Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 3: Open Thread

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There’s no doubt about it. Today is the biggest day of the Premier League season so far with four matches, two of which can be considered huge.

Newcastle against Fulham kicks things off at 8am. The Geordies will be hoping that their team can move on without Joey Barton and grab three points after a successful start to the season with their draw against Arsenal and the derby win against Sunderland. Fulham, meanwhile, have had an inconsistent season so far and Martin Jol will be hoping to get his side winning away for a change.

The first big match of the day kicks off at 8:30am between Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City. This is a tale, so far, of two teams. One on their way up (City) and one seemingly on their way down (Spurs). But an impressive performance from Harry Redknapp’s team can certainly change their destiny.

At 10am, West Brom plays Stoke City in a game between two teams who are certainly on good form of late. Despite West Brom losing against Man United and Chelsea, their performances have impressed, while Stoke did well to hold Chelsea and Norwich to draws.

Then comes the biggest match of the season thus far at 11am between Manchester United and Arsenal. I’m going out on a limb here, but I have a feeling that Arsenal can cause a shock and grab something out of this game. Yes, Arsenal is devastated with injuries and suspensions, but they’ll be buzzing after their mid-week triumph against Udinese. And they’ve got very little to lose. It’s Manchester United who has the point to prove. And in times past, Man United have slipped when it seemed they were running away with things (a few games against Liverpool come to mind, when the Reds surprised the Red Devils against all of the odds).

Arsenal are not Liverpool, but the Gunners will finally find a way to grab some points. Whether it’s today or not, I’m not sure, but I wouldn’t count them out. They have what it takes to succeed. They just have to believe in themselves and play the game of their lives.

No matter who wins at Old Trafford, or any of the earlier games, it should be an exciting Sunday to remember.

Before, during and after the matches today, use this thread to share your rants, raves, observations, questions and more. We look forward to reading your thoughts.

87 thoughts on “Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 3: Open Thread”

  1. who the hell is that commentator, keeps on talking about Newcastle need to do this. Newcastle needs to do that.. commentate on the game idiot..

  2. What’s the point of the Premier League?

    An over-seas Arab billionaire can come and just buy every single good player over three seasons. What can anyone else do? Chelsea bought the title, and now Citeh are doing the same thing.

    1. Atleast there are now more than 4 teams capable of finishing in the top 4. I believe that the Premier League is as good as its ever been. More clubs are “playing the beautiful game”. There is no more traditional big 4 and thats a good thing.

    2. Hopefully the Financial Fair Play rules will curb this behavior, though something tells me that there will be massive loop holes allowing for big clubs to still spend millions. With City it is getting out of control, but they’ll never have what United have, so I could really give a flying f*** about how many millions (billions?) they spend on money-hungry, mercenary, cry-baby players. Man City are a more extreme case of Chelsea in that they literally bought a totally new starting XI…The owner might as well have founded a new club and called it the Millionaire’s Club United (a division of Spoiled Bitches, Inc.).

      1. United have been just as bad as Barca or Madrid from buying Ince from West Ham, Ferdinand from Leeds, or Rooney from Everton.

        1. I think you inadvertently hit the reason why United aren’t thrown into the same category as City, Barca, Madrid. They bought those players from way lesser clubs, not picking them from already elite clubs.

          1. There’s a huge difference between a team like United who’s buying an expensive player each 2 or 3 years and between teams who are each season spending 70m+ on players.

    3. What does an owner’s ethnicity have to do with anything? It’s really bizarre you would see fit to mention that.

      “Over-seas” [sic]? Fine, if xenophobic.

      “Arab”? No.

  3. What the owner of City is doing is no different to what Real Madrid or Chelsea have been doing. Neither of those two clubs are owned by Arab billionaires. City are doing nothing illegal so why pick on them.

    This year’s EPL season is going to be all the more interesting with the rise of City and the turnaround at Liverpool. I don’t see any club running away from the pack and expect the title won’t be decided till maybe the last match of the season. Unlike La Liga where it will just be a two-horse race, the EPL is great with so many teams capable of winning the title.

    1. Why do people say this? Most people don’t like what either Chelsea or Real Madrid have done either. If you’re a supporter of nearly ANY other team in the league, how do you feel when your team has to play within the confines of a budget and others can simply just take the best players from other teams and pay astronomical wages and create such a divide in the competition.

  4. Fulham has problems. They are in the group stage of Europe, they will probably get through, but they have no depth and no transfer budget.

  5. Dzeko hat trick! City look very impressive.

    Is it safe to say that the days of Mancini playing overly defensive soccer are over?

  6. And the electricity is back on in North Carolina! Just in time to watch West Brom v. Stoke. Missed all the action yesterday due to the hurricane. Good to be back amongst the supporters. Thanks for the kind words yesterday, Gaffer.


    1. Glad your back on the grid.hope your only problem was loss of power.did not miss much the matches have been uneventful.good luck with the cleanup.


  7. As a football fan and Man U supporter, I am worried about Liverpool and Man CIty.

    Great game by Dzeko.

    I guess my question is who would win in a match between Liverpool and Man City? They each seem to be playing at the peak of their games and seem to be real threats.

    1. Right now I think you have to give City the edge. They have looked consistently dominant in attack while Liverpool has lacked the finishing touch for long periods of time.

  8. Arsenal will literally need a miracle today to salvage a point from their game. Just praying Man Utd don’t do to us what City did to Tottenham… No one deserves to be humiliated like that 😀

    1. I hope the arsenal board are enjoying that 22M, because you can’t replace that kind of class with just anyone, and when you do find someone e.g. modric they want 30M+.

  9. Man City dismantled Tottenham. They really are an EPL All-Star team, and they looked great, but will need to play that way all season.

    Stoke v Albion rather disjointed, though the drive at the end of the half was real close.

    Arsenal… well, we’ll just have to see if it is 2-1 or 16-0.

    1. It’s hard to call it a crisis yet, especially when Man City and Man U have looked so strong in general. I’ll wait till September 10th to start panicking,

  10. Can’t see how Arsenal will be able to cope with United. A thumping is on the cards.

    After Nasri’s performance today one has to wonder why Wenger refused to pay him the wage he was asking.

  11. 3 Arsenal defenders around Welback and Welbeck get the touch on the ball and a goal. I can’t blame Szczesny for being upset because his defense let him down.

  12. Johnny Evans hands Arsenal a lifeline. Unnecessary challenge, penalty given.

    And Van Persie with a weak penalty that’s saved by De Gea. Poor penalty. Arsenal needed that in worst way.

  13. Are you guys doing any kind of live blog or chat for the Arsenal game? I’m on the road and none of the pubs in the area are showing the game. I have it recording to watch when i get home, and I know is showing it delayed.


  14. The announcer of this Arsenal-ManYoo match just had an orgasm after Ashley Young’s goal. Jesus, chief. Wipe off your chin next time.

  15. I hate people who complain about Man U having this, City having that…but there’s a real problem when a fan as into weekend EPL as I am has no interest in watching the second half of Man United vs. Arsenal. This should be a nervy affair all the way through, but I can’t see a way back for Arsenal. It’s alright for some games to be like this, but if it starts to happen every week it’ll diminish the pleasure in watching the league in general.

  16. Pace.. Pace.. Pace..

    Arshavin was bought from the Russian League for peanuts because he’s slow. Rosicky is undervalued.. because he’s slow. RVP is not a top of the line striker because.. he’s slow. Song is not offensive force.. because he’s slow. Speed may not be critical when you play pretty little triangles and have blistering left and right backs like Barca but when you don’t have it all a team needs to do is push up the backline and press you in.

    1. If you ever see Rosicky before he got injured at Dortmund, you’ll agree that he was an excellent player. Rosicky transfer to Arsenal was one of the similar stories during Wenger’s era: Wenger gambled by signing players who got injured (Overmars, Kanu) or failed to shine at their previous clubs (Viera, Henry). Like in gambling, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

  17. Well the scoreline is out of control now (as I write this it is 6-1), but I don’t feel it has been a dominant performance as much as a case of taking advantage of your chances.

    How would this game been different if RVP converted the penalty and it had been 1-1? Or if RVP or Arshavin had potted home one of those chances early in the 2nd half to make it 3-2? Instead, United got to run riot.

    I think United are still a work in progress and I pray that Welbeck’s injury is not serious. A shame to go down like that with the start he has had.
    (oops, now it is 6-2)

    1. I don’t think the scoreline is different at all. How is Arsenal playing Wenger football. They look exactly like Spurs looked against City earlier, an overmatched team trying to play wide open football and getting annihilated. No offense to the beautiful footballing sides out there.. but in case it isn’t abundantly clear now.. Stoke was getting criticized the last 3 years for not being stupid. Penalty for Man U.

  18. I’m embarrassed to be an Arsenal fan. Our squad is so thin it’s beyond obvious. We need to beef up the middle and back line in the worst way. Get Traore off the f***ing pitch! There are no words for the kind of disappointment that looks to lay ahead of this season.

  19. Homerun ball.. Chicharito.. speed.. red card.. man down.. It’s really simple, I was wondering how long it was going to take the soccer to realize that which has come to dominate American sports.. Speed kills.

    1. That doesn’t explain Spain, now the dominant national side, who are short AND slow. So speed can help to compensate, if your side have no ball skills (e.g. USMNT)

    2. Ha, are you American by any chance? I love this notion that American sports, and casual American fans, posess some simple yet profound knowledge that no-one else has grasped. In this case, the idea that people in soccer have only just realized that “speed kills”…no sh*t, sherlock!

      Likewise, I remember when Beckham tore his Achilles at Milan. Some wise guy on MLS Talk said something along the lines of “oh at his age, he should be doing regular stretching exercises to prevent such injuries, like they do in American sports.” Ha, like AC Milan, with one of the world’s leading sports-science staff and a history of getting the best out of veteran players, needs a lesson in the basics of stretching exercises from someone on the internet.

  20. Typical United – City put down a marker at Spurs, and ManU says “oh yeah? watch this.”

    Simply stunned at how bad Arsenal look, as well as Spurs for that matter. I thought this was the first test for the Manchester clubs – I guess we’ll have to wait until they play Chelsea, Liverpool, or each other.

      1. i fail to see your point… what did Quinn’s comment have to do with that tottenham-wigan game? did you not see chelsea 8 wigan 0, chelsea 7 stoke 0, chelsea 7 villa 1 chelsea 7 sunderald 2, man u 7 blackburn 1 …

          1. I literally meant that I hadn’t seen an 8-2 scoreline in Premier League match. I think Man U had a 7-1 last year when Berbatov scored 5 goals. At the end of today’s match it said that 8 goals were the most Man U scored in a BPL match so I started thinking that in the last 10 years that I dont remember any 8 goal performances from any club. Obviously I wrong. I still don’t believe that there has been an 8-2.

    1. I’m sure there has been an 8-2 defeat in the Premier League before, or at least close to it (why it has to be so specific is beyond me..)

      But if you don’t remember the Tottenham-Wigan 9-1 match, then I wouldn’t expect you to remember or ‘believe’ that there has been an 8-2 scoreline before..

  21. Ashley Young, Signing of the year!! makes you wonder why he never made it to the england national team until now…

  22. It’s a bitter bitter pill, but Arsenal needed this. Wenger was never going to change until the club hit rock bottom (he MAY not even change now that we have).

    If it had been the usual close loss at United, he could have shrugged it off and not been aggressive over the next three days. Now, he’s got no choice.

  23. The Gaffer wrote, “I have a feeling that Arsenal can cause a shock and grab something out of this game.”
    Oh dear. Never mind, I doubt many saw that one coming.

    1. Yep, Arsenal failed to show up today. If they played close to how they played Wednesday, they would have had a chance. But they were a shambles.

      The Gaffer

  24. Awful day for us, hard to believe. I trust Wengers ability to successfully manage a team, I think something is happening behind the scenes that we don’t know of, he has paid decent amounts of money for players in the past and has brought in what the team has needed. Right now we’ve got to sign some defenders, if we had a half competent defense today would have been 3-2 or 4-2, perhaps we could have even snatched a draw which is far less damaging to the morale of the team. The crisis is surrounded in hysteria and hyperbole because the media must peddle a narrative to keep the fish feeding, however, it’s almost impossible to argue that Arsenal could possibly win anything this year, and almost as hard to argue we’ll be in the champions league next year. For us to fall from a top 4 team on Wengers watch was unthinkable for most and still is for me but we’ve got important moves to make over the coming week.

  25. Congrats Arsenal fans on a magnificent performance from your team, in Arsene Wegner we trust eh…..Lol
    Surely Arsenal are title-contenders no?

    City on the other hand look amazing after Barcelona that has to be the best squad in terms of individual talent avaliable. I hope Mancini doesn’t resort to stupid defensive cantenaccio when they come up against the better teams in the league & Champions League!

    1. “that has to be the best squad in terms of individual talent avaliable”

      yeah that’s what happens when you can afford them and stock up to build a ‘super team’.. essentially buying a championship. it is what it is, i guess.

  26. Horrific..

    With Wenger, Arsenal are depressing and f**ked
    Without Wenger, Arsenal would be depressing and f**ked
    It’s out of the frying pan into the fire right now for Gooners..

    The last six years have culminated into a disaster Carling Cup final, the Newcastle ridiculousness, failing to get a win when most needed.. A promised ‘busy summer’ that ended up being very unexciting, without any true serious change being done. The squad doesn’t feel like a squad anymore.. The squad went from weak to weaker.. Three consecutive red cards in three consecutive matches.. Many players banned and out, the bench is thin as all hell, losing to Liverpool and Man United back to back, the latter being the worse Arsenal loss since 7-0 away at West Ham United in 1927…


    Of course, qualifying for the Champions League was good, but it seems to be all negative with Arsenal since January/February of last month.. It’s a down period and teams in leagues from all over the world experience down periods.. It is what it is.. Gooners, true, loyal and til we die Gooners will have to ride the storm.

  27. Hey at least it’ll be interesting to see Man City can break Man United’s strangle-hold on the the premier league title which they basiclly win
    year-in-year-out now. it would be nice for someone other than United to actually win it. For all the talk of the EPL being the most competitive in the world its been mostly a one team league until now & the stats prove it with United’s 12 or is it 13 titles now.

    Liverpool forgot how to win when the Premier league kicked-off, Arsenal have never really been title challengers with the exception of 2 or 3 occasions as Wegner’s apparently allergic or has a huge dislike of trophies.(as his pathetic record of 2 measly League titles in 15 plus years shows)
    Chelsea have never been a factor until very recently & they don’t look like they’ll be able to cope with either Manchester club this season with the bunch old mules in their squad. But they have spent heavily and Liverpool too which under Dalglish seem to be under a resurgence & City have bought practically every superstar under the son!
    As no team has dominated a major league so thouroghly as United have since the birth of the EPL maybe we’ll actually have an actual competitive Premier league this season.

    1. I’m in no way defending Wenger at this point, but you need to learn how to count. 1998, 2002, 2004. By my count, that’s THREE league titles, not two.

    2. “as his pathetic record of 2 measly League titles in 15 plus years shows”

      pathetic? it’s far from pathetic, one of those seasons the team went unbeaten and the two other title wins were doubles. it’s only been 3 because Man United have won the majority and Chelsea was cashed up and won a few themselves..

      You seem to have a very superficial view of the Premier League, like you just began watching it..

      “it would be nice for someone other than United to actually win it.”

      that’s the only thing i agree with you on.

  28. Any chance the podcast is coming tonight? I’ve been delaying my run until it’s ready to download. Thanks ahead of time.

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