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Stunning 360-Degree Panorama of Wembley Stadium from FA Cup Final

wembley 360 fa cup final Stunning 360 Degree Panorama of Wembley Stadium from FA Cup Final

The world’s largest 360-degree sports panoramic photo has been created, which captures the 88,643 spectators who were fortunate to attend this past Saturday’s FA Cup Final between Manchester City and Stoke City.

The incredible 360-degree panorama allows you to tag people you know in the crowd through Facebook. As of press time, 17,400 tags had been added.

Created by photographer Jeffrey Martin, the picture is a 10 gigapixel image that stitches together more than 1,000 hi-res images. The photographer used “a digital SLR and a zoom lens mounted on a robotic tripod head which turned and snapped the photos continuously until it captured the entire space inside the Wembley stadium.”

The detail in the image is absolutely amazing. You can zoom in and clearly see every single person in the ground (unless the view of the person was accidentally blocked by Matthew Etherington standing in their way).

If you or your friends were at the FA Cup Final, go ahead and tag them!

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9 Responses to Stunning 360-Degree Panorama of Wembley Stadium from FA Cup Final

  1. Mizzy says:

    This makes for a great scavenger hunt. I found the NYC “Hatter Blues” banner, but i can’t find Liam Gallagher. Yet.

  2. FC Asheville says:

    Ha…first thing I though of….where’s Liam Gallagher? I know he had a wall/barrier behind him so that might help.

  3. SSReporters says:

    Above “Manchester United” and “Newcastle United” you can see where the commentators are, including a certain Derek Rae.

  4. IanCransonsKnees says:

    I’m on there, to the left of the scoreboard at the Stoke end. It’s like a massive game of ‘Where’s Wally?’

  5. Chris S says:

    Spotted: Steve McLaren, Gianluca Vialli, Ray Clemence, DAvid CAmeron, Fabio Capello (looking very bored), Trevor Brooking, Francis Lee, Mike Summerbee and bizarrely lots of Asians wearing orange or purple kits, but I couldn’t work out the teams.

  6. AtlantaPompey says:

    Two versions of Roberto Mancini and a Stoke player missing a leg. It is fascinating to look through and the detail even when you zoom in incredibly close is amazing.

  7. MG says:

    Liam Gallagher is in section 3110, in the northwesterly section of the ground, in front of the windows.

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