Portland Timbers 3-3 New York Red Bulls: Notes From Cascadia

Now I haven’t checked my Soccer Gods Handbook yet but I do believe there is a provision in there that states that the home team is not allowed to concede a goal in stoppage time, on Father’s Day, when I’m at the game. Right? For the second straight week that’s what happened at JELD-WEN field in Portland as the Timbers again didn’t capitalize on their chances and ended up denying themselves some extra points in the standings.

Things started poorly in the first half with Portland conceding a goal in the 5th minute. While Portland controlled most of the possession, they did nothing with it, instead looking a little slow in their play and a bit lifeless for the entire half. The Red Bulls were satisfied with just laying back and picking their spots and the first half ended one-nil to New York with neither side getting any real chances.

But oh boy, what a second half. Suspended Timbers coach John Spencer must have motivated (screamed at) his team via satellite during the break because the Timbers came out aggressive and started taking their game to New York. The payoff was immediate as Jack Jewsbury (clearly the team’s MVP at this point) blasted a shot from outside the 18 to level the score. A minute later saw reserve center back Kevin Goldthwaite use a heel flick off a volley to give Portland the lead. The play did not slow down with both sides throughout the 2nd half. Nineteen minutes later an own goal off a cross from Forward Jorge Perlaza put Portland ahead 3-1 and things were looking good in the Rose City. But it’s the lack of consistency, especially in the back line, that we have seen plague this team all season that lead to the following events. Thierry Henry caught Portland napping and scored in the 73’. Jewsbury failed to convert on a penalty kick minutes later that would have put the game away and a turnover along with a hand ball in the box with seconds left in stoppage time, left the raucous Timbers crowd stunned as the game ends in a 3-3 draw after De Rosario converted a penalty kick as the game ended.

The plusses in this game were that the Timbers did come back and score three goals against one of the better defensive teams in the league and they also ended their three game losing streak (I’m really trying to be positive here, people). It was an incredible atmosphere and an exciting game to watch. After the game, Thierry Henry was asked about the Timbers crowd. Here’s what he said:

“I’ve played in a lot of stadiums before. It was a great atmosphere playing at Barcelona, playing at Arsenal, playing some big games in the World Cup, but I have to say the fans [here] are amazing. Credit to them, they are amazing – they didn’t stop singing, they were there an hour before the game outside singing. Wow. Amazing.”

Now if only the Timbers can put together a complete performances to match their fans energy at some point, we may actually be on to something great.

23 thoughts on “Portland Timbers 3-3 New York Red Bulls: Notes From Cascadia”

  1. I don’t know how NY does it. Games they should win…tied, games the have already lost…tied, games they have already won…tied.
    I still don’t think they are any better than the second-tier teams like Portland, Seattle, Colorado, Philly etc. in spite of every Power Ranking out there.

    Portland should have put up 5 goals on NY in about 30 minutes in that second half. You didn’t even mention the bicycle kick clearance off the line by Tainio. What a play.

    Lastly, since I have already been labelled a Red Bull hater.
    Is Henry a THUG ? I can’t figure the guy out. The kneeing a guy in the back while he is going up for a header would have gotten you beat up if it was a pickup game with no ref. Then when there is a scrum in the goal to retrieve the ball after he scores, he walks away from it. I didn’t even see what he did for the Red Card, but after he shakes everyone’s hand. He even tried to shake the ref, Salazar’s hand ( who I like, a lot and not just because I met him at the airport a while back ). Salazar refused.

    ok, not lastly, Portland’s crowd is the best I have every seen on TV. Let the Euridiots flame me for that one, they are idiots. The Euro power houses will have to settle, like my people, knowing when they do get loud they have more people. Seaaaaaatle Sooooouuunders.

    1. What do euro idiots have to do with you liking portlands fans? Yea they are impressive no one not even so called euro idiots will argue there. You think your opinions are so great and highly valued that you have to defend yourself from euro idiots? Seriously no one cares about what you think you ignorant bigot. And you can call me a Latin idiot. Because although portland timber fans are great they don’t compare to south American fans

    2. Charles, Why do you hate Europeans so much, i mean i am European (Spanish and English) yet I love Major League Soccer as much as European Football, does that make me a “eurosnob”. Stop complaining about Eurosnobs or Englandsnobs because we all know a real european soccer fan would love MLS just as much as Euro soccer like me. The real eurosnobs/englandsnobs are fake Europeans (people who were born in America yet still say they primarily from there ancestor country) (Ex. Spanish person born and raised in America who still acts like he is from Spain) The fake ones are also just gloryhunters who follow the common thought that MLS sucks even though they never saw an MLS match. So please stop using the tern eurosnobs, its just insulting.

      1. I didn’t use Eurosnob.
        I don’t hate Europeans.

        I do hate ( not really ) Americans that don’t support MLS and pretend to be better than us that do, because they root for Manchester or whatever powerhouse they root for.

        And Portlands crowd is still the best that I have seen on TV. I haven’t seen South American games, Alex, I would love to, but very hard in Seattle.

  2. Yeah if i listed all of the squandered chances by the Timbers in the 2nd half, i’d still be writing the post. Yes, i thought Henry played dirty and almost added that in the column but then he was very complimentary of Portland after the game so i decided not to mention it. Salazar is a great ref and i got to hang with him after the game. When Henry went to shake his hand what he said to Salazar wasnt very nice hence the reaction by Salazar

    1. Great inside scoop.
      That was the feeling that I got, but of course I knew nothing except for what I saw on TV.

      But during this game at least he seemed to be a:
      Shake your hand to your face, then knee you in the back, type guy.

      Even with inside scoop, you really never know someone, unless you actually know them.

      1. If you have EVER watched Titi play, he ALWAYS jumps with his knee up to head the ball, there was nothing malicious there. He was playing very aggressively but the Red Bulls needed that energy to come back.

        Perhaps he deserved a yellow during the match but that last “foul” and red card was just ridiculous. And how the Portland player only got a yellow is beyond me… Both deserved nothing, but if your gonna card one you should be consistent.

        Ref should be fired…. out of a canon

        1. ummm, just because he always jumps with his knee in the air doesn’t make it not a card when he hurts someone doing it.

          For instance, I always jump for headers in the Heisman pose, so can I hit my opponent in the face on a free ball?

          I still believe it was intentional, Root sports played it many times
          and I replayed it a few more times. It was too ackward to be not intentional.

  3. Impressive crowd.Timbers deserved 3 points.Henry deserved red because his rear head touch was obvious provocation.Kind of “you are too small for me kid” gesture.
    It is great for MLS to have lot of games like this regardless of bad calls from time to time.Although I am from Europe I follow rather MLS than big leagues over here.I think that MLS has great future.Don t worry Americans.In near future best players from all over the world will be happy if they get call from MLS ….

  4. I’m sorry but that red card is inexcusable by Salazar. A tap on the head, Moffatt shoves Henry, and Henry is booted from the match for violent conduct? Absolutely ridiculous. The two of them were laughing about it afterward.

    I’m not saying Henry isn’t a dick sometimes. He is. But MLS should do the right thing and rescind that card.

    A few other thoughts … Jewsbury has to be one of the most underrated players (though not by Portland supporters, I’m sure). Every time I see him play I’m impressed.

    Goldthwaite was crap when he played in NY and I can’t believe he converted that flick for a goal.

    The Portland crowd is awesome. I would love to see a match there at some point.

    Austin da Luz looks pretty damn good, and unfortunately Lindpere doesn’t seem to be as effective as he was last year.

  5. OK, I’m going to try this again, as my earlier comments did not show up.

    If anyone thinks that Henry should have seen red for that tap on the head, then perhaps the ladies game is more your speed. There is no rule for “obvious provocation” but there is for violent conduct, and there is no way that tap could equate to violent conduct. Moffat’s push back was certainly more aggressive. But immediately afterward the two players are laughing about it. Just another embarrassing mistake by an MLS ref, which we now get on a steady basis week in and week out. I’m really sick of the awful refs and linesmen in this league.

    A few other points about the match … Jewsbury has to be one of the most underrated players in MLS. The guy is fantastic.

    Portland’s stadium looks great and the supporters sound fantastic. I’d love to catch a match there sometime.

    Austin da Luz looks pretty good, and Lindpere has unfortunately become a much less effective player than he was last year.

    The lack of depth for the Red Bulls has become painfully obvious with the players gone for the Gold Cup. I was happy to have DeRo back, but cannot wait for Ballouchy and Keel to leave the starting 11.

  6. Last time a professional NEW YORK club played in Portland with anything at stake it was the New York Cosmos winning their leagues championship. Harrison Sodapops complaining about the same referee who gift wrapped a road point they didn’t deserve by calling for a penalty in the 90th minute. Getting on Salazar for not succumbing to the French Fried Striker’s emaculate reputation, calling for a FIFA investigation on the 25-5 lopsided foul count? You people are a bloody hoot! Maybe if you’r club didn’t act like the primadona’s that they are and played better football, referees and redcards wouldn’t be a factor. The peewee’s in the park rec leagues mark players on set pieces better than they have been trained by the Swedish Meatball. Your player’s try to intimidate officials and player’s like when the Notts County Convict tried to pull his act on Landycakes and when their stood up to, they consitantly produce no results. Put a cork in you’r cakeholes you Harrison soccer mom’s! And the road trip has just started, you’ll be lucky to arrive back at Newark airport at the end of the trip in a playoff position in the table, forget the Supporters Shield.

  7. French Fried Striker ,The Swedish Meatball and Notts County Convict?! I imagine you are referring to Henry, Backe, and Rodgers! Absolutely hilarious! You’r point’s, although diluted with humour are good ones. The Redbull’s do conduct themselves with a sense of entitlement in regards to officiating and have a tendency to use these mind games as diversion’s for a lack of result’s. Totally agreed, their marking on set piesces is awful, the Swedish Meatball (LOL) should rework his zonal marking approach and switch to personal marking tactically on set pieces. They do have a bit of Don Revies old Leeds United sides in terms of personality, they need a manager like Gary Smith at Rapids to teach them about playing physical football, although part of the problem with MLS is that brutality is encouraged over technical play. This is proper football, not the NFL, it would serve the MLS better if they had managers who encouraged playing football properly and not like a bunch of thugs. Football is a beautiful game, it needs to be expressed that way on the pitch. You want brutality start a rugby league. It’s worse than throwball.

  8. King cantona and Tasmanian devil are both right respectively. I hate new jersey. Anyways that ref should be fired. No wait garber should be fired for letting this crap keep happening. However I will say the second half was the most exciting half this season. Although this is just another stastistic for too much parity with yet another tie at least they made it entertaining. It was the first time I saw John Rooney take the field for new jersey. He’s not bad. Btw can someone tell me why they capped off the top part of the stands like on the picture? I’m sure timbers can sell that bit off easily and make extra cash to spend on oh I don’t know defenders!!!

    1. You mean you love to hate Jersey. New Jersey pops up or is mentioned in every other movie you see. You idiots really dont know how significant and unique NJ is to America.Where are these slums you speak of, or how dirty Jersey is? Most states have thier bad parts but for the most part Jersey is beautiful. Im taking these comments are coming from New Yorkers or just haters, give us the Giants,Jets, and the statue of liberty back if you despise Jerz so bad.I’d rather be from NJ than about 95% of the rest of the country. Stop hating, especially King Cantona who supports a fantasy team that isnt even playing yet and claims that NJRB supporters always start talking trash on sites but i always see him doing the sh*t talking.

  9. Did anyone else notice the Metrostars forever banner in front of the Timbers Army section? How does anyone pull this off? My props go out 2 the person who managed to do this. On the Henry note, he deserves the red card. I’ve watched him slap players in the back of the head numerous times and was always amazed that he would never get penalized for it. He seems to come across doing this in a respectable manner but if you notice he always does it with some force and soon after tries to shake the players hand…he’s disrespected players with this gesture a bunch of times and deserves what was handed to him…We’re still taking out the Flounders on Thurs with or without him

  10. Oh cmon now…thats a bit extreme. I can understand the questioning of the red card but you want to know why the RB’s got called for so many fouls? Because they FOULED us a lot. They were way more physical and got called for it. Plain and simple. I think you guys are piling it on Salazar a bit too much. But i’m a timbers homer so take it for what it’s worth.

  11. Curious about King Cantona, you refer the Thierry Henry as the French Fried Striker and the person you acknowledge in your user name is from France as well? Not very consistent are you? We Redbull supporters should refer to Eric Cantona and yourself in the same manner. And your idol was known for being a bit daft during his time at Man United. It didn’t help the image of your fantasy league team the Cosmos when he stated,” the Cosmos are well built, beautifully made, they seem yo be a mixture of football and art”. What a fancy boy!

  12. The Cosmos were queers, Shep Messing possing nude in a gay magazine, and Andy Warhol and Mick Jagger were supporter’s, need I say more!

  13. ESPN showing some real class by keeping the CWS game on ESPN2 when they could move it to ESPNU and making people miss the beginning of the Redbulls vs Sounders match. Yes it is airing on ESPN3.com but my cable provider doesn’t have a deal with ESPN so I can’t watch it on there.

  14. @CTBlues
    That was a strange choice by ESPN. If i were the MLS i would be quite pissed. Here we have a marquee matchup in Seattle with 40K plus fans in a game where 6 goals were scored and they cut off the beginning and basically the first goal. I think this needs to be the next step for the MLS in getting some real national TV exposure for their league games.

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