Norwich City Away Shirt for 2011-12 Season: When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Norwich City have unveiled their away shirt for the 2011-12 Premier League. If you’re Irish, you’re probably thinking this shirt design looks familiar.

The new Norwich away shirt, designed by Errea, looks like a Republic Of Ireland rugby jersey. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it hardly seems original. Having said that, the green color choice plus white trim is bold. It’s certainly one of those kits that, if you see it on television, you immediately know which club is wearing it.

What do you think of the new design? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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9 thoughts on “Norwich City Away Shirt for 2011-12 Season: When Irish Eyes Are Smiling”

  1. it’s pure beauty. the sharp collar is a bonus. it was not too long ago that rugby and football shirts were rather similar, I don’t see the problem. Perhaps the best thing about this shirt is that it wouldn’t look out-of-place worn by an ordinary supporter on the street.

  2. As a Norwich City supporter, I love it. The club has done a great done with their kits for the upcoming campaign. Can’t wait to watch them in the EPL this season.

    On the ball, City.

  3. Meh, it’s OK. The shirt collar is a little ugly. I generally like proper collars (as opposed to collarless round-neck designs), but this one seems a little too late-90s for my liking.

    But another couple of thoughts – who is this guy modelling the shirt? He looks a bit out of shape if he’s one of their players. Or are they taking the Man City approach of having some beer bellied fan model the shirt?

    And why the image of some Italian (Tuscan?) rolling hills in the background? I know the manufacturer is Italian, but it just seems a bit out-of-place in an advert for a shirt representing the flattest, plainest area of England.

    1. i agree, the shirt is a bit dated in my opinion. rather more suited for last season. Secondly, The guy modeling is Grant Holt, Norwich’s captain. Finally i think the italian reference is mainly because the sponsor is italian, with a connotation that norwich play with finesse and style like the italians. As a sub note, i believe by “the flattest, plainest area in England” you mean the fens, which is a misconception as they are actually mostly in lincolnshire and cambridgshire, only slightly in Norfolk and suffolk. the majority of Norfolk is made of hills and woods.

  4. I think the new away shirt is lovely, yeah it has got connotations with shirts that are classed as truly out of date, late-90’s collar for example, but I personally think this is a nice touch proving that they’re not afraid to try a different more traditional look, and also gives an impression of the beautiful game, at a time when it was far more beautiful than now, however, as always you’re gonna find some people who only want to moan and complain about it and don’t appreciate it, I mean for god sake, it’s a bloody advert, you don’t need to be Over analytical.

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