SportsCenter Mocks Soccer Diving

As we all know, diving is one of the most reviled tactics in sports.  The outcry over Charlie Davies’ flop that may have cost RSL three points on Saturday, and the much more muted hand-wringing over a possible Jermaine Jones dive on Sunday, has the concept of soccer players falling with minimal contact becoming a talking point for many in the sports media.

And, as they do so well, ESPN has taken a hot topic and run with it to promote their brand.  SportsCenter commercials have always been highly entertaining, and this one is no different.  Not only is diving mocked, but US women’s national team player Abby Wambach makes a guest appearance (just in time for the Women’s World Cup).

Take a look and enjoy.  Hat tip to and WVHooligan for discovering it.

23 thoughts on “SportsCenter Mocks Soccer Diving”

  1. Charlie Davies should be booted out of soccer ( as should anyone that cheats like that ).

    Keller has it right. Hopefully he will convince MLS when he goes into management next year. The thing about Keller’s proposal is you would NEVER had to enforce it…..because diving would stop.

  2. Hahaha ESPN has always had good ads. The next one should have Busquets and Dani Alves in an instructional video on how to dive.

    1. I have been a huge US Soccer fan for 30+ years and it is what I hate about soccer. Not sure anyone could be any different ?

      MLS has a big opportunity here.

  3. Serie A actually started imposing bans on players for clear diving this season. I remember that Krasic got a three game ban retrospectively for a blatant and obvious dive. I know that it can be hard to draw a line, but for clear dives, I like this rule and want to see it implemented by more leagues.

  4. I think he should have grab his face instead and started to look at his hands for blood.

    They could do a NBA flopping promo too, have some 6’8” 250 lb NBA player go flying to ground when one of the ESPN presenters bump into them.

  5. They should have just featured Charlie Davies playing as the ad if they’re going to destroy the credibility of the game.

  6. Out of fairness, ESPN should do the basketball flop and show some baseball players juicing up before a game. It is well-known that ESPN hates soccer. What I find funny is that you could never get them to do a skit like this that is positive about soccer, but they could do a million about other top sports in this country.

  7. Funny add. My favorite “This is Sports Center” soccer add is the one where Altidore changes shirts with a guy after a meeting. Look up on YouTube. Very funny.

  8. Honestly Davies’ dive against RSL was not that bad. Really it was just terrible officiating, because it was clear the tackle was fair and that the defender got the ball first and never went through the attacker.

  9. McCarty called for MLS to take action against Davies today.
    There is some real momentum gathering for big players to actually do something that should have been done in the big leagues, a LONG time ago.

    ( don’t flame that MLS isn’t a big league, I don’t care what your people think )

  10. I didn’t do a write up of the RSL/DCU game because of how biased and upset it would be, but I want to point out that even though I don’t like the way Davies got the peno, it was fair as far as how the game was being officiated. RSL were acting like thugs and got away with Beckerman tackling Kitchen in the box, a studs up challenge on a United player’s ankle with no card and a blatant shoulder tackle on Najar just before the penalty. DCU has been on the receiving end of horrible officiating (2 LA players including Beckham should have been sent off in that game mentioned earlier) and I just see these two incidents as righting the balance. If the ref is going to screw you, you may as well get yours as well.

  11. This is a funny well executed little jab at diving. But as interested as they’d like to seem, ESPN’s soccer coverage is awful (excluding their live game broadcasts). Their MLS statistics on the website are often wrong or go weeks without being updated, and they snub domestic play for European coverage whenever possible. Hopefully they really have been watching a lot of soccer and change is on the way.

  12. I think the real question is why is it when we see ESPN do something that actually makes fun of soccer and we see a famous american soccer player in the commercial why is that player in the commercial. Big US Soccer players should be in commercials that build up soccer, not bring it down.

  13. Do not blame players.They just do everything what they can on the road to win.This includes cheating too.Like in any other sport….I think people are right when they are pissed to refs.Refs are radio connected and they can cover most of the field.Main reason why field ref calls bad is bad angle because of inadequate physical fitness.Good ref must be marathon man as well.So next time when you watch the game follow the ref too.

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