adidas Blackout Football Boot: A Sneak Peek at a Revolutionary Concept

If it’s mystery that you want, then this time of the pre-season is perfect for it. Teams and trademarks are trying out their latest ideas and gadgets for the new season, and adidas are no exception. After attending an invitation-only event in Germany, I’ve learned that they appear to be testing a “boot with a brain” concept (see above photo).

You can credit the leg to Milan defender Mattia de Sciglio at the Adidas Campus just outside Nuremberg.

For now I like the idea of calling these the adidas Blackouts for obvious reasons. There is little information available about them, but imagine being able to track your game and fitness through a boot. Even the most basic of information could help you improve how you approach the game when you step out on the turf.

Speculation is that this will be part of the mi-coach range. Adidas are pushing the envelope in boot technology right now and our inside information suggests that this is just the beginning. Not just a pedometer, but a “brain” which would imply a lot more beyond tracking speed and distance.

Football doesn’t have much like this commercially available right now, so what would you do with it?

9 thoughts on “adidas Blackout Football Boot: A Sneak Peek at a Revolutionary Concept”

  1. Presumably an intelligent boot would have pressure sensors to measure forces on the foot, number of touches, location of touches on the foot, forces applied when passing and kicking. I for one would like a boot that is soft to the touch but one that stiffens up like reactive armo(u)r when someone steps on my foot with a cleat (high amount of force across a small area).

  2. Last time Adidas introduced something ‘revolutionary’, it was the Jabulani abomination which destroyed the most recent World Cup. They are still forcing this monstrocity on the Bundesliga and MLS.
    I am not touching another Adidas product, let them go to hell!

  3. How about a boot that can download MP3s and have a wireless ear-phone hookup so I can listen to music while I play?

    Seriously though, this seems like it’s just going to be a training tool for those at the very highest levels of the game, not your average joes.

    1. What extra info did that article offer?

      Apart from pics, what extra information can you add which isn’t speculation?

      If you can add anything we’ll add it to the article, I don’t claim to be the final word…

  4. The brain will use electro magnetism to guide your foot while playing so you dont have to do anything but sip tea while playing.

    Sign me up Fergie!

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