deadline deals promise to revamp the season and set her on the right path and direction. Basically all the departments needing attention have been addressed, the defense, midfield and attack have been beefed up with the new signings. Lets now wait and see how quickly all these players blend together into an exciting and formidable side….. Let’s go Gunners!!!

  8. I’m quite pleased with Blackburn’s day. Kean has made some good additions, now I think he just needs to get his squad selection and tactics down and the club might be in alright shape.

  9. how can u say Liverpool were on the loosing side Kenny knows exactly what he is doing meireles is a good player but not a special player in my opinion aquilani is miles better then him and im sure most would prefer him over he will not be as good for chelsea because they have juan mata in attaking position so he will be isolated in a physical chelsea midfield

    1. Roman doesn’t care about money. Meireles is just cover at this point for Chelsea. They are fighting on a number of fronts, and Lampard is not a spring chicken anymore.

      The other thought surrounds Torres. Maybe AVB believe that Meireles was a guy that helped Torres along to partly return to form in late 2010. He also got Mata, who seems to have a good relationship with Torres.

      I doubt Liverpool was happy to sell Meireles, but they got a fair price for a guy who would be an off-the-bench player for a team without European football.

  10. i dont agree with liverpool being losers. they cleared 30 million in wages. yes meireles is a great player and i loved watching him play . i guess the price was right and it helped balance the books. plus liverpool have enough depth in the midfield

  11. Arsenal were not winners, they still don’t have a keeper, and still lack depth in defense. Furthermore they needed to get a holding midfielder, Song is always out of place and is a hacker, this would have taken a lot of pressure of the defense, Mertersacker is slow of foot and while better than what we currently have save Vermalen, will need coverage for his lack of speed. Frimpong will need to develop quickly. Arteta is ok, kaka would have been a much better (though more expensive) option on a years loan. Wenger has done something but should be planning to do quite a bit more in January.

    1. The middle part of your first sentence is preposterous. No, they didn’t overspend for a proven European keeper, but they have a young guy who deserves a lot of credit for his performance against Udinese. Keeper wasn’t their biggest need.

    2. I disagree with the belief that Arsenal still need a goalkeeper. Szczesny looks better starting out than Almunia (almost) ever did. He has had some very good moments and I think he will only get better.

      I would have really liked to see Dempsey picked up, but they still got some quality and it definitely wont hurt their game.

        1. I’m with you on Meireles, though 12 million is a lot of money (and thanks for the clarification, since Liverpool were undoubtedly a winner during the transfer day. I’d argue that no one has gotten better than LFC this year.)

          The question was always, “what do you do with him?” Adams, Gerrard, Lucas (as no one in the club does what he does) all have their spots sown up. Jordan Henderson seems to be the favourite son of KK as well. The Reds still have Maxi, who is a lot like Meireles but can also play the wing. There’s talk of Glen Johnson moving to midfield, as HE seems surplus to the defense (not that he was great at it.) So if things go well….Meireles was probably surplus to the cause.

          Then again, if someone gets hurt (GERRARD!!!!), if Henderson doesn’t pan out…we could be missing that guy. And well, I will anyway, because he was fun to watch.

          Speaking of fun to watch, I’m sorry we didn’t pull the switch on Benayoun. I’m a big fan.

      1. First off, Arsenal do not need a keeper. Szczesny is developing into a top keeper, and buying someone now would stunt his growth. He made the fantastic penalty save against Udinese, and was probably the Arsenal man of the match against United despite allowing eight goals.

        The Gunners could have used an extra holding midfielder, but they needed a left back, centre-back, and creative midfielder. Rennes wanted an extraordinary fee for M’Vila, and Wenger would not have been able to sign Arteta had he signed M’Vila.

        Some Gooners will never be pleased. Wenger signed five players in the last two days, to go along with Gervinho, Oxlade-Chamberlain, and Jenkinson. The Arsenal supporters complaining would not have been happy unless Wenger signed Kaka, Sneijder, and Benzema.

        1. Completely agree…considering the start to the season arsenal have had, today might be the biggest win yet. Arteta, if he can stay healthy, will enjoy playing in CL and revitalize his career. Mertesacker was the perfect signing for CB. Why does a CB have to have blazing speed? Arsenal’s defense is all about organization and maintaining a high line. His experience =’s intelligence and will make a great partner for TV5. Gervinho is class, he showed it in the CL qualifiers, and the EPL will find out soon enough. Great last few days for the Gunners, just wish we could have started the season with this squad! and BTW, Arsene still has money to spend in January.

          1. Completely agree about Mertesacker. You don’t get 75 caps for Germany by not being a good CB. He’s the perfect compliment to Vermaelen who is fast and has amazing positioning and aggression. It’s great.

        2. Agreed. Its astonishing to me that Arsenal supporters think they need a goalkeeper. Szczesny was the only Gunner on the pitch for that abortion that didn’t look like a complete and utter buffoon. Swap him for De Gea and the score would’ve been 12-1. lol

        3. Arsenal is at a point where they simply want to preserve their Champions League spot. The result against United put Wenger and the board in a pickle, because pressure grew to do something to offset the drubbing. The problem was that the drubbing was a confluence of two or three separate anomalies: a) Arsenal was playing 6 out of 11 positions with 2nd choice players; b) Manchester United is at the climax of a run of confidence; and c) Manchester United watched City pound Spurs, and needed to send a message. All of those things created the 8-2 thrashing, and while Arsenal aren’t perfect, they weren’t likely to stand a chance in that match.

          The only position they truly upgraded in the last three days was at CB with Mertesacker popping ahead of Djourou/Koscielny. I will reserve judgment about Arteta, whether he’s a step up from Ramsey or Wilshere. Benayoun is at most on par with Walcott and Gervinho. Santos may be an upgrade over Gibbs, but not sure about that, but gives them depth. Park may share time with Chamakh backing up van Persie, but the other thing they could do is play one of those two (Park or RVP) at CAM. I’m not sure if either of them can distribute the way Fabregas did, and that’s the issue for me.

  12. Fulham getting a fantastic player like Bryan Ruiz and hanging on to Dempsey was huge. Add in Grygera and Sa…great deadline day. In fact, Fulham had a great summer of signings.

    1. Agreed – it’s a wonder clubs aren’t banging on Fulham’s doors to get Dempsey into their side.

      Not only is he a great all-around player but can play in any of about four positions really well.

        1. I repeat:

          “Not only is he a great all-around player but can play in any of about four positions really well.”

          My personal views on him have nothing to do with nationality, mate. He’s an above-average player that is under-valued and incredibly versatile – it’s questionable if those qualities have something to do with nationality, however.

      1. If Dempsey was good enough for clubs to be banging down the door to get him, they would be. I can’t believe people actually think he’s good enough for Arsenal.

  13. Davide Santon is a huge coup for Newcastle, but other than that the Toon are clear losers on deadline day. They still needed a striker, and didn’t get one. They also needed depth in central defense — with Williamson out, Tamas Kadar is the only real cover for S. Taylor and Fab. The news sources say they had five separate bids today and lost out on all 5, and the total transfer bill was less than 2 million pounds, a far cry from the 35 million Ashley had to “invest” from the Carroll sale. When Bendtner goes to Sunderland and Crouch goes to Stoke, obviously there were forwards out there. Will be fun to hear Pardew’s next press conference…

  14. Well, Tony Pulis has gone fully in the direction of “Live by the sword, die by the sword.” Augment four big center forwards (Jones, Walters, Fuller, and Sidibe) with two more, Crouch and Jerome. The big key for their team is the health of Pennant and Etherington. They need speed down the wing and solid service on the cross, in order to help defeat the high line that teams will undoubtedly play against the Potters.

    1. I wouldn’t classify Walters as a big center forward. He typically gets wide as the retreating forward in their 4-4-1-1. I’ll say this.. Defending long throws and crosses from the wingers with Jones, Crouch, Huth, & Shawcross crashing the box will be difficult. Also when they put Whitehead and Palacios in front of the back four of Huth, Shawcross, Woodgate, and Wilson its going to be fairly difficult to score against them. I’d like to see them acquire an attacking center midfielder, but Walters may take that role when they fall behind. Regardless.. If you go by values, this team has gone from being a 15-18 million pound side when they came up from the championship to being a 90-100 million pound roster now. Other than Dave Kitson and Danny Collins I can’t recall many missteps in the transfer market for Stoke. Despite that increase in player value they are still 15th-16th in payroll.

  15. I agree that Liverpool are losers as Miereles is a top class player. For the reported 12 million pounds that is a bargain. Liverpool will miss him I believe. Without Miereles they would not have beaten Arsenal as he set up both goals after coming on as a sub. Chelsea’s gain is Liverpool’s loss.

    1. As an LFC supporters, I’ll defer to Dalglish on this. I doubt highly he would be “forced” to offload Mierles to a rival in such a short space. Fact is he is 28, LFC recovered the fee they paid for him and AVB gets a player he sold to us a year ago. Best of luck to Raul, he certainly has talent but I question his performance when the going gets rough. Clearly, Chelsea were desperate when they failed with their latest bid for Modric and this can’t put Essien’s injury in a good light.

    2. Raul took a pay cut last year and was suppose to get a raise this summer. he didn’t get it and with all the other players coming in i think he was always on his way out. i would have liked to keep him but we got a good price for him. Chelsea just wants anyone that scores against them, im not sure Mierles will get more playing time at stamford bridge. We also have another midfielder returning soon, i forget his name. known for scoring big goals, tackling and pin point passes?

  16. I’m trying to look at this without my red-tinted glasses but I can’t see how Liverpool are losers here.

    Bellamy scored thirteen goals two seasons ago at City and still showed great hunger in the Championship last season. He will great cover for Suarez or even better working along-side him. Mark my words – he’ll be racking up the goals and assists.

    Coates wasn’t part of the dead-line day but should still be considered part of the business done by Liverpool. A great addition for the squad.

    Meirles is a great player but didn’t fit into the side – selling him onto Chelsea for the same they paid isn’t terrible by any stretch. Also, I don’t think you’ll see any performance like last season with Liverpool at Chelsea anytime soon (see: Benayoun).

    Related, they also did well unloading many players that, again, don’t fit into the squad and were taking up huge portions of the wage budget.

    Or maybe I’m just justifying my side’s decisions. :)

    Unrelated, anyone still want to put QPR in the relegation zone? They have to be the biggest winners here considering squad improvement.

    1. “Bellamy scored thirteen goals two seasons(Exactly 2 years ago, and he could only train couple times a week and his own special training) ago at City and still showed great hunger in the Championship(er no he didnt hence cardiff not trying to get him this year ) last season” liverpool lose

      1. Our definition of “hunger” must differ. A thirty two year old that can still manage about a goal every three matches (tied for second most goals in the squad with two other players), supporter favourite with goal of the season, and captain fits the bill for me.

        I’m going to take a wild guess and say that Cardiff didn’t turn the loan (that saw City continue to pay a large portion of his wages) into a signing because they can’t afford his full wages – they’d be crazy not to have him there and were lucky to have him for a season.

        He was a free-transfer to Liverpool, by the way.

    2. I couldn’t agree more, Gaz. Bellamy will be a great as a sub and and for spot starts to give Suarez a rest.

      I’m not sure why everyone wants to focus on the handful of matches when Meireles was excellent without noting how completely anonymous he is in a lot of matches. He’s not a great player, he’s decent. And he wasn’t going to start at LFC.

      Finally, the club offloaded a lot of players that didn’t figure into the squad going forward. I can’t see how they can be labeled as losers on deadline day.

      Agree with the posters above about Fulham … keeping Dempsey and securing Ruiz is very good for them.

  17. Since this article is about Deadline Day specifically, I’ll go ahead and agree that Arsenal had a good one..

    But they lost two world class players in Cesc and Nasri, and replaced them with Arteta (who on his good day is quite good) and Beneyaoun. That’s a weaker squad to me.

    I still think Arsenal will be clawing to finish top 4, but this definitely helped their cause. A midfield trio of Wilshere, Arteta/Yossi, and Song doesn’t look so bad.

    Their best XI isn’t even all that bad now, but still not good enough to content for the title:


      1. Any arsenal fan, myself included, who feels arsenal will challenge for the PL title is kidding themselves. Losing Cesc and Na$ri was awful, but the damage control exhibited on the final 2 days of the transfer pd. ensure CL football next year. THis team is good enough for 3rd/4th, with a deep FA cup run. If Wenger delivers silverware in a year where he lost possibly his 2 best players, his rep will be restored and everyone will sing his praises again

  18. There goes my bet for Swansea (+1/1.5) in the upcoming match against Arsenal. :(

    I was hoping Arsene Wenger to stay stubborn. Gonna cancel Wolves/Spurs bet too. I guess we have to wait and see how the transfers do for each club.

    QPR vs Newcastle is tempting tho. I think I am gonna make a little bet on the R’s.

  19. Liverpool, losers? Really. I like Raul a lot, he is a good player, but he has been on the way out all summer. We made him put in a request so we wouldn’t have to pay him any loyalty bonus and off he goes. We certainly could have kept him as a handy squad option, but he was a square peg for our team this year anyway.
    Kenny plays 2 CM and Raul can not play that as he is too lighweight and just isn’t a tackler. He can play the wide role, but we have Downing, Henderson, Kuyt, Gerrard, Maxi and Bellamy who can do that. His best position is behind the striker, it is where his goals came from and where he played against Arsenal when he came on. But Gerrard can play there, so can Suarez, so can Downing, so can Bellamy, so can Kuyt, so can Henderson, so can Maxi. Then we have a great young talent in Shelvey.
    Raul was a great option, but he was a luxury we can easily do without. Plus that 12-15 million can be made available in January, when most clubs don’t buy and we could use it for a player who is more needed.

  20. As a liverpool fan,i feel so disappointed on my coach.How can he sale meirales 2 chelsea?Why must we sale our good players 2 them every 6months?Why did he sale Young Ngo’g and buy 32yrs man?He got it wrong dis time.I wish Liverpool well.

    1. Meireles was surplus to needs and you are really going to bring up Torres? You see how that has worked out for us. We got rid of him exactly when we needed too. Also Ngog has been terrible for us. He has had plenty of chances and has done nothing. I will take the switch of Ngog and Bellamy any day.

  21. Meireles didn’t even start last week–replaceable. His passing was average, his pace was average, but he did have some pretty sick finishing last year. Shelvey and Adam are better passers of the ball, and they have pretty good long range shots as well.

    Plus–by paying 60% of Joe Cole’s wages at Lille, we get first crack at Hazard in January. That Meireles money and maybe a little more will get us a brilliant young French player that has way more potential than Meireles.

    1. I’m glad someone else noticed that – we’re getting a large part of Cole’s wages off the wage-bill and also securing first refusal on a very promising young player in the future.

      If all works out, we’ll give them Joe Cole next year to build up a great relationship and not only have first crack at Hazard but a good deal as well.

      1. That first crack means very little in reality as the decision is fully up to the player. LFC will be getting first notice of what club hazard chooses.

  22. Arsenal helped themselves a lot the the last couple of days. Getting rid of players who don’t want to be there can only help. no matter how good they could have been or had been at one time. Now if they can just put the pieces together and keep them on the field…

    Tottenham look like the team in most disarray now, especially with VDV hurt and Modric apparently sulking. They showed zero against City on the weekend.

    Chelsea seems a bit off, not firing on all cylinders. Now more pieces to fit in?

    LIverpool is fun to watch again. So much upside and Gerrard not even back. Not sure Bellamy is best fit with Suarez, but maybe instead of Suarez sometimes (with Carroll?)?

    City and United just scary good right now.

    Go Wolves! Keep playing hard and good things will come!

    1. Dont see it that way at all.
      Arsenal lost 2 of their best players and replaced them with nice players but no where near the quality that went out.
      So they are not going to be as strong.

      The Pool should be fighting and possibly favorites for the 4th spot.
      Added lots of players and lost no one they wanted to keep.

      Spurs should be better that last season, they added a much needed striker and another possible starter and a 1st team goalkeeper to an already good team.
      Lost no one who played regularly.

  23. Liverpool will regret selling Miereles. He is one of the few players in the squad with tons of technical ability. Most of the overrated British players are hard-workers but lack the quality that someone like Miereles brings. Chelsea are definitely winners with his signing. The reason Miereles asked to leave was that he was promised a raise from his 35K weekly wages. I cannot believe Liverpool did not want to pay him more given how good he was last season for them and did quite well when playing limited minutes at the beginning of this season. Liverpool will now have a fight on their hands to get 4th as they will be fighting it out with Spurs and Arsenal.

  24. Liverpool did just fine yesterday. as many have said, a lot went out, particularly Paulsen. Meireles had a twitter temper tantrum this summer over his contract (he wanted improved terms). Too old, and too much money-LFC were lucky to get their money back on him. It would have been nice to have Sturridge as a make-weight but Bellamy will work ok too,

  25. All the transfer day activity did nothing to change the top 3.
    They are cemented in their positions.
    Its gonna be a battle for 4th between: Arse, Pool, Spurs.
    It has for a while now and will always be about Money.
    Liverpool closed the gap by spending loads of money.
    Man C got into the top 4 by spending loads of money.
    Arsenal have dropped out of the top 3 by losing their top players and not spending the money needed to replace them.

  26. I can’t see the loss of Meireles making all that much difference to Liverpool. I give Kenny the benefit of the doubt on that one.

    IanCransonsKnees—–What is your take on how “our” 😉 Stoke did ?

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