Honoring the Two Year Anniversary of Sir Bobby Robson’s Death: #IAmColin

Today marks the two year anniversary since the death of the great Sir Bobby Robson; a man who got a fantastic send off from the world of football that was fully deserved.

I can still remember the day I woke up to find a text from my mate which merely said “Sir Bobby has gone L”. It was only five days previously that I had been at St. James’ Park to watch the Sir Bobby Robson trophy which was not only a tribute to one of the greatest men in football, but also a chance to raise money for cancer research. Sir Bobby fought cancer numerous times and constantly overcame the illness and although cancer may have taken his life in the end, it’s fair to say that it never really caused him to die, as his memory and impact lives on. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a bad word said about Sir Bobby, and rightfully so. Even Sunderland fans chanted his name after his death as a tribute to the great man, who had a huge impact on the world of football and is still sorely missed to this day.

Sir Bobby received tributes from around the world and his impact on the game carries on today. Most recently, Chelsea have hired a certain Andre Vilas-Boas – a man who got his first job from Robson after sending a letter to the then Porto boss complaining about his decision to put striker Paciencia on the bench. Off the field, the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation is doing fantastic work that is looking to improve research on anti-cancer drugs. One of the Foundations biggest successes is its opening of the ‘Sir Bobby Robson Cancer Trials Research Centre’ located at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle.

Now on to the subject at hand. Twitter can be a wonderful platform to discuss football and meet fellow supporters of your club, but it seems that it is becoming infested with many who claim to be “in the know” (ITK). One such person, who has become a laughing stock to many Newcastle United fans, is @cwarr07, a man who makes outlandish claims most likely from a small room in his mother’s house. Most of these “ITK” accounts don’t deserve any attention and in truth neither does Colin, but one of his particular statements caused some outrage from Newcastle United fans. Not too long ago, Newcastle United had an interest in Gervinho who has since signed for Arsenal. Good ol’ Colin had been claiming for a number of weeks that it was a “done deal” or something along those lines. Due to the fact that Colin quite clearly lies, it was quite surprising to see him make a bold gamble. As some rebuked his claims, Colin said that he would make a £100 donation to the Sir Bobby Robson foundation if he was wrong. Since this statement on the 9th June however, no donation has been made, despite Arsenal completing the signing for Gervinho.

Colin ignored the many calls for him to pay up and continued with his usual claims, acting as if the claim had never been made.  This broken promise angered many of the Newcastle United fans on Twitter due to a false promise made to a charity that is particularly close to them. In a truly outstanding act of kindness from many on Twitter, donations have been flooding in recently for the SBR foundation. @TaylorandBesty and @NUFCThreatLevel have been rallying the troops, getting everyone involved to cover Colin’s debt and then some. Considering this only started just a couple of days ago, over £1500 has been raised by those on Twitter and searching on Twitter for the hashtag #IAmColin will show you the goodwill and great donations many have made already. This doesn’t however mean that Colin is off the hook, and in truth he still owes this money to the SBR foundation.

It is a fantastic idea and long may it continue. If you would like to get involved with the movement, whether it be a tribute to the second anniversary of Sir Bobby’s death, an attempt to help the battle against cancer or if you just really want to stick it to Colin and let him know he is a tosser, please go to the Just Giving page and make a donation from as little as £1 and tweet about it with the hashtag #IAmColin to show that promises shouldn’t be broken. And also, please feel free to let Colin know your feelings about his charity dodging!

And on the final note, thank you Sir Bobby for everything you did in football, you are still missed by this writer to this very day.

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