Product Review: New Features for Premier League Fans

Today was the first day I had a chance to sink my teeth into the new and redesigned to see what the experience is like watching live Premier League matches. Despite raising the price from $15/month to $20/month, I wanted to see what the quality was like, as well as whether the new features and functionality are worth the price increase.

A couple of weeks ago, I previewed the functionality of on the iPad app, but today I decided to review the online experience on my laptop. And I wasn’t disappointed.

As you’ll see in the above video review, features several game-changing features:

  • A much improved picture quality,
  • Online chat functionality so you can interact online with other soccer fans,
  • In-game highlights so you can watch goals if you missed any,
  • Alerts feature so you can be notified when a key incident happens in another game,
  • And much more.

My favorite feature is using the ‘Events’ section when you hover your mouse over the screen, so you can pick and choose which game you want to watch, or choose whether you just want to watch the goal highlights. The ability to jump back and forth between games is exceptional.

The quantity of new features in is impressive. So much so, that I wish all of the games would be featured online on What it gives me is ultimate control over the way I want to experience watching games online. If I want to know what the scores are in the other games, I can. Or if I don’t want any spoilers, I can switch that feature off. If I want to watch two games at once, I can. Essentially I have all of the plausible features I, as a soccer fan, could possibly want.

If can maintain the video quality and reliability all season long, the site will be a dream-come-true for most fans of Premier League clubs. In my opinion, the features are better than the previous next best, which was Setanta-i. And there are plenty of must-see Premier League matches coming up on as well as from other leagues such as the Champions League, nPower Championship, Carling Cup and much more.

I want to share two more important benefits of

  1. This is better than Match Of The Day, the popular Premier League TV highlights show aired on BBC every Saturday night. The reason why is it provides you with all of the goal highlights that you can possibly want (other than ESPN2 and live FOX Soccer games) at your fingertips. If you want to watch them all, you can do so within minutes. You can always watch the highlights of the other games not available live or immediately on-demand on by visiting or watched the highlights of that game or the ones on FOX Soccer on DVR.
  2. The other major benefit for me is that allows me to have my life back. In the past, I was tied down to trying to watch as many games as I could. That meant either sitting in front of my TV set or laptop for hours on end, or waiting until Sunday for a comprehensive goal highlights show (Premier League Review Show). Neither option was optimal especially with a busy family life. But now I can better balance both my family time with my passion for watching Premier League football. As an example, today I attended my daughter’s open-house at her school, got home around 11am ET and was then quickly able to catch up on the action I had missed by using the website. I saw the goal highlights of QPR versus Bolton, Blackburn vs Wolves and Wigan against Norwich, and then watched the half-time highlights of Liverpool against Sunderland and Fulham versus Aston Villa on my TV. That for me is a game changer.

Between now and August 24, 2011 is offering a free 7-day trial. Even if you’re dubious about the quality, I highly recommend you to sign up for the trial and test drive the site yourself. Sign up today for the 7-day free trial at

PS — I almost forgot to mention that also works on the iPad and iPhone — if you want to watch games while on the road or outside of your home.


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