FIFA 12 Official Gameplay Trailer: See New Features In Action

EA Sports have released their official gameplay trailer for the upcoming release of FIFA 12, the newest soccer video game which is scheduled for release this Fall.

The FIFA 12 trailer features video of actual gameplay focusing on defending, dribbling, the player impact engine and shooting.

Earlier this week we shared with you official screenshots of FIFA 12. So far, the game looks like it’ll be an exciting addition to the FIFA video game series. I can’t wait!

10 thoughts on “FIFA 12 Official Gameplay Trailer: See New Features In Action”

  1. Gah, these promos are always soooo beautiful and every year I buy the game and every year I absolutely fail at playing it.

  2. I buy FIFA for one thing, Ultimate Team. As long as that feature is included each year, I’ll continue to buy. I try the career stuff, but there are usually major bugs that ruin it, like getting sacked despite being mid-table with a low level EPL team because you’re playing too many cup matches instead of league matches.

    I have too much money invested in the franchise now to not buy it again this year.

    1. I completly disagree with that statement:

      If you are good at the game you should not be finishing mid table as manerger mode is extremly easy (Even of legendary) …

  3. I really wish I had the time and XBOX 360 to play FIFA. As each year goes by, the urge to play the game becomes greater but the reality is that my free time is at a minimum.

    In the past, I loved playing the game, though. Definitely a huge amount of fun.

    The Gaffer

    1. pes sucks. Graphics are sh*t and it doesn’t even have proper team names or kits. pes was only better in 2006/2008. Every other year FIFA spanked it!

  4. i think there are some mistakes in fifa 11. if a player is injured he had to go by himself at least medical staff supporting him. i wish if two players can play in one manager mode against each other. selling thier players to each other. and competition for positions

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