Why It’s Time For Tottenham Hotspur to Sell Luka Modric

Despite Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp saying that Luka Modric is not for sale and picking him for Sunday’s squad against Manchester City, I still think Spurs should sell him.

All summer we have endured the Luka Modric transfer saga. Modric has made it very clear that he wishes to leave Tottenham and move to Stamford Bridge. Chelsea made two attempts to lure him away and a third appears to be on the way. Before this drama began Modric signed a new contract on May 30, 2010, which extended his stay until 2016. After the signing he clearly stated his desire to stay at Tottenham and had no interest in playing for any other Premier League team. He went on to further state that Spurs gave him his shot at English football and he wanted to repay them for that chance and build a future at Tottenham. I think money and the stardom of being associated with Chelsea are the main reasons for his desire to leave. Tottenham have been firm in their position that Modric will not be sold. However, I think Spurs should sell Modric to Chelsea and take the cash to invest in future players and bring an end to this drama.

Luka Modric has become a popular player at Tottenham among the supporters. Fans and the management have been very firm in their determination to keep the midfielder at the club. Daniel Levy believes Modric — with other key players — are critical to the future of the club. The feeling being if Modric is sold other players will follow thus exposing a weakness in the management of the club. I think holding onto a player who no longer wants to play for you and wants to leave is more of a liability than holding onto him.

Luka Modric is a talent player, I don’t question that position. I think people forget that players can be replaced and one individual doesn’t make a team. Modric is quick at passing, a good link man; He can play in attacking and defending roles well and has good chemistry with the other players on the field. However, Modric isn’t a good goal scoring threat and his assists have been limited as well. Modric has appeared in 91 league matches and has scored 9 goals for Spurs. Modric is a good player but he isn’t the midfield goal scorer like a Frank Lampard, David Silva or Cesc Fabregas. In looking at the last two seasons with Arsenal, Fabregas had a combined 18 goals with 19 assists in 52 league matches. I think that is something that needs to be addressed. Modric can be replaced and there are a vast array of talented individuals out there to select. With the sale of Modric and other surplus players Tottenham could bring in a few more players. Currently Lassana Diarra has been mentioned in the press. In addition there is some discussion concerning the possible move of Joe Cole from Liverpool to Tottenham. It was announced during the Hearts match that Iago Falque will be joining Spurs on loan from Juventus. Falque along with another midfielder signing would fill the gap by Modric’s departure.

Currently Modric is in discussions with Daniel Levy concerning his future at the club. Although Levy has repeated his stance that Modric is not for sale, there are some reports of softening his stance. Harry has stated that Modric’s departure could be good for the club. Supposedly Chelsea will offer 30 million and Daniel Sturridge on loan for a year. With the arrival of Emmanuel Adebayor on loan for the year and the possibility of Sturridge for the season as well, I say take it. Tottenham would have money in the bank and two quality strikers and cash to spend as they see fit. If Levy stands back and looks at this from a business perspective — without all the passion or concern of looking strong or weak — this great deal is what the club needs and it’s staring him in the face.

Football is a team sport and Modric was part of that team that failed to reach the Champions League. It’s fair to blame him and the other players for not reaching that goal. In addition he did sign a new contract pledging himself to the club after they failed to reach the Champions League. There has been a great deal of discussion concerning the “gentlemen’s agreement” of the contract. Supposedly if another club was to offer more money or a better deal than a transfer could be considered. I haven’t seen this agreement so I don’t what it really says or doesn’t and I doubt anyone does except the parties involved. But Modric did pledge his future and loyalty to the club and appears he doesn’t respect the contract and along with reports of him refusing to play or going on strike until Levy gives in. So, supporters and the club want to hold onto a player that breaks his promise and refuses to play until he gets what he wants. I think there needs to be an evaluation of this dilemma.

The club and supporters must ask at what point does holding onto a player who doesn’t want to stay begins to create more problems. The player and club relationship is like any other relationship. If one party no longer wants to be involved in the relationship what good comes from forcing the person to stay? In the end both individuals will be miserable and then it will begin to affect everyone and everything around the two parties. You wouldn’t force a couple to stay together if one of them wanted to leave. What would be the purpose? The same is true in this situation. What any club wants are players who are committed to the club and its future and Modric isn’t part of that anymore. It is time to cut their losses before the real damage is done. Samir Nasir and Cesc Fabregas both wanted to leave Arsenal even though the club wanted them to stay but in the end they both left. There is still time to sell him and purchase new replacements before the transfer window closes.


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