Arsenal Agree £36m Deal to Send Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona

Arsenal has agreed terms with Barcelona for the transfer of midfielder Cesc Fabregas to the Spanish side, the club announced Sunday. The deal is set to be finalized by Barcelona on Monday.

The deal has Barcelona paying £35 million for the midfielder, while Fabregas will also have to pony up an extra £4.5 million of his own money spread out over four years to seal the deal. The 24 year old midfielder was a former team captain and has made various overtures to join the Spanish club over the years, a sentiment that was echoed by Barcelona players as well.

The saga of Fabregas/Barcelona has been going on for months now, with Arsenal setting a £45m price tag on the player and club skipper Arsene Wenger vowing that Fabregas wouldn’t move at various points. Wenger has now sealed the deal by saying, “We have been clear that we didn’t want Cesc to leave and that remains the case. However, we understand Cesc’s desire to move to his hometown club and have now accepted an offer from Barcelona. We thank Cesc for his contribution at Arsenal and wish him future success.”

The kicker here is that Arsenal midfielder Samir Nasri, in his final year of contract has also hinted at leaving, with Manchester City offering £25m and £180,000 a week in salary. Arsenal is rumored to have offered up Nasri for unhappy City striker Carlos Tevez. Nasri could have made it a lot easier for Arsenal by filling in the midfielder role that Fabregas has departed, but now the club looks to lose two key players.

Arsenal have brought themselves into a real difficult situation over the last few months if Nasri follows Fabregas out of Arsenal. By hemming and hawing with Fabregas, they’ve allowed focus to be taken off Nasri and what could have been a suitable replacement for the Spanish midfielder if they signed Nasri and sold Cesc earlier. Now though, if the rumored Nasri deal goes through the club will have a major hole in the midfield which will be very difficult to fill between now and the close of the transfer window in two weeks.

What’s your opinion regarding Cesc Fabregas leaving Arsenal? Are you glad it’s finally over? And who do you think Arsenal should try to sign to replace Fabregas (and possibly Nasri)?

20 thoughts on “Arsenal Agree £36m Deal to Send Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona”

  1. about time. the little baby finally got his way. now who replaces him? if they don’t and arsenal has another poor season the gunner fans will be pissed.

    1. Good riddance to Fabregas. Arsenal are deep in midfield and can still be successful in his absence. It will be interesting to see where he fits in at Barca.

      Would like to see Nasri stay. Perhaps they can use the money to sweeten his wage packet but if he’s intent on heading to the Man City Circus than so be it.

      Whatever happenss I’m glad Fabregas is gone and very much looking forward to seeing how Arsenal copes with his absence.

      1. gargoyle, I completely agree. Cesc has become a great distraction at the Emirates, and I, as a Gooner, am happy that he is finally gone.

        Arsenal should not look outside the club to replace Fabregas. Instead, they should use the Fabregas cash to sign one or two center-backs. Wenger should switch from 4-2-3-1 to 4-3-3 and use Song, Wilshere, and Ramsey in the midfield.

        If Nasri goes, Wenger should go after Juan Mata, or maybe Eden Hazard. Any quality winger will do. Arshavin is too inconsistent and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is too young.

  2. A smart move would be a swap deal of nasri for Yaya toure– this would would be awesome because he would cement that holding midfielder spot- he won’t let any stupid goals go in- and his time spent at barca will benefit arsenals passing and finishing— and why would he want to leave man city- cause I doubt he appreciates the kind of “football” that man city plays and fellow countrymen like gervinho, eboue, and song’s from cameroon so sorta

  3. Hi folks. I am very new to soccer. I love zonalmarking and trying to read every post I can. But I don’t understand what is behind categorizing footballers to numbers like 3-5-1-1. I mean I get that for instance 4-3-3 is based on 4 defence men 2 center-backs and right and left backs with three midfielders and three forwards. In the midfield right inside + center midfield + left inside men. The up front 3 men consist of right forward + center forward + left forward. But what is the difference between a winger and left or right forward? And some kind of players playing up front lets say right never go deep to line and just cross but drive inside through penalty area and shoot. Mostly players playing up right with strong left feet or vice versa do it. I mean what is the difference between winger and players who do what I just tried to describe? And returning to my first question, I get 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1 or 4-5-1 but what the heck is 3-5-1-1- for gods sake? :) Forgive me I am a newbie. How people categorize like 3-5-1-1 or 4-2-2-2. Whats the key point. Is it players duties (what kinds of?) or their abilities? And one more additional question what is the difference between center forward and striker? They seem pretty smilar.
    I really need to get to know more about these tactics and key point. Could you lead me to related resources or help with it? I am really desperate and confused these days. Sorry I’m asking in the irrelevant post. Bu I really love soccer and wanna learn much more so that I can enjoy games.
    Please enlightmen me I’d be appriciated. Thanks in advance

    1. First off, 3-5-1-1 isn’t possible. The goalkeeper is always assumed as one of the numbers, which, after the other eleven were added to the field, would leave you with 12 total (thus being over the limit of 11).

      In a traditional 4-3-3, you will see the left and right forward primarily trying to drive inside and shoot or create a small pass to open up the defense as you described. Barcelona today is a prime example of this. Messi and Pedro play the forward positions, with Villa playing as the striker. Villa will generally remain as the player who is furthest downfield, while Pedro and Messi will check back towards the midfield to receive the ball from one of the three central mids (Iniesta, Xavi or Busquets) and drive forward or create. Due to their smaller size, crossing isn’t utilized, and the only likely sources of a cross would be the outside backs.

      Wingers are far more likely to supply crosses than forwards. Even players such as Nani and Ashley Young, who are effective and explosive when they cut inside, often do attempt to cross the ball.

      Great teams create their formation by both utilizing an overall team philosophy whilst utilizing the greatest talents within their squad. for example, my college team is changing from a 4-1-2-1-2 to a 4-2-3-1 this fall to accomodate the development of players and the graduation of others. Not the best example, I know.

      I think other people should help this guy out as well. After all, I am only 21 and I have definitely not seen it all…

      1. 3-5-1-1 is possible….(3+5+1+1 = 10 + 1 GK = 11)

        My advice to newbie would be to first, play FIFA and then get addicted to “Football Manager” (it’s like crack, so be careful) and you’ll probably learn the positions and tactics better since you are learning by doing. Of course, watch a lot of football on TV, attend local games, and start playing with a team (or an organized group of friends).

  4. I Think Arsenal can now make a bid for Wesley Sneijder if he does not go to the reds as Alex stated they can win without him. Also you have the likes of Frank Ribery who would be great if he does not get injured.

    I think Wegner will have to make a big signing like this to make an impact on the team and get them in Championship contention. Arsenal has been great for Investors but bad for Fans. I think this year could be for the fans being his last year at the club

  5. Sad to see him leave but he did have injury issues the past couple of seasons. I hope this makes Wenger realize that the youth project should be ended b/c if more youth are signed then we will have the players that have matured leave each year because they don’t want to wait to win.
    It is also wenger’s style to bring in a small name player to replace stars that have been sold (like eduardo after henry left).

    Problem is that arsenal need a couple of signings on top of last year’s squad and now need to replace sold players plus the additional couple but this won’t happen so i think arsenal will be left with a weaker squad than last year.

  6. Glad he is finally gone, was always going to happen. Sorry Nasri will leave soon as well, but loyalty is important, $$$ has turned his head. Man City has $$$ but no soul, when financial fair play rules come into effect Oil men will lose interest and Citeh will be mid table again. Arsenal lucky if they finish 4/5 this season, need Hazard and or Mata as well as Cahill and someone to push Song and suitable back up for RVP. Perhaps best results can be achieved by not playing in champions league this season.

  7. Barcelona were last night claiming they will only have to pay €14.5? million up front for Fabregas, with a further €14.5 million to be paid in October. It is then understood that

    €1 million will be released every year until the end of his contract in 2016. Providing Fabregas wins one Champions League and two La Liga titles over the next five years, Arsenal will receive a further €6?million. This takes the overall potential fee to €40 million (£35 million).

  8. Does anybody think he will even start for Barca? I’ve heard some say it will be Wed in the Super and some say he will warm the bench for awhile. I am not an Arsenal supporter but do like their style of play and hope the best for them. I think in the end getting rid of Wenger will solve some more problems.

  9. well finally the saga is over.. he was never fit properly last season.. i think if he has stayed one more year, he would have got a chance to go directly to barca starting eleven.. anyhow good luck.. Arsene get some one good.
    For Nasri i don’t think he is world class player.. get that rat out also..

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