Will Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez Be Joining Real Madrid Soon?

Six million Euros. That’s all it cost for Manchester United to sign a hardly-known Mexican striker from Chivas Guadalajara around a year ago. Nobody knew what to expect from Javier Hernandez, but as soon as he scored goals in the World Cup against France and Argentina, excitement started to build. However, not even Alex Ferguson and his scouting staff could have expected the immediate impact the Mexican sensation would have in the Premier League.

In his first year with United, Chicharito shocked the football world with his play as he became one of the EPL’s leading goal-scorers. In a year where Wayne Rooney was as unpredictable as ever and Berbatov cooled off in the second half of the season, Hernandez remarkably became the symbol of consistency that allowed United to successfully win their 19th title.

As a result of his play, it should come as no surprise that there would be outside interest in him. It’s also completely predictable that Real Madrid would be linked with the United striker after reports were made of Jose Mourinho being heavily interested in him to the point of dealing Gonzalo Higuain and Karim Benzema for Hernandez. Just the thought of Madrid going after another United player makes United fans look back to the Ronaldo saga, who eventually left to join them. Speculation around Hernandez continued to grow after stories were made of his agent admitting that he would consider an offer from the Spanish giants.

Instead of fretting about his future, I’m confident in feeling that Hernandez won’t leave Manchester. Hernandez isn’t the same as Ronaldo in that he dreamed of playing for Los Blancos. The fact that Hernandez is of Latin-American descent from North America where the Spanish giants are worshiped in some parts also explains why the media would jump on the idea of him joining Real Madrid.

Call it a gut feeling, but Chicharito looks like he shows a great amount of loyalty which is growing less common nowadays with young footballers. According to The Sun, he stated, “From now on I’ll owe a great debt to Sir Alex for bringing me to Europe. I want to win many titles to give back to the team that opened the doors for me.”

Now, one would counter saying Ronaldo often played mind-games where he stated that he wouldn’t leave United only to eventually succumb to the temptation of playing for his childhood team. Hernandez doesn’t seem to be known for idolizing a certain team and looks as though he’s just appreciative of United in believing in him. In return, United have made what many call the signing of the century. Besides his marketing value, Hernandez has become an integral member of the Red Devils as his pace and finishing are simply world class for both club and country (an astounding 19 goals in 25 appearances for Mexico).

Will the rumors of Chicharito going to Real Madrid or other top clubs end once and for all? Of course not. Stories of teams interested in his services will continue to persist as they do with most of the top players in the world.

However, Alex Ferguson will do all he can to keep hold of his prized striker as he’s determined to have him lead United for years to come. Chicharito will probably only get even better over time as he looks like he could one day be the best striker in the world. The links with other giants of the game won’t stop as he continues to astound. No one can predict the future and in today’s transfer market, anything can happen. However, Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez is a Red Devil and in my mind, he’ll continue to be one for a long time to come.


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