MLS Talk Podcast, This Week In US Soccer, August 18, 2011

On the latest edition of the Major League Soccer Talk Podcast : This Week In US Soccer, your hosts Chris Webb and Chris Riordan bring you a view of the beautiful game from an American and sometimes regional perspective. It’s another long show this week, as the US soccer world keeps having big things happen. First, Chris and Chris review the 1 – 1 draw between the US and Mexico, breaking down the first match of the Jurgen Klinnsman era.

The second segment is devoted to a plethora of news items, including of course the recent addition of Robbike Keane to the league and Freddy Adu’s return. Not to mention, there’s also of course, the MLS – VS/NBC Sports Network deal, discussion of the new DP Rule and much more. A review of last weekend’s MLS action closes out the show … you may be suprised to hear the new power rankings.

All this on the brand new MLS Talk Podcast : TWIUSS!!!!!!!

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