Product Review: New Features for Premier League Fans

Today was the first day I had a chance to sink my teeth into the new and redesigned to see what the experience is like watching live Premier League matches. Despite raising the price from $15/month to $20/month, I wanted to see what the quality was like, as well as whether the new features and functionality are worth the price increase.

A couple of weeks ago, I previewed the functionality of on the iPad app, but today I decided to review the online experience on my laptop. And I wasn’t disappointed.

As you’ll see in the above video review, features several game-changing features:

  • A much improved picture quality,
  • Online chat functionality so you can interact online with other soccer fans,
  • In-game highlights so you can watch goals if you missed any,
  • Alerts feature so you can be notified when a key incident happens in another game,
  • And much more.

My favorite feature is using the ‘Events’ section when you hover your mouse over the screen, so you can pick and choose which game you want to watch, or choose whether you just want to watch the goal highlights. The ability to jump back and forth between games is exceptional.

The quantity of new features in is impressive. So much so, that I wish all of the games would be featured online on What it gives me is ultimate control over the way I want to experience watching games online. If I want to know what the scores are in the other games, I can. Or if I don’t want any spoilers, I can switch that feature off. If I want to watch two games at once, I can. Essentially I have all of the plausible features I, as a soccer fan, could possibly want.

If can maintain the video quality and reliability all season long, the site will be a dream-come-true for most fans of Premier League clubs. In my opinion, the features are better than the previous next best, which was Setanta-i. And there are plenty of must-see Premier League matches coming up on as well as from other leagues such as the Champions League, nPower Championship, Carling Cup and much more.

I want to share two more important benefits of

  1. This is better than Match Of The Day, the popular Premier League TV highlights show aired on BBC every Saturday night. The reason why is it provides you with all of the goal highlights that you can possibly want (other than ESPN2 and live FOX Soccer games) at your fingertips. If you want to watch them all, you can do so within minutes. You can always watch the highlights of the other games not available live or immediately on-demand on by visiting or watched the highlights of that game or the ones on FOX Soccer on DVR.
  2. The other major benefit for me is that allows me to have my life back. In the past, I was tied down to trying to watch as many games as I could. That meant either sitting in front of my TV set or laptop for hours on end, or waiting until Sunday for a comprehensive goal highlights show (Premier League Review Show). Neither option was optimal especially with a busy family life. But now I can better balance both my family time with my passion for watching Premier League football. As an example, today I attended my daughter’s open-house at her school, got home around 11am ET and was then quickly able to catch up on the action I had missed by using the website. I saw the goal highlights of QPR versus Bolton, Blackburn vs Wolves and Wigan against Norwich, and then watched the half-time highlights of Liverpool against Sunderland and Fulham versus Aston Villa on my TV. That for me is a game changer.

Between now and August 24, 2011 is offering a free 7-day trial. Even if you’re dubious about the quality, I highly recommend you to sign up for the trial and test drive the site yourself. Sign up today for the 7-day free trial at

PS — I almost forgot to mention that also works on the iPad and iPhone — if you want to watch games while on the road or outside of your home.

47 thoughts on “ Product Review: New Features for Premier League Fans”

  1. Been trying it off and on all day and the match will play for 5-10 seconds then I get a black screen with a rotating black circle like its buffering. Internet connection is fast enough, maybe it just doesn’t play well with Mac.

    1. Someone on another thread said to turn off hardware acceleration by right clicking the screen. Maybe that would help…?

    2. For Mac users (myself included), you have to change one setting (once, and then it’ll be fine moving forward). When you see the video being played, right click, click on settings and then uncheck the ‘hardware accelerator’ box. Refresh the page and you’re good to go.

      The Gaffer

    3. I had problems watching it also, but talked to my cable provider. they recommended a new router. Motorola SURFboard 3.0 Which i got today. My whole internet speed increased, and no more problems watch foxsoccertv. Picture does look good!

  2. Do you have a financial relationship with fox? Not to be critical, but the way you write this article it sounds like an advertisement for the service.

    1. Joe, I do have an affiliate relationship with where I get a few dollars for each sign-up. However, I do not let that sway my editorial decisionmaking in terms of writing how I feel or what I believe in. In the past, I’ve criticized for performance issues and have made those public.

      If you don’t believe me regarding how good I believe it is, go ahead and sign up for a free trial and see for yourself.

      The Gaffer

        1. Agree with Tedd. If you are being paid, state it in the article. The article pieces come off as pure PR pieces.

          I like you, Gaffer, and I like the site but please be honest with people.

          1. Full disclosure should have been there but the assessment is dead on. I really enjoyed using it yesterday. I had two games going at once with the PIP and was able to view all the goals I missed while watching them. Also, the resolution was much better than my old Fox Soccer+ channel I dropped. I’d say it’s worth it for any hardcore EPL watcher.

  3. I to, found no issues this morning when trying it for the first time since last season. The “much improved video quality” that you mention is not true. The quality is the same but hopefully there are less hiccups and MAJOR issues problems from last year. This morning i saw no issues in that dept so that is a good sign. I will say the Villa:Fulham match on ESPN3 was better in picture quality on the same screen this morning. I like the new Foxsoccer interface better than last year. I found it nice to see the bit rate displayed. I did not try the picture in picture and don’t forsee using this feature too much. Most of the other features they added won’t be used by me either. Why would I use chat?

    A few questions arise. Why is the text all messed up in there replay section (overlapping)?

    Why does it now say “watch delayed at”. Last year it was 24hrs, now they are not saying hoes long the delay is. Maybe this is a good sign, maybe it will be shorter?! has improved but had not improved where fans wan it improved.

      1. When working last season the video quality for me was very good. As good as any other streaming service out there. It is equally as good this season for me. If Fox did improve the quality then I would like to see some Data/tech numbers in what was changed. With that said, Netflix is still the pinnacle that hopefully others can match in quality some day.

  4. I can’t see this being better than Match of the Day for highlights. That’s a bold statement. And you say it is just because it offers you goal highlights?

    1. The only way to get MOTD is by illegally downloading it or watching it on a dodgy stream, but you have to wait until Saturday night to do that. MOTD is essentially a highlights show with a few pundits (most of which aren’t any good). If you want to see goal highlights (legally) much sooner, even minutes after the goals go in, is a much superior choice.

      The Gaffer

  5. There were some glitches though. The sound symbol worked backwards. On was off and off was on. I also couldn’t ever view the Wigan/Norwich match. Got the other matches, but not that one.

    1. The opposite was for me. The QPR game never loaded. Spinning circle on a black background. The Norwich fame loaded right away. 15 min. Later I tried the QPR game again and it eventually worked. Who knows?

  6. Hi,

    Tried the A few things that some of you could answer:
    when is the iphone update? this morning it did not work well
    also when will the games be available on replay on the ipad/iphone app? could not see them there
    will they do something about the multiple crashes of the ipad app?



    1. Marco, FOX is waiting on Apple to approve the new FOX Soccer iPhone app. It should be live any day now.

      I don’t believe the games will be available on replay for iPad and iPhone, but I’m not 100% certain there.

      As for the iPad app, it hasn’t crashed on me at all. I would recommend deleting it, and then reinstalling it to see if that helps.

      The Gaffer

      1. Yeah, “The Anytime, Anywhere” slogan is false advertising. You can only watch live. More appropriate would be, “Only time, Anywhere”.

  7. I had the service last season for about a week but cancelled for 2 reasons.

    1) Video was choppy at any setting. It was basically unwatchable.
    2) There were games that were shown last season with no play by play, just crowd noise and no on-screen display (score) making it really hard to follow what was going on.

    Today, the video feed was excellent. Although, I must admit that since last season I’ve upgraded to a better laptop. I watched some of the Ligue 1 games and the commentary was there and in English. If it continues like this I’ll surely go ahead and pay for the rest of the season.

  8. I am a bit wary. Sure it was great today, but I had almost an exact experience with last year during the free trial. Great clarity and reliability. It wasn’t two weeks until i started having issues.

    I wish they had an extended free trial. I’ll hold off on subscribing until more people can confirm good things for the next month or two. Or until the iphone app is up and running. The current one is pretty shameful.

  9. Better than Match of The Day invalidates every other point you make. Firstly it’s not possible, but more importantly they are not remotely the same thing. I think milk is better than Goodyear tires :)

    1. It’s better in that the goal highlights are immediately accessible and it puts you in control of what you want to see. I love Match Of The Day, but the new enhancements in are the perfect alternative in my opinion.

      Goodyear tires are not bad. Didn’t they sponsor Wolves for a few seasons? ūüėČ

      The Gaffer

    1. The games that are shown live on FOX Soccer are shown on delay on Otherwise if they showed them all live, I have a feeling that most of us would dump cable and just watch online. FOX needs to keep their TV sponsors happy.

      The Gaffer

    2. Because Fox wants you to pay top dollar to shroud yourself in a media blackout all day to wait and watch the games most worth watching in the first place. Yea, five dollars a month more than last year makes total sense.

  10. Is anyone else having problems getting sound out of the new iPad 2go ap. I get nothing out of the speakers on my first-gen iPad. Help!

  11. Just bought the annual subscription this morning for the Chelsea/Stoke match. My 2 cents:

    1. stopped working at the 70th-80th minute. So basically i lost out from the most crucial time in the game. Am i the only one who got hit with this? Fox soccer should at least credit my account with some compensation akin to what netflix does when their network goes down.

    2. I also tried the ipad app when the regular website stopped working. App crashed at start up. Bear in mind, i tried to use it the night before just to get familiar with it, and it still was buggy (yes, i deleted and re-installed the app to see if it changed anything but nope).

    1. I find that odd how someone can lose a signal while others won’t. During the broadcast, I believe there was a hangup at about 6 or 9 minutes into the game, then there was a 30 second hole in time, where it went from 94:00 to 94:30.

      Luckily, there really weren’t any hangups. I feed my Laptop signal to the tv, and have a much greater than 2.4 Mbps speed for the internet. My laptop is on Wifi though, but I’ve streamed other stuff via Wi-fi on the laptop without issue. When working, the picture quality is rather impressive.

    1. I watching it right now. Good quality for the most part. Then intermittent moments of Monet or even Cubism art. I can tolerate that to some degree but the playback gremlins are still here. After about a minute it skipped past the kickoff to 6:00. I tried restarting but it did it again at a different moment. Then the third time it worked and played fine for about a half skipped back 3 minutes from 31:00. Never have these issues with ESPN3.

      Those of you who are looking for a better experience probably won’t find it. Based on this Chelsea game it is no better. Also, the player interface does not have the features as the games on Saturday! What is up with that?

      1. The live experience is 10x better, picture in picture is great and stats really useful. Catch up is average at best, fine if you just want to sit and watch but any kind of skipping or moving of the stream seems to throw it out. For me its all about the live so really pleased with all the new stuff.

  12. I subscribed last season, dropped it during the summer when there was nothing on but rugby, and signed up again this week.

    One of my favorite features last season was they offered abbreviated versions of all EPL matches on-demand. If I recall correctly you could watch the full match, a 60min highlight package, and 20min highlight package.

    All I can find now is the full match replays. Did they do away with the extended highlights, or am I just not locating it? I was upset that they jacked the price up, but if they jacked it up and removed content, I might cancel.

  13. I sent time over the weekend on my laptop and my iphone viewing. Frankly my iphone gave me a better picture. Now i was using a older laptop and the results on a new machines may be better. The improvements made visually are nice. On the whole if you just have to have the EPL and all of it, it’s a must. For some reason I would not want all of the NFL games and do not pay extra for the NFL package but the EPL is something different. Frankly, its not as much fun as the old days when dedicated fans would search for streams out of foreign countries in languages you couldn’t understand. That’s technology for you!

  14. I’m undecided on the service.

    I’ve had no problems with quality, streaming, or anything of that nature, and I’m very pleased with all that. On the other hand, I don’t understand why they don’t have a score and time display for the Champions League games. I’ve also had some trouble with the videos, like they were out of order. One minute, its the 13th minute in the game, and the next its the 39th.

    1. The no Score been going on for while now, same thing when they had live games on UEFA site itself. I always mentioned it to whoever was in charge of providing those feeds but of course gotten no response to these. I don’t know how many people bring it up but I am sure for many this is a frustrating thing.

      I can’t stand it anymore and I also love watching some of the Championship/Carling Cup games and they have no Score/time as well.

      If it’s a rights thing/money which why they can’t provide those graphics during games then forget it because the price already went up and still nothing.

      I decided not to continue past the trial.

  15. this post convinced me to try the 7 day free trial. the “ondemand” feature is THE WORST thing i have ever seen. i get the first 10 seconds of any match i put on and then the video cuts out and never comes back. so, either i don’t have the computer for this (3 year old macbook) or is complete crap. HUGELY disappointed.

    1. Corey, there’s a known issue with MacBook and Flash. Try this to see if it works. When the video plays and the screen goes black, right click and then choose ‘Settings.’ Make sure that the ‘accelerator’ option is unclicked. Once this is done, reload the page and the video should work uninterrupted.

      The Gaffer

  16. the service is great, BUT as a Manutd fan you hardly get any united games with the service since almost all united champions league games are broadcasted by FSC TV, and between FSC TV and ESPN more than half of united premier league games as well. not worth it for me.

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