Behind the Scenes Video With Stuart Holden At Bolton Wanderers

Stuart Holden, the Bolton and United States midfielder, was having a stellar season until March when he collided with Manchester United’s Jonny Evans. The injury damaged his knee, required 26 stitches and ruled him out of action for six months.

Rather than stewing at home, Holden has been busy recovering from the injury and even recorded a video featuring a behind-the-scenes look at what happens on a typical match day.

Holden takes us from the drive to the stadium and behind the scenes at the Reebok Stadium. Whether you’re a Bolton or Holden fan or not, this is definitely recommended viewing.

H/T The Offside Rules.

10 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes Video With Stuart Holden At Bolton Wanderers”

  1. I don’t know if “collided with Jonny Evans” would be an accurate portrayal of what happened that day at Old Trafford…

  2. Good young player with a bright future in the game, its a pity he got injured the way he did. Hopefully he gets back in time for the star of the new season.

  3. Part of the reason why Bolton was fun to watch this season– hoping he’s back at full strength come August or so?

    1. He was born in Aberdeen. He moved to Texas when he was 10, moved back to Sunderland for a year when he was 20. Then he came back to the MLS for 3 years. Add it up and he’s spent only a little more than half his life in the US and in a few years it’ll be under half his life.

  4. One of my favorite players. A reason I really enjoyed watching Bolton, like the previous reply. Hopefully he’ll be ready to go for the ’11/’12 season.

    I enjoy the behind the scenes videos and other videos that help someone so far from the league gain a better understanding of it.

  5. Anyone else have a feeling that the only reason ‘Stewie’s best mate’ Klas was never shown is because everything he said was deemed inappropriate for US television?

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