Arsenal Away Shirt for 2011-12 Season: New Photos Leaked

New photos have been leaked on the Internet showing Arsenal’s away shirt for the 2011-12 Premier League season.

Designed by Nike, the photo reveals an Arsenal away shirt that is dark blue and cyan blue. With a diagonal design on the short, the upper half is dark blue, while the lower half is cyan blue. One sleeve is dark blue, while the other one is cyan blue. The back, meanwhile, is dark blue.

Arsenal’s crest to celebrate its 125th year anniversary is in reverse type to make it stand out from the dark background.

What do you think of the new shirt design? Share your opinion in the comments section below. And don’t forget, for the widest selection of Premier League shirts for all 20 teams, visit the EPL Talk Shop.

More pictures after the jump.

84 thoughts on “Arsenal Away Shirt for 2011-12 Season: New Photos Leaked”

  1. I personally do not like it…I know that the blue kits generally sell better, but I have always been a fan of the yellow ones. There’s always next season (haha there has to be some sort of joke on Arsenal in that statement…)

    1. I’m with Jontron 100% – yellow colour is so much more distinctive, and next season will surely arrive …..

  2. ….and the Gunners are on the track…..AND THEY’RE OFF!….is Fabulgas in the lead with Arseshaving and Arveepee neck and neck for second, followed up by Chamakh My Beach Up, and the three-legged racing Ram-shere! They’re rounding the last furlong and….oh my lord, here comes The Verminator!

  3. didn’t like this design when the first leaked photos came out, but I have to say now I think once it’s seen on the pitch I think it will look great. every year when a new kit comes out and it looks ugly it seems that most of them eventually look great on the pitch, i.e. United white away kit last year.

    Unfortunately, on the pitch appearance does not equal me purchasing one as I don’t think it will look good to just wear.

  4. as a football jersey, I like it. as an Arsenal football jersey, doesn’t seem right and I don’t like it.

    1. Well put. I’d also add that seeing the shorts/socks that will go with it will be important . Those navy away shirts with the collar they wore a couple years ago were atrocious.

    1. you need a scumchester untied shirt to make nasri plausible on the back ;-). must say i do actually like this and i like the liverpoo away also and the spurs 3rd is class

  5. I dont have a problem with the look, but at least have the badge in RED. Red is Arsenal’s traditional color and the badge should reflect that. This football industry of sponsors, board members, and owners seem to be getting more and more out of touch with the true fans. They get to control how the jersey looks, how much to pay for ticket prices. As an Arsenal fan living in the States, I was upset to hear that they’ve increased the prices of season ticket holders after 6 years of winning nothing and I get to watch them for just $13 a month on FSC. The first priority should always be the local fans supporting that club, not global fans.

  6. Arsenal all the way…always bringing mad designs every time….never afrais to do something unusual…dis is unusual but looks great…would look nice on my black or blue denim and my black toms or sneakers…haha!
    Gunners fu lyfe…2011/2012 season is ours all d way! I believe!

  7. Not a fan. Last years away kit was the best in the EPL IMO. That’s what sucks, when you get one you really like it’s only for a year.

  8. the colors combination is really tasteless, the design is awfully flat, it must be that bloody peter hill wood whose got this ideas… hope it wasnt a bad sign of further bad times for all of us Arsenal fans

  9. I really like it. Took awhile to grow on me. I’ll be getting one. Better than the away kits from this year. Didn’t care for the yellow and maroon.

  10. too many gooners need to have a look at the Arsenal history of away shirts. Yellow was not our away colour until 1950s. This is a very classy design and colour combination. Spot on for a change now get the player to wear it.

  11. I honestly don’t like it, I mean I liked this seasons yellow but my favorite shirt is the white shirt with v neck and red shorts . I wish Nike would make one like that, there is another picture on the web of an arsenal jersey I don’t like the other one because it looks like the spurs.

  12. Waoh wat a great kit dis make me 2remember 5season ago where d Gunners worn Blue jersey wit red colour wit O2 sponsor wat a Great……hope 2get mine Inshal Allah.

  13. Too bad, as it will still clash with Barca colours when we play them at Camp Nou next season. Err… And don’t get me wrong, but isn’t it a regular fixture to play vs. Barca every year? May be we will reserve our banana colours for that certain fixture.

  14. hated it when the first leak came out but now that i see the formal design it’s not bad and will probably grow on me as the season progresses. as someone said earlier it wasn’t until the 50’s that we started having yellow as our main away color. the long sleeve of this will look even cooler as i have personally always been a fan of different color sleeves and we’ll be the only major club to do so. let’s not complain too much lads it’s not like the kit wins the trophies.

  15. Love it, Arsenal need a new type of kit, all its been is red, red oh yeah red!!!!! but i love this new away kit.

  16. It’s an old Wycombe Wanderers kit.

    Or is it to appeal simultaneously to both Oxford and Cambridge graduates, as they at least may potentially earn enough to buy season tickets at the new inflated prices.

  17. i’d like to have away kits like 2004-05 they were the best kits ever..:d
    and these are not bad ..I Like them

  18. I’m in love with it – Best kit we’ve had since my 23 yrs as a gooner.

    Why is everyone moaning about the style? Why do you all want a Retro old school yellow kit?
    Time moves on, designs change, and Arsenal move ‘forward’.

    Also, why moan about the colour? Arsenal have had many blue shirts over the years. If you don’t like it, keep quiet and don’t buy it.

  19. Seriously, please Arsenal, consult with someone with a fashion sense about these away kits. You’re on a global stage and you need to look good, not like this.

  20. The line should be in the middle straight down. i prefer the dark- blue colour away one that they used in Champoin Leagues last year i remember when Vanpersie was still fresh and with Arshavin and Fab , we were the most dangerous team in Cp.

  21. Dull ! the diagonal design is catastophic! At least have the whole short dark blue with the arsenal crest bright maroon

  22. Ooops missed out on the sleeves- they can be CYAN with the whole shirt in dark blue and club crest bright maroon

  23. This is ridiculous jersey. This jersey is good for a black skin other than white. This will make it very diffecult to identify a player in this kind of color. Now what is going to be the color of the letters to be used for writting names of players and their numbers if I may ask? I guess is going to be black. So try to judge what am trying to talk about.

  24. Please arsenal yellow has been our away kit,the blue colour is not nice and i support all our fans who spoke against it.

  25. the kids are all fine,but our main problem is dis, goooners need to pay strikers like odewineger,gevinho.cahill,samber,etoo.please pay all dis players,goooners will be reform again for good

  26. The best i’ve ever seen in recent years…..God bless who ever brought this idea…most wisdom to his/her brain for more better ideas on how to carry silver wares…..white short and white socks will be a perfect match..will win and be the best kit in the whole Europe all around the world this season…Gunners 4 life

  27. it should not be about away kit we want the team to begin winning trophies and laurels, get experienced players and blend them with the young ones or else, the like of nasri, fabragas, walcott, van persie and etc will quit the club

  28. it is dark, more intimidating and cool. dark insgreat! i dont like the yellow shirt. let us stay with this.

  29. That is a very nice. Arsenal has no problem with kit either away or home but with last the last league games. I am urging the Arsenal team to let us celebrate this reason, we are really thirsty for prides.

  30. Woulda preferred yellow but it looks nice anyway, my prob with it is that it’s the same colors as United’s

  31. the shirt away gams for Arsenal for the year 2011/2012 is no too bad because you cant compare it with the yellow one

  32. Anyone who ever saw the 1991-1993 away kit cannot possibly call this the worst of all time! That kit looked like the bottom of the trench under the latrines at Glasto the year they used yellow bog roll! Seriously, the only thing that made it worse was that it replaced the 1988-1991 shirt which was the yellow body with blue sleeves and second only to the iconic 1970’2 Charlie george falling down at Wembley shirt. Interestingly kits didn’t used to change that often, between 1969 and 1981 our first team strip only changed to the extent that Unbro added a logo or two in 1978. In fact they probably used the same kit season after season literally, I remember an advert for washing powder featuring the Highbury washer wench applauding the products ability to wash reds and whites in the same load without ending up with pink sleeves or still dirty kit. I doubt todays prima donnas where the same shirt twice… imagine trying to get the “Vicks” stain out on a low temperature? For the record this kit’s okay, better than last years rgubarb and custard effort, but the diagonal is too fussy in my view, I like it simple. Bring back the iconic 1970-71 home and away kits, get a sponsor with a cool logo and return to the lonely cannon badge without those damned wings. Okay I’m dreaming!

  33. … and that should have read “I doubt todays prima donnas WEAR the same shirt twice…” and it was the 1970’s when Charlie George did the double!

  34. I personally like like the dicoration and the design as well becouse it deos not resemble of any other team which use similar colour. and i believe it will give moral to both suppoters and the players.R eally it looks wonderful.

  35. I’m particular about winning trophies not just putting on jerseys. Arsene wenger should try n change his tactics n also recruit more matured players, atleast 3, one in defence, one in d midfield n d last one in attack. I tink wit dis,d backlay premiership is within reach.

  36. i think this new kit is alright and just maybe we might land a trophy this season and keep going from strength to strength so come on you gooners lets try and make it this happen

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