Fox Soccer Channel in HD Coming Soon to AT&T U-verse

Photo by Dustin House

Fox Soccer Channel in HD will be coming soon to AT&T U-verse.

U-verse’s programming guide shows that channel 1654 will be the home of Fox Soccer Channel in HD (soon to be rebranded as FOX Soccer HD). With the 2011-12 Premier League season kicking off on August 13, the hope is that Fox Soccer Channel in HD (FSCHD) will launch before the new season begins.

Both DISH Network and DirecTV offer FSCHD to customers in the United States as well as a select number of cable TV providers. With AT&T U-verse adding FSCHD in the coming days or weeks, this puts more pressure on Comcast to roll FSCHD out to the different regions around the United States. As of press time, there’s no sign that Comcast will add the channel anytime soon to the regions that currently don’t have it. If you’re upset that Comcast doesn’t provide FSCHD, you can do something about it by following the instructions here and here.

Meanwhile for AT&T U-verse customers, the wait is almost over. At least U-verse listens to its customers and follows through on their requests.

Thanks to EPL Talk readers Dustin House and Kelly H for the news tips.

27 thoughts on “Fox Soccer Channel in HD Coming Soon to AT&T U-verse”

  1. I noticed this a couple days ago as well, and wondered how soon “Coming Soon!” would be. Has to be before the EPL season, right?

    Also, this is my first season with a Roku box. I’ve seen a Fox Soccer .TV (or something similar). What exactly is this? I’ve seen a weekly wrap/highlights show on there, but as far as LIVE matches go.

  2. I’m happy to see this imminent change. I’ve been holding off on my switch from Dish Network. I had called about a month ago and the rep said there was no plan to make FSC available in HD. Glad they were misinformed!

  3. Live here in Houston! Saw the “Coming Soon” the other day and I literally hadn’t been that happy in a LONG time. I had given up hope for HD for this campaign. Really can’t put in to words how excited I got when I saw that. Just flipped to 1654 and HD is live. Too bad FSR is shot in SD, dying to see how my feed with look for the matches.

    1. Make the switch! I did. I’m never ever going back. My directv is awesome. Had it a month and no picture issues, even during the severe thunderstorm a week ago.

      I live in Milwaukee in the summer, and my family’s time warner cable is basically a tease to how cable tv should be. If it existed with me in the cities, I would be all over it. Effing comcast.

      1. I’m stuck with Comcast. My building has a contrack with these a$$holes at Comcast. I had DirectTV years ago and loved it. I would switch in a heartbeat if it was an option.

  4. I saw this over the weekend and almost jumped for joy! I was really considering cancelling U-verse altogether and try to get soccer online, but this has swayed me.
    Don’t know if it’s live yet. (I live in Indianapolis). I’m recording the Liverpool preseason game @ 1pm on both FSC HD and standard so we will see!

  5. It is live in Southern California, very excited for EPL to start.

    Do any Uverse customers know how this affects our bill? Wondering if I can cancel the $15 a month FS+ channel now.

    1. it should not affect any part of your billing, as long as you have FSC as part of your current package U-300/Sports Package/etc.. you’ll get FSC HD at no extra charge (provided you are already paying for the HD fee). Cheers!

  6. And just like that, FSHD is now LIVE on UVerse. Finally! Got to watch Liverpool’s preseason warm-up against Valarenga in glorious HD last night. Thank you, AT&T.

  7. Att customer here in Berkely Ca, and we went live yesterday as well. This is awesome. To top it off there is no increase in my bill or any crap like that – couldn’t be happier that I moved off Comcast.

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