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Champions League Final Live Blog: Manchester United vs Barcelona

2011 champions league final Champions League Final Live Blog: Manchester United vs Barcelona

It’s finally here! The 2011 Champions League Final. Scroll down to enter the live blog with soccer fans from around the world!

The 2011 Champions League Final promises to be the most watched UEFA Champions League Final in the history of the tournament. Having a Saturday kick-off certainly helps. But even more so, you have two of the best teams in the world competing against each other in front of millions of people who will be watching the game live on television and 90,000 lucky supporters who will have  Champions League Final 2011 tickets in their hands.

To enhance the experience, participate in the EPL Talk live blog during the Champions League Final so you can find out all of the last-minute team line-up news, as well as discuss and give banter with soccer fans around the world. We hope you can join us.

For more insight into the Champions League Final, read the following article.

2011 Champions League Final: Manchester United – Barcelona
Barcelona v Manchester United: 2011 Champions League Final

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50 Responses to Champions League Final Live Blog: Manchester United vs Barcelona

  1. Dave (dlbags) says:

    Is the Championship Final (Reading vs Swansea) going to be on TV?

  2. raok says:

    i remember you were doing the same thing for a match of spurs. it was not good because the messages were not sent in real time don’t know why, maybe you were moderating or something. if its not real time then its not fun. hope it will be in real time.

  3. Sibalatani Lawson Kamwi says:

    I Know Bercalona will win by 2 goals to 1.

  4. Sibalatani Lawson Kamwi says:

    If you have never seen somebody being beaten at home , wait for this one you will as me how did i know.

  5. Francis Ajavon says:

    Francis Ajavon May 26, 2011 @ 10:30am

    Man United is going to beat FC Barcelona 2 goals to 1

  6. Danta Saryee says:

    fc barcelona is going to win 1-0

  7. Kamster says:

    The Skanky Mancs are going to get hung, drawn and quartered. 3 – 0 to Barca and Fergie won’t do an interview at the end but his asst will blame the referee…. I reckon there is good chance of Vidic getting sent off too….. Come on Barca chew them up and spit them out……..

  8. prince says:

    i beliv in manchester united they will beat barca by kep d flag flying

  9. DB 7 says:

    manchester united will win mate, score will be 2-1 for united

  10. fasil says:

    Barcelona will beat Manchester united bay 2-0

  11. Kile says:

    Iker, the Andalucian Octopus, has predicted that Manchester United will beat Barcelona. The octopus has correctly predicted many a result including the Copa del Ray winner and the 1-1 draw between Real Madrid and Barcelona in the league. Poor Barcelona, even the octopus hates them.

    Of course now that Barcelona are the underdogs then it’s safe to say they will win :) .

  12. Simon Lake says:

    The time is nigh…………………

  13. Sean says:

    Michael Strahan?

    Is this the kind of nonsense you Americans are subjected to all the time while watching football on Fox?

    • The Gaffer says:

      Not sure Sean (I don’t watch NFL), but FOX’s broadcast so far is trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

      I have a feeling that the diehard soccer fans are going to be left wanting better analysis and coverage. Hopefully things will get deeper soon on this FOX broadcast.

      The Gaffer

  14. andrew says:

    ahhhhhh fox. ur embarrassing. why can’t we just feed into sky. football vs. futbol. geez. when can we stop pandering to the amateur fan. 2022??????

  15. Jason says:

    To be fair to Strahan at least he said he likes both sports. Many an American can relate to him coming from an American football background. Personally I don’t have much of a problem with who Fox has for their pregame talk. I’m just glad that Martin Tyler is calling the game. That’s what’s most important.

  16. forweg says:

    Congrats to Stevenage FC!

  17. David says:

    I’m with Jason. The most importatnt thing is that the match commentary is being done by Martin Tyler, the standard bearer of commentators. Pregame and postgame are not important to me. Gives me time to feed the dogs without worrying about missing anything important :) .

  18. Gary says:

    Oh my god, what is Fergie doing! He left out Berbatov altogether, not even on the bench. He put in Michael Owen in his place. I cannot believe it!

  19. Evang. David O. Alfred says:

    If God want HE will do it in away that will surprise everybody, glory will be given to those that we did not expect United

  20. Steven says:

    This game is going to go to penalties and Michael Owen will miss the decisive penalty and Barcelona will win. I can see it now!

  21. The Gaffer says:

    Is it me or are FOX purposely showing crowd shots of Barcelona fans only and none of Man United?

    The Gaffer

  22. Sam says:

    Owen is a lot like Chicarito so I don’t why Owen was chosen ahead of Berbatov. You want someone different to come off the bench. I honestly don’t understand this one. Berbatov is also much better at holding the ball up and has better skills than Owen. All owen has is pace over Berbatov. Chicarito has pace too. Oh well, maybe the old man knows something we don’t.

  23. JLay says:

    Is Fox also streaming this game? I’m stuck on the road with nothing but an iPad!

    • The Gaffer says:

      I don’t believe so Jeremy. Only on FOX TV, as far as I know. Sorry!

      You can probably catch a radio commentary via or somewhere else on the web.

      The Gaffer

  24. tlas says:

    Holy smokes, people! Be grateful that a major US TV network is showing it. Whether it’s CBS, NBC, FOX or ABC is unimportant!

    Anyway, it’s a bit weird to watch association football on Channel 5 (that’s my Fox station in NYC).

  25. Moranin says:

    Is the Fox feed not in HD? Not sure if it is the odd aspect ratio, that the feed isn’t as good as FSC’s usually is, or if our TV is acting up. Something looks odd.

  26. Bobby says:

    Giggs was definitely offside and United get another break from the officials. What else is new.

    Should be a cracking second half. I hope the officials don’t decide the result.

  27. rej4sl says:

    Our Fox cut off the game during half time and we now have a split screen with no sound for the football, and a weather report with sound and looks like we will have this for the whole 2nd half … yikes

  28. CTBlues says:

    Kind of lame how most of my posts are going up on the live chat.

  29. Dravid says:

    Manchester United just didn’t belong on the same pitch as Barcelona. I’m glad the better team won and we won’t have to read about all the nonsense about how good Ferguson is or what a great team this United team is. They rode their luck all season long and it finally caught up with them.

    I’m also glad for Guardiola as he deserves more credit than he’s given. I really wish he would manage in the EPL. The guy is a class act and doesn’t have to rely on bullying tactics to win unlike Ferguson.

    • MNUfan1991 says:

      Winning the title by 9 points
      Most goals scored
      Best goal difference
      Earning 55 out of 57 total possible points at home, and the 2 dropped ones stemmed from a VDS error that is rarer than quantum tunneling.

      And you call this riding the luck all season? What would you call Chelsea’s 1-point margin last year then? If this United team is “not great”, how would you describe the other 19 teams?

      You don’t have to like United. Any fair football fan need to give credit where it’s due. I gave mine to Barcelona. Did you give yours to the EPL Champions and to the man who knocked Liverpool off their perch in a scant 19 years?

  30. Andy says:

    The blue half of Manchester and the red half of Liverpool are rejoicing! Finally someone was able to beat Fergie twice in a cup competition.


    • MNUfan1991 says:

      Not only that, both Liverpool and Man City went undefeated in this year’s Champions League, and conceded no goals. Far better than United on both counts*.

      * you can’t be defeated in a competition that you didn’t qualify, right?

  31. Steven says:

    And all is right with the world again. I’ve regained my faith!

  32. PedroMessiVilla says:

    Sunday 29th May 2011

    Champions League Final Match report

    Unfortunately we are unable to bring you the match report of last night’s Champions League Final due to a Premier League Club taking out a super injunction.

    The Super Injunction was granted at around 22:00 last night.

    It is alleged that the team in question are using it to hide claims that they were ****** by a famous Argentinian star???

  33. James says:

    What does this mean for Special1 tv?

  34. Stevenjay says:

    Finally we should put to rest this nonsense about how the top EPL teams are so much better or even just better than the top teams in La Liga. Manchester United were chasing shadows and looked like they didn’t even belong in the final. Barcelona had 70% of the possession and United 30%. That sums up the difference.

    • The Gaffer says:

      Stevenjay, Barcelona deserve the honor and respect based on this performance. But possession isn’t everything. Just because Barcelona had 70% of the possession doesn’t mean they are a better team (they are, for the record). Man United just didn’t create enough chances to score. This could have been 4-1 to Barcelona at the pace they were going at.

      The Gaffer

  35. Sam says:

    If only Ryan Giggs had saved some of his energy for the game rather than use it on that model and if he’d only spent more time training than trying to get an injunction maybe he’d have been able to do something in the game. yes, he had an assist for the Rooney (was he offside?) but other than that he was a waste of space. He and Carrick were absolutely taken to the cleaners by Barcelona.

    Fergie got his team all wrong today and that’s why at the end he was smiling as he knew that one again Guardiola got it right and he got it wrong. For once he cannot blame the officials.

  36. Terry says:

    United were totally outclassed!!!

    And to think people on here thought United WILL win. Fantasy.

  37. Luke says:

    What a dominant display by Barcelona. United had no reason being on the same pitch as barcelona. Messi’s magic once again showed through.

    Barcelona play a thinking man’s game. You’ve got to love the artistry and creativity of this team. Brilliant.

    United had no answer to what barcelona were doing nor did they have any idea how to play or create chances against this Barcelona team. Finally we can lay to rest that this is a terrific Manchester United team. Definitely not anywhere near as good as the one that won the treble. Not even half as good.

  38. Carolyn says:

    This final was like watching men against boys. One could see clearly exactly what Barcelona wanted to do when they had the ball. Not so United. United were outplayed. Simple as that.

    Hats off to Barcelona for a deserving victory. It’s such a pleasure watching them play. The only thing infuriating was that towards the last 15 minutes they just wanted to pass the ball around and not try to score. When they do that just to run the clock out it gets boring. Of course that’s because they are such a pleasure to watch and you want to see more of what they do best, create chances from tight angles and their movement off the ball.

    I’m glad we saw a good game with no theatrics. Kudos to both set of players for that.

  39. koo nimo says:

    the game was good and the best side won

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