Scoreless Draw Opens Livestrong Sporting Park

Once again it was another special night for Major League Soccer and those who have supported the Wiz, Wizards and now Sporting Kansas City as Livestrong Sporting Park opened up to rave reviews. A mid-west stadium with a European feel has created another crown jewel of stadiums within MLS.

The best moment about the inside of this new ground is the touch of Dallas Cowboys Stadium when both sides enter the pitch. After leaving the dressing room, both sides enter the season tickets lounge and then walk outside.

For the supporters group “The Cauldron” they are probably getting the biggest treat out of all the new or recently built stadiums for any MLS side. Behind their stands is a pub and lounge area — that is open seven days a week — where they can attend if it’s not on match day. And let’s not forget the standing room only section above the seats.

The first half ended scoreless with some pretty good action, even if Graham Zusi’s goal was called offside in the fourteenth minute. It was a great strike to get the Kansas City crowd going. Jimmy Nielsen looked strong in the net for Sporting as he made at least one to two solid saves.

But the action got really interesting when Sporting keeper Jimmy Nielsen created a mistake in the 67th minute when he accidentally pawed the ball outside his area and after he realized his mistake, went straight to the ground in disgust. Of course it was a straight red card for Nielsen and Sporting were down to ten men.

Another moment where you thought Michael Kennedy was going to point to the spot, nothing happened. In the 86th Omar Bravo went after the ball and entered the Chicago area. Defender Bratislav Ristic tackled for the ball. His right leg was between Bravo and the ball, got the ball first then tackled down Bravo. The big chance to get a goal from the spot never came either.

Even though the action wasn’t as good on TV, I have to say that those in Kansas City should be very proud that they finally have their own stadium to watch their team play.

After so many years combined at Arrowhead Stadium and Community Bank Ballpark, my good friends Robert Houghton and Mike Kuhn can relax and celebrate this accomplishment.

After a long road trip to finally come home to such a fantastic venue in the mid-west shows why Major League Soccer is growing every single day. More still needs to be done to make the American game important in the States, but on the night of Thursday, June 9 2011, another achievement has been accomplished.

14 thoughts on “Scoreless Draw Opens Livestrong Sporting Park”

  1. I watched a little bit of the match during the Mexico/Cuba halftime and then the rest after realizing Cuba has no idea what it’s doing on defense (really, every single Mexican goal was scored by someone completely unmarked).

    The stadium looked spectacular and I’m really jealous. I pine for the day when DC United will get its own stadium.

    1. I think public funding is going to recieve a very cold shoulder after what is happening in NY.

      Doesn’t DC have its own stadium ? Who else is using RFK ?

      1. I hate publicly funded projects for private enterprises. San Diego forked over a chunk of change for Petco and Owners promised a “contender”. Padres are in last.

        1. Agreed.
          Seattle passed a law saying, the return on investment would have to make it worth it.

          Sonics moved to Oklahoma….where someone would give the NBA “free-r” money.

    2. Funding isn’t an issue, it’s trying to get land rights and zoning issues which requires going through the DC Council which is a nightmare. DC had a set up for a stadium in DC with 100% private funding and still couldn’t get it to go through because the council wouldn’t vote for it.

      RFK is technically DC United stadium even though they hold concerts there sometimes. However, the team rents it from the National Park Service who owns the land and stadium on a game by game or season by season basis. Additionally, the stadium is falling apart because it is more than 50 years old, it is not designed at all for soccer as it used to be the home of the Redskins and just looks ridiculous holding matches where only 1/4 of the stadium is full (it’s a 65,000 capacity I believe).

      There are plenty of other issues involved, but maybe I’ll just do a whole post on it to explain. Plus I need to do a bit more fact checking (although everything I posted here should be factually correct).

      1. yeah, but re-zoning can mean the difference between higher commercial property type taxes versus other types of designations. And many communities rightly consider even that re-zoning favorable to a sports team as essentially taking anticipated public money and giving it away- irrespective of whether the economy is bad or not, and irrespective of whether a certain piece of commercial property was generating the funds the city expected.

        as for KC, not thats how it should be done for season tickets holders (include the food as part of the deal). too bad the on-field product leaves much to be desired. i hope they make some serious moved in July. can they send bravo back?

  2. I thought that goal that was disallowed should have been called continuation and thus KC should have had a free kick. Plus the guy pulling a guy down by his shirt should have been yellow carded at the very least.

    That red card was deja vu. Keller had the same thing happen against….KC.

  3. The stadium looks great. I love seeing the crowd right on top of the pitch.

    As for the match itself, it was fairly entertaining. The final ball was almost always awful, though, even when the buildup was good.

  4. a very beautiful stadium I really like it. I hope they build a second tier above the supporters section. But its a very beautiful stadium. Too bad I don’t have Fsc hd or espn2 hd I had to watch it in dull definition on espn deportes. As for the game though I can safely say that was the most pathetic boring game of the season. Even the supporters section was boring all they sang was “here we go, here we go, here we go” over and over. There’s just way too much parity in mls. I was switching between that, the gold cup and the NBA finals, and I don’t watch NBA. Beautiful stadium, awesome cow, lousy refs, lack luster fans and aweful game.

    1. If you understand soccer, no. In fact, the current form of KC, fans should be happy they walked away with a point.

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