Which EPL Club Do You Want To Face on Opening Day of the 2011-12 Season?

Only 25 days have passed since the 2010-11 Premier League season has passed, and already — tomorrow — the fixtures for the 2011-12 season will be announced tomorrow at 4am ET/9am UK time.

For many soccer fans, it’ll feel like Christmas morning as you get a chance to open your presents and find out what’s inside. But out of all of the teams in the Premier League, which one would you most like to face on the first weekend of the Premier League season when it kicks off on August 13, 2011 — just 58 days away?

In the comments section below, share which team you support and who you’d love to see your team play against on opening day.

24 thoughts on “Which EPL Club Do You Want To Face on Opening Day of the 2011-12 Season?”

  1. “Which EPL Club Do You Want To Face on Opening Day of the 2011-12 Season?”

    I really think I would have no chance against any of them.

  2. My favourite team is Chelsea and on the first game is would like them to face Manchester United or Liverpool!!!
    I bet Chelsea will win IF they play against either team.

      1. You got me there Gaffer. I’ll give you a clue its the little club who’s fans have the inferiority complex and are somewhat predictable, any guesses?

  3. I predict:
    Week 1: Chelsea vs Manchester United
    Week 3: Liverpool vs Manchester City
    Week 6: Super Sunday > Arsenal vs Liverpool and Manchester United vs Manchester City

  4. As for which club I’d like to see Swansea face in the opening match, let it be anyone where it’ll guarantee the Swans a chance to be on live TV in one of the biggest matches of the weekend on telly. It might be best to get one of the big guns out of the way on the opening weekend.

    The Gaffer

  5. As a Liverpool fan I don’t want Liverpool to play any of the top teams until the 3rd weekend as I’ll be on vacation in Africa from the beginning of August till the 26th. So I’m praying that Liverpool will be drawn to play Norwich, Blackburn and Aston Villa for their first three games.

  6. Team: Newcastle
    Opponent: One of the new Premier League teams like Swansea City. There will be a lot of excitement.

  7. I have it on good authority that the first round of fixtures for the top 6 teams will be:
    Swansea vs Liverpool (what a game this will be)
    Chelsea vs Arsenal (Sunday 11 AM kickoff)
    Aston Villa vs Spurs
    Manchester United vs Norwich (United always get a promoted side early)
    Stoke vs Manchester City (last season’s FA Cup finalists)

    If I’m wrong blame the octopussy :) .

  8. Team: Wolves
    One of the new teams, like Les said for Newcastle, or one of the top four.

    Other team: Arsenal
    Chelsea, Tottenham, or United

  9. Gaffer will be pleased to know that the majority of Liverpool fans on their boards are predicting an away game to Swansea. If it happens I can see it being the early fixture on Saturday and that ESPN2 will then show the game at 7:45 AM.

    Personally I think Liverpool will be away to Stoke.

  10. Team is Spurs. Last two openers have been massive games – L’pool and Man City. Let’s keep it going with a London derby. Chelski or Gooners. Stand up if you hate Arsenal, Stand Up!

  11. Manchester United fan.

    As I’m extremely superstitious, I’d like to see us play Swansea or QPR. Last season, we played newly promoted Newcastle with the in-form Andy Carroll, so this year it should be newly promoted Swansea/QPR with in-form Scott Sinclair/Adel Taarabt, respectively.

    Of course this is completely nonsensical logic and we’ll have to play everyone twice in the end.

  12. David the Yank, yes I’m going to have to record the Arsenal – Liverpool game. Although I’m supposed to be in South Africa around that time and being that it is one of the bigger games it may be shown on TV there.

    1. When I was in SA last November you could get pretty much any Premier League game that you wanted.

      They’re all Man United fans though.

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