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Tottenham Against Everton Match Postponed Due to Safety Concerns

tottenham riots1 Tottenham Against Everton Match Postponed Due to Safety Concerns

Photo by SuperWickedYeah

UPDATE: The Premier League has announced that all matches this weekend are expected to go ahead except for Tottenham against Everton. Of course, this is subject to change based on what happens in England in the next 48 hours. “Acting on current information from the authorities there is no reason to believe that matches outside of London will be affected at this time,” said the Premier League statement.

This Saturday’s match between Tottenham Hotspur and Everton has been postponed due to safety concerns stemming from the riots in London, England.

“Following ongoing discussions with the necessary authorities regarding this weekend’s Premier League home match against Everton, it has now been confirmed that this fixture will be postponed due to safety concerns relating to infrastructure of the High Road and access to the stadium caused by last Saturday’s riots,” said a club statement from Tottenham Hotspur.

“The very latest situation is that Tottenham and Everton has gone,” said Premier League Chief Executive Richard Scudamore. “The police have done a fantastic job, but it’s been a crime scene all week and the council have not had enough time to do what they need.

“The other nine fixtures are looking positive, subject to any more trouble. At 6pm BST tonight we will have a very clear picture. The Tottenham game is a real shame but we support the police in what they are doing. They want these games to go on as much as we do.”

Hopefully no other Premier League games will be a victim of the riots in England, but a key decision for the police will be whether they feel they will have the resources needed to police matches as well as, at the same time, having enough policemen and policewomen to keep order in the streets.

For viewers in the United States, the match between Tottenham Hotspur and Everton was scheduled to be shown live on ESPN2. As of press time, no decision has been made regarding which match will be shown instead but as soon as we know today, we’ll update this post.

What are your thoughts about the Tottenham against Everton match being postponed? Do you think it’s a wise decision, and do you think more Premier League matches will be postponed this weekend? If so, which ones?

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21 Responses to Tottenham Against Everton Match Postponed Due to Safety Concerns

  1. Joe956 says:

    So a bunch of twelve year olds are running amok and causing havoc…okay, so what’s jolly old England going to do if thirteen year olds do it next summer? Call off the Olympics? Geez, we’d kick their little butts here in America and send them home to their mommies within the first fifteen minutes. Get a grip Britain!

    • Matt says:

      It’s happening in the U.S. too (on a lesser scale). Philly set a curfew to try to contain it. If our Congress had the balls the Brits have and would institute real austerity measures, we’d probably see the same violence here.

      • FCAsheville says:

        Philadelphia has always had a downtown curfew for underage kids…they just adjusted recently.

        • Sully says:

          It has been bad recently, though. Not as bad as these London riots, but we have “flash mobs” that are groups of kids ranging from 11 (last week an 11-year-old was arrested) to 18 that are roving the streets in numbers of around 30+ and are attacking random individuals with lesser numbers.

          As of yet, no widespread looting or fires or the like, but many believe it is a matter of time.

          Harsher penalties must be enforced to cut this behavior immediately. Shouldn’t have to feel like you need a concealed carry permit just to walk the streets of Center City Philadelphia after 10p.

  2. Les says:

    I guess Joe missed the Rodney King riots in LA in 1992 — and those weren’t as widespread as the ones going on in England. As disappointing as it is that they are postponing Tottenham/Everton match, police and the Premier League must think of fans’ and players’ safety first. They think the situation is still to volatile so they wisely postponed the match.

    • MennoDaddy says:

      It’s quite possible that Joe wasn’t BORN in 1992, Les.

      As a Spurs fan I’m very disappointed, but I understand. Tottenham was where all the rioting began, after all. Safety has to be of primary concern regardless of how we fans feel about postponing a match.

  3. nc says:

    This may be a stupid question but can they move the match to Goodison and play the previously scheduled Everton home fixture at WHL later in the year?

    • Les says:

      I was thinking the same thing. I’m guessing they must think it would be too much of a logistical nightmare to pull it off in two days.

  4. Karl Sears says:

    With Everton being habitually bad starters this would have been the perfect time to play them, so Spurs fans must be gutted… but totally understand the reason to call the game off

  5. Jon says:

    Hope ESPN picks up Fulham/Villa.

  6. fsquid says:

    I don’t think ESPN2 is allowed to pick up another match. When games were postponed due to the snow last season, they didn’t pick up another game.

    • cnl. onions says:

      Yea, but there’s a decent chance those postponed last year were for the 7:45 am eastern time slot. This is most likely different as there are more 10am options.

  7. Captain Mick says:

    The League just released a statement saying everything else is a “go”:,,12306~2417110,00.html

  8. CoachQ says:

    The Villa match is scheduled to be shown on FSC either at 10 or later in the day. So I don’t think that will be the game.

    I’m hoping for QPR-Bolton. First home match for QPR in the EPL. Bolton has some American followers. Should be a entertaining match.

  9. CoachQ says:

    Villa match is scheduled to be shown on tape delay on FSC. QPR-Bolton is on FSC+. I don’t know what ESPN2 is going to do. The other matches are s**t.

  10. Hamsterdam says:

    It’shighly doubtful that ESPN2 picks up another game here in the states. We’re looking at ESPN News, SportsCenter, poker, etc.

  11. Lyle says:

    Police logistics can get complicated, but I think they should have let the game go forward. Hoodlum mobs can’t compete with 40,000 football fans. The hoodlums would get scalped.

  12. Joe says:

    I would assume it’s too late for ESPN to pick up another match. They could pay fox soccer for it, but I doubt they’ll go to the trouble. My plan is to just do the foxsoccer 7-day trial so I don’t miss out on opening weekend, and then cancel before the games resume on ESPN next weekend.

  13. Sean says:

    Ian Darke is reporting on Twitter that Fulham/Villa will be shown on ESPN2 in place of Tottenham/Everton

  14. SSReporters says:

    Ian Darke confirms they’re picking up Fulham/Villa.

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