An Open Letter — Farewell To Norwich, QPR and Swansea

Entrance to the Norwich & Peterborough Stand Carrow Road, could it do with a spruce up?

Like parents watching their children grow up and leave the house for the first time it is with great pride, joy and a tinge of sadness that ChampionshipTalk must say goodbye to the promoted sides from the Championship. 

It is time to say farewell to Norwich, QPR and Swansea, as these teams can now proudly call themselves residents of the Premier League. 

We would like to leave you with our best wishes and some friendly advice on what to expect in the next 12 months to help make sure you do not return with your pockets empty and tail between your legs.

Have Fun

The most important thing is to enjoy yourselves, after years of scrapping in the Football League you have made it to the nation’s top table.

Enjoy travelling to places like Old Trafford and the Emirates but make sure you are not overawed, there is nothing worse than the manager taking pictures for the scrapbook from the dugout.

If you have not been in the Premier League before (Swansea) you may find it a little overwhelming, but you will soon get used to the gaze of the football world being on you.

You may even enjoy the constant interviews, attention and spotlight just don’t forget to express yourselves and remember where you came from.

Fix Up Look Sharp

With the spotlight on the club and more than a few additional local hitchhikers looking to join your adventure now is the time to spend some of the additional revenue you will receive to make a good impression.

A lick of paint never goes amiss, maybe some fancier biscuits for the Directors and the media (biscuits go a long way). Or if you have the space, try and squeeze a few extra seats in when no one is looking (Norwich) or renovate your existing facilities.

Don’t Spend All Your Money At Once

The summer will feel like all your Christmas’ coming at once. No doubt you will be making your transfer wish list, but make sure you check it twice and avoid the urge to spend all your money at once.

I would like to urge caution and balance and remind you that whilst you need to spend, what looks like a must have Uruguayan striker with bags of potential today, can quite easily turn into next seasons glorified ball boy holding a ticket to administration.

Don’t Come Back

Finally we just want to wish you luck, we know that you have the potential to upset the apple cart and establish yourself at a higher level. In the nicest possible way we hope to never see you again.

 Congratulations and Good Luck!


4 thoughts on “An Open Letter — Farewell To Norwich, QPR and Swansea”

  1. what a lovely read!!!!!….one things for sure i would much prefered to be heading to the premiership without those pair of very rich goons ecclestone and briatori…..our support is with the mittells… this space!!!

    1. I would suggest that you look a little closer at Mittal. If you think Flav’s or Abramovitch’s dealings were a bit sus, you might want to check out our alleged “saviour” in a bit more detail. Look up Kazakhstan mines, Romanian Steelworks, Irish Steelworks in Cork and his links to Tony Blair, for a start. Not quite so clean!

  2. Nice sentiments & appreciated. Its sad that from a QPR point of view the future cannot be viewed with the excitement the situation merits. With owners like we have I am permanently in a state of nervous tension, they are simply money people and will treat the club,the players and the manager as their playthings. I am deseperately hoping the wee Bernie gets too excited while aboard his wife and has a death dealing heart attack. I care about him as much as he cares for me.

  3. Nice farewell, glad we got here, hopefully our style of play and some clever work on transfer front will earn us a longer stay- thanks for advice, nervously optimistic jack here!

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