Andre Villas-Boas Accepts Offer To Become Chelsea Manager, Says Report

Andre Villas-Boas has accepted an offer to become manager of Chelsea Football Club, according to reports in Portugal. Chelsea have reportedly agreed to pay the £13.2m release clause to get Villas-Boas out of his contract with Porto to head to west London.

Villas-Boas is best known for leading Porto to the domestic double and Europa League success last season. The Portugese manager fits the bill at Chelsea and is seen as the next Jose Mourinho. According to Wikipedia, at the age of 16, Villas-Boas (who was always a Porto supporter) lived in the same apartment block as the English Bobby Robson, who was managing FC Porto at the time. Following a debate between the two, Robson appointed Villas-Boas to Porto’s observation department. Curiously, Villas-Boas had argued that Robson should play Domingos Paciência more regularly, the future coach of S.C. Braga who Villas Boas would defeat in the 2011 Europa League final to make history. Under the guidance of Robson, who was impressed with his fluent knowledge of the English language, he achieved his UEFA C coaching licence as a minor at the age of 17 in Scotland. He then had a short stint as head coach of the British Virgin Islands national team at the age of 21, before he moved onto a career as an assistant under the management of José Mourinho at Porto, another protégé of Robson’s.

Just over a month ago, Andre Villas-Boas told a reporter for Il Corriere dello Sport that he was confident where his future would be. “My future, like you know is linked to Porto absolutely.” Now it appears his future is in England.

What’s your opinion about Chelsea capturing one of the best manager proteges in the world? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

16 thoughts on “Andre Villas-Boas Accepts Offer To Become Chelsea Manager, Says Report”

  1. Well, if this is true then fair play to Chelsea for braking the bank to pay such a fee for a manager who might be sacked in 9 months time… But, AVB is clearly very talented, has all the traits that made Mourinho such a success, or even better as he is not as arrogant/paranoid as his mentor. I am just wondering if he should have stayed on a bit more at Porto to get more experience under his belt, managing big names, big egos and trying to replicate his success in the next season.

    Getting to the top is not easy, but staying there is the hardest part and I fear for AVB taking this step too early in his career. Money and glory is one thing but exposing yourself to the whims of Abramovich when your coaching career has just kicked off?… Don’t know how this will pan out. If any case, since I live just by the Stamford Bridge stadium, I hope he’ll have a successful first season as I am sick of the desperate Chelsea supporters singing below our window after each average performance by their team and pretending to be champions when clearly, ManU has overtaken them.

  2. A pity. Villas-Boas looks like far too good a manager to deserve the swift sacking the Chelsea job inevitably brings. There is no such thing as “good enough to manage Chelsea,” because there is no such thing as a manager who can guarantee the Premier League or Champions League every season. No amount of money guarantees that, because, simply put, there are in a given year four clubs that nobody would be surprised if won the league and nine that could plausibly win the Champions League. With that many teams good enough to win, there’s no way that any team can ever be guaranteed a win, and as long as Abramovich insist on sacking a manager for a winless season, the job is a poisoned chalice.

  3. Hope he brings lots of portuguese players with him like moutinho, rolando and varela. Hey Wenger does with with the french. I want a dam euro and wc and I hope Villas Boas will do what Mourinho is starting to do at Madrid. I could care less how these clubs perform as long as they train the portuguese players. I mean honestly Portugal are the best country on Earth to never have won a WC or Euro.

  4. This is a gamble that can pay off or blow up in their faces. Boas seems like he’s very smart and may just be the guy needed to shake things up at Chelsea. If he does well, then he could obviously be there for a long time to come. However, he’s extremely young and has never coached in the Premier League. While what he did last year with Porto was impressive, managing Chelsea is going to be a massive obstacle. Abramovich may have found his next Mourinho but due to his inexperience with coaching especially in England, I question Chelsea breaking the bank to get him. Good luck to Boas as he’ll now inherit one of the toughest jobs in the world.

  5. There are two big winners in this. Porto who will receive a very hefty fee and Villas-Boas who not only will recive a huge increase in his wages but will get a huge payment when he’s fired. He is young enough that if he fails in England it won’t diminish his ability to attract other clubs hiring him.

    On the face of it this looks like a terrific move by Chelsea as they have a very good, young manager that can take the club well into the future. The problem of course is that Chelsea is owned by Abramovich who has a history of impatience so everyone knows it will be only a matter of time before Villas-Boas is fired.

  6. Wow! I had no idea so many posters on here were personal friends and business partners with Abramovich. Or that they all have the gift of foresight! Someone better let Villas-Boas know that he’s going to be fired within his first year managing and that no matter what he does the evil Russian owner will unfairly sack him and ruin his burgeoning career.

    Seriously though, what other managers has Chelsea had that didn’t deserve the sack? You’re saying Grant should have stuck around? Or that Scolari was doing well enough to keep his job? Carlo’s sacking may have been harsh but we had our WORST streak of the post-Abrom era under him and our LOWEST season point total in 5-6 years. He may have brought us success the season before but the team looked uninspired and miserable. I don’t care how many trophyless seasons Arsenal has gone you never see the players look THAT uninterested or unmotivated. As a Chelsea fan and a person who watched them week in week out this season I can honestly say Carlo’s firing is not as harsh as most people think.

    Anyway, one of you better give Villas-Boas a courtesy call and lend him a hand with your clairvoyant talents.

  7. Paul Hayward of the Guardian wrote:
    [There is an old saying in football that a new manager meeting his players for the first time should tell himself as he scans the room: “These are the bastards who cost the last guy his job.” ]

    The problem at Chelsea that everyone has known for a long time is that some of the senior players have too much influence on the club. I’m not sure that Villas-Boas has it in him to assert his power on these senior players. Villas-Boas is not new to Chelsea as he was Mourinho’s statistician. Will the likes of Terry, Lampard and company treat him like they did Mourinho or will they resort to treating him like Mourinho’s understudy as soon as things don’t go their way.

    Unless Villas-Boas is allowed to major changes to the squad I don’t feel he will be able to succeed as there is an entrenched culture at the club that needs challenging. He is also going to find that Abramovich buys players he likes rather than what the manager wants. Tough to work in those conditions. Only a manager that is as strong as Mourinho can have prolonged success at Chelsea.

  8. Will the old guys at Chelsea be willing to listen to a 33 year old who’s never played and has little top tier experience? Managing egos and stroppy superstars is probably the biggest job a top level manager has. It’ll be interesting to see how he treats them and how they react to him.

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