Wenger Needs to Use Fabregas Money to Spend Aggressively in Transfer Market

The inevitable departure of Cesc Fabregas from Arsenal to Barcelona has finally happened. The former Arsenal captain, one of the greatest players to ever wear the Arsenal shirt, is in Barcelona today to sign a transfer deal that could end up being worth £35 million. While the loss of Fabregas is a devastating blow to Arsenal, it’s also a massive turning point in the history of the club.

What happens next will decide the fate of Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

Fabregas’s departure gives Jack Wilshere an excellent opportunity to step into the Spanish midfielder’s shoes. But Wenger, whose relationship with Arsenal fans is at its lowest point since managing the club, needs to make exceedingly wise decisions regarding what to do with the money from the Fabregas transfer. This is an opportunity for Wenger to spend the Fabregas money on buying two to three quality players who will transform Arsenal this season and inject experience and creativity that will help them push for a trophy. Anything less and the Arsenal fans will organize a mutiny.

The last thing Arsenal fans need right now is for Wenger to be thrifty with the money received from Barcelona. Wenger needs to act fast. There’s no time for him to stall and look for the perfect, young prodigy. Arsenal has plenty of youth and talent already.

What Arsenal does need is (1) a holding midfielder who is as tenacious as Mathieu Flamini was, (2) an experienced central defender who will compete against Thomas Vermaelen and Laurent Koscielny for their positions, and (3) a proven striker who will be to play alongside Robin van Persie, or step in when he gets injured.

Not only does Arsenal need those three signings in the next two weeks, but they also need to make sure that Samir Nasri doesn’t leave the club. As we saw Saturday from Arsenal’s performance against Newcastle United, the Gunners lack creativity in midfield. Arsenal weren’t playing the brand of football we’re accustomed to seeing from them. The possession football that they play so well was largely missing, and Nasri is the engine that will make that happen.

Arsene Wenger and Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis have a lot of work to do in the next two weeks to keep Nasri at Arsenal and buy two to three big signings. Arsenal has the money, even if Fabregas’s £35 million won’t come in one lump sum.

Arsenal are in a situation where they have no excuses. They knew that the loss of Fabregas was inevitable. I’m sure that Wenger would have preferred to keep him, but the reality is that £35 million for Fabregas is a sizable amount for a player who has been very injury prone and whose heart was at another club.

I waited many days, months, years for this moment. I return home after 8 years,” said Fabregas, at his unveiling in Barcelona today.

Arsenal needs to be aggressive in the transfer market in the next two weeks to win back the confidence of the supporters. They need to make a statement to their fans and to the rest of the league that they’re back and ambitious. Otherwise this may be a very long season for Arsenal supporters and Wenger.

34 thoughts on “Wenger Needs to Use Fabregas Money to Spend Aggressively in Transfer Market”

    1. jb, you obviously didn’t read the article then. I said that even if Arsenal doesn’t receive the money in one lump sum, the club has money to spend. They’ve got a wealthy owner and a number of players who could be sold in the next two weeks to help with the cashflow. This is not a time for Arsenal to be frugal.

      The Gaffer

  1. Fabregas was Arsenal’s creativity. Nasri isn’t that type of player. Losing Nasri isn’t going to be as big a problem as losing Fabregas. Players like him don’t come along that often. Supposedly Barcelona put a 130 million pound buy out clause on Fabregas. That shows you how valuable an asset he is.

    Regarding Wenger, who would replace him? The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.


  2. Wouldn’t you think that, despite the ‘keep Nasri’ rhetorics, Wenger is under some sort of pressure from the big wigs to actually sell him while he can? Nasri seems to be gone one way or another, it only remains to be seen for how much.

    1. I wouldn’t be so sure. They’re both French, and Nasri working for Mancini or SAF would not produce the warm and fuzzy that Samir has been used to under Wenger. Even if Nasri goes, I wouldn’t expect him to play as well as he has for AW.

      1. I agree with your point, but management sees him as a current Arsenal’s asset. If he keeps his “no Arsenal contract extension” attitude, I am sure you would agree that it is much wiser to sell him now and get something in return. Otherwise, next year, no Nasri and no cash.

  3. The Fall Of The Once Mighty Arse Anal. It Was Inevitable Since Arse Anal Blew Title Leads In 07 And 08 And Couldn’t Muster A Proper Challenge Until Last Season. That was The Best opportunity for arse anal to win a trophy. Man united had their weakest side in years, chelscum wasn’t firing at all.

  4. “But Wenger, whose relationship with Arsenal fans is at its lowest point since managing the club”— gaffer how do you know that?????

    just because some fans boo doesn’t mean everyone hates Arsene..

    1. “Lowest point since managing the club.” That doesn’t mean everyone hates Wenger, it’s a comparable statement to any other period since he’s been at Arsenal. Which, it’s pretty obvious, it is. That doesn’t mean “everyone hates him” it just means right now compared to any other time the fans aren’t too happy with the way things are going. There, does that spell it out for you?

        1. This is the perfect example of a comment that should be deleted. Just because we can actually comprehend what we’ve read doesn’t mean we’re elite Ivy Leaguers. It’s called reading comprehension and it’s something they start teaching kids around the age of 5.

      1. Anyone who dares say something critical about Arsenal risks backlash from a large contingent of it fanbase who while loyal, lack any ability to be objective when it comes to their club. It’s okay oto be critical sometimes it means you care!

  5. Also Nasri is not like Fab.. he is a good player and can be replaced easily.. Nasri go to Mancity and play in Manchini’s defensive mindset

    1. Nasri can be easily replaced? By whom? Ramsey is the only player on the roster who is could replace Nasri but I don’t think they’re currently close in skill set.

      You’re kidding yourself if you don’t think Nasri is the 3rd best player on this team after Fabregas and van Persie.

  6. There is no doubt Cesc Fabregas is one of the best mid-fielders in the game today. He is probably the most experienced 24 year old around, has massive amount of games in his belt, has massive amount of assists, dominates the middle of the park like no other and Barcelona isn’t going anywhere anytime soon with that kind of talent right at the heart of the mid-field.

    This guy gave everything to Arsenal. He provided more assists during his time than anyone out there. Thank you Cesc for your contribution to Arsenal. I will be rooting you in Barcelona. Go Cesc.

  7. Good riddance. He should have been sold a year ago. If only Gaffer, Wenger’s transfer policy has stifled the club the last 5 years. The man has too much pride to acknowledge that his refusal to bring in more experienced players has been a disaster. I hate to say this but if the likes of a Hiddink or Mourinho become available – perhaps…..

    1. I don’t think that is on any board member’s mind right now. however, a finish outside the top 4 could set that in motion.

      1. Honestly without Fabregas, Nasri or Clichy I can’t see Arsenal staying top 4. Arsenal seems destined for a 5th position battle with Tottenham and if they add Adebayor watch out.

  8. It will be a “chicken or egg first” situation: will a “proven” player be interested in coming to Arsenal knowing Wenger’s philosophy that he will be the only guy in the team ?

    Even if Wenger decides to pursue 2-3 players, would these players individually believe that the other 1 or 2 would want to come to Arsenal ?

    1. Taylor – – It shouldn’t be impossible. Arsenal isn’t Man City 3 years ago – No recent record of success, no Champion’s League football, bribing Robinho to go mercenary. Arsenal has the staduim, They are in LONDON, and they have loads of decent talent that play attractive football. Wenger simply doesn’t have the will it seems

    2. There may not be, in the minds of outside players, the kind of mojo we have come to expect from Arsenal over the past 15 years. The loss of Cesc has weakened the perceived desirability for attacking players. The lack of a Seaman/Lehman means back line players won’t have the warm and fuzzy feeling from playing in defense, either. This is not to say AW can’t rectify the situation, but as stated above the fans are beyond anxious now. There is no longer a David Dein to push Wenger to pull the trigger so he has nothing to counterbalance his conservative nature in the transfer market. Wenger may believe he has enough quality to stay in the top 4 with only one more middling defensive signing. But the fans will not easily forget the gutless collapse last spring.

  9. On some level I’ll be happy if Wenger simply spends on a player in his prime. It doesn’t have to work out, not all signings do, but enough of this reliance on teenagers or over the hill scrubs.

  10. Arsenal still needs:

    1. Goalkeeper

    2. Defenders

    3. Creative midfielder

    4. 2nd striker

    Don’t believe Arsenal has the money to buy enough players to put together a competitive team this season.

    EPL is turning into another 2-horse race this season. Man Utd and Man City.

    Arsenal, Chelsea, and Liverpool don’t have the horses to compete.

    1. Goalkeeper isn’t that much of a need for me.

      Arsenal have managed to maintain top 4 finishes with Almunia between the sticks, and Szczesny (while young) is a massive improvement over the Spaniard. I think Fabianksi is a passable 2nd choice.

  11. I’m not losing any sleep over who Wenger will sign. I fully expect him to sign nobody. This would be consistent with his delusional/defiant psychosis.
    I’m an Arsenal supporter, and I want Wenger out – he is personally responsible for getting the club to the point of dropping out of the top 4 based solely on his failed philosophy/stubbornness.
    And, I am hardly alone among Gooners.
    A mutiny awaits, and it won’t be pretty.

    1. You speak of the forthcoming apocalypse, sir….

      …the Arse-pocalypse!

      The Mayans even wrote about it. Like, before the British press did. No seriously.

      Go Gunners…(sigh)

  12. I don’t believe Arsene will buy anyone. The need for a central defender is obvious but that does not seem to impact his thinking. I’m a fan of Wenger but I think this is a situation where Arsenal needs to move on without him. Sometimes things just get stale and it’s obvious over the last several years that the current path isn’t working. Arsene, in my opinion can’t see another path to take.

  13. Wenger has no money to spend. All he can do is tell the owners which positions he needs to get players for, they tell him how much they are willing to spend. Owners are taking all the money out of the club. Dont blame Wenger, blame the owner.

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