How Did Your Premier League Final Table Prediction Go?

In August, as I do every season, I sat down and predicted what the final table would look like after the season was over. It’s always a difficult task because the transfer window isn’t completed. Plus it’s difficult to determine what football chairmen are going to do during a season like sacking a manager, and what effect that will have on the team’s fortunes.

To make it fair, I also asked you, the readers, to post your predictions of the final table. Here’s how we did:

I correctly predicted that Manchester United would win the title and that they would be buoyed by trying to get their 19th title so they could surpass Liverpool. From there, I didn’t do so well. I thought Arsenal would come in a strong second, but I didn’t predict they would collapse near the end of the season into fourth position. I thought Chelsea would end up in third, but they did one better by claiming second position. I completely got Manchester City wrong and predicted they would slip up after a slow start to the season and end up in seventh position. They ended up in third on a season high.

At the bottom of the table, I predicted that Blackpool, West Brom and Newcastle would get relegated. With Newcastle, I thought Mike Ashley would get too involved with the club again and that it would spell disaster. Full credit to Newcastle and Ashley, but they completely exceeded my expectations this season. I also completely underestimated West Brom’s ability. Who would have thought that Peter Odemwingie would have had such an impact at the Hawthorns?

Looking at your predictions in the comments section, here’s the name of the readers who had their prediction the closest to being completely accurate:

  1. Sarhan (Got the top of the table almost correct, and picked two of the three teams relegated),
  2. pungentjoe (Correctly predicted United and Chelsea at the top of the table; also predicted West Ham and Blackpool would get relegated),
  3. Madschester United (Got the top of the table almost correct)
  4. RedMenace (Correctly predicted most of the top of the table finishes)
  5. Soot (Predicted that Man City would win the FA Cup, correctly predicted two of the three teams relegated and picked almost the top four correctly)
  6. Ben Ruskin (Got the top three correct)
  7. And others came close too.

We’ll do the same thing again in August.


  1. Patrick Runge May 23, 2011
  2. Soot May 23, 2011
  3. Raatzie May 23, 2011
  4. dan May 23, 2011
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        • The Gaffer May 23, 2011
  5. Jasonlee May 24, 2011
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