Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 35: Open Thread

Today’s Premier League matches feature two very early kick-offs between Birmingham City and Wolverhampton Wanderers as well as Liverpool against Newcastle, followed by Arsenal versus Manchester United and the finished off with Manchester City against West Ham United. Needless to say, there’s a lot on the line in every match today.

In the early kick-off matches, Liverpool have a chance to leapfrog Tottenham Hotspur into fifth spot, while Birmingham City and Wolves are both trying to crawl their way out of the relegation zone. Arsenal could make the Premier League title race wide open if they beat United at the Emirates, which would mean that the May 8th game between Manchester United and Chelsea at Old Trafford would effectively be the title decider. A win for Chelsea there and they’d be tied on points with United. A win for United against Chelsea and they would just need one point against Blackburn to win the title.

But rather than jump ahead, Arsenal still has to win today which is going to be a tall order based on their recent record against Manchester United and their poor performances of late.

Last but not least, Manchester City will need three points to push forward in their race for Champions League qualification while the Hammers will need three points to try to avoid relegation.

It should be an interesting day to say the least.

Before, during or after the matches today, post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

32 thoughts on “Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 35: Open Thread”

  1. When you see Fergie smiling on the sideline you know it’s because Chris Foy is the referee. United never lose when he is the referee. I think Fergie has pictures of him. The referee is even playing for United as he knows where the ball might be played for Arsenal so he’s in that spot. Shocking!

    1. Man United almost never lose no matter who the referee is.

      Not seeing Vidic’s handball had nothing to do with who the referee was.

      The Gaffer

  2. Ferguson didn’t pick his strongest team, leaving Valencia, Scholes and giggs out of the strating lineup because he knew that with Foy as the referee United cannot lose. I’m sure Chris Foy will get the same bonus the United players get for winning the title. Arsenal just can’t get a break.

  3. A point won for Blues and two lost for Wolves under the circumstances. Mr. Friend’s non-sensical decision to send off Craig Gardner for diving in the center circle ruined what was shaping up to be an exciting game. Why don’t Refs show some common sense in these situations? Wolves were shocking, no composure, devoid of initiative or attacking threat – they look relegated already. Blues, down to 10 men, settled into their defensive shell looking typically disciplined, concentrated and well organised off the ball. On the ball, it’s hard enough for Blues to score with 11 on the pitch, so down to 10 men it became exceedingly unlikely. I think think Kevin Friend should offer fans a refund.

    1. From what I heard (I was busy watching the Liverpool v Newcastle match), it was a clear dive.

      The rule book is pretty clear on simulation.

      1. Sean, He dived. You can see it on the replay. But it’s the inconsistency of it. No-one gets sent off for diving in the center circle. If they did, Nani and some others I could mention would never get to finish a game! Am I just whining? I don’t think so – I groan when players get sent off from any team ‘cos it often does for the game.
        I think refs should go out of their way to try and keep 22 players on the pitch because no-one wants to see a diminshed game of football. Sometimes it’s clearly necessary. In this case it clearly wasn’t. Refs need to show some common sense.

        1. I understand what you are saying Jon but, if an official honestly believes something is a blatant offence, there is no room for common sense.

          Last Sunday Tamir Cohen was given a yellow card for celebrating a goal by taking off his shirt to show a photo of his recently deceased father. No referee in the world would want to give him a card for that but, since the rule book states that a yellow card has to be given, an official has little choice.

  4. Wolves will now be favored to be relegated. A draw doesn’t do them any good at this stage. Birmingham didn’t look too good either. I think they’re safe but they should be winning games like these.

    Looking forward to see what West Ham can do later today against Manchester City. Without Scott Parker they have their work cut out for them.

  5. Wow! United finally lose with Foy as referee. What is this world coming to? How dare he defy Ferguson! Finally we have a real title challenge on our hands. Love it.

  6. Good win for Arsenal after what they’ve gone through the last week. They thoroughly deserved the win but once again had trouble with that final shot at goal. They missed too many opportunities, especially in the second half, and that’s why they always come up short. Hopefully Wenger will address this and the defence which can still be somewhat vulnerable.

    Manchester United have not played well away from home this season and that’s why they are holding on to a slender lead at the top of the table. I still like United’s chances to get a result against Chelsea with the game being at Old Trafford.

  7. Cannot wait for next Sunday. United will need just a draw to be favored for picking up the trophy. However, I just get the feeling that Chelsea might nick it with a Fernando Torres goal. Destiny.

    1. No chance there. Chelsea will not benefit from a water-logged pitch for Torres nor dreadful decision making by the match officials. United will finally put paid to Chelsea’s faint hopes on the 8th.

      Having said that, the Premiership will continue to carry a cloud over it with consequent “miscarriages of justice” until such time as goal line technology/instant video reviews are available.

  8. Hi Arsene & Aaron,

    Can’t wait to see you again next week. Bring some ear plugs.


    Tony & Ryan


  9. Stoke will play it safe next week against Arsenal for fear of picking up injuries before their FA Cup final game the following week. Stoke are more concerned about the FA Cup final which is why Pulis is at the Manchester City game rather than at the Arsenal game today. Arsenal will be allowed to play next week so I can see an Arsenal win. Stoke will have one eye on the FA Cup final.

    1. Couldn’t care less if Arsenal win next week Jason, they can be 5-0 up but the mauling the Potters fans will give them will be special. We’ve been waiting all season for this game, it’ll be a good warm up for the vocal chords before heading to Wembley on the 14th.

      I’d imagine Gerry Francis is scouting the Arsenal Match for Tony.

      1. so you are not interested in football then.. getting drunk and use football grounds for piss taking.. wow……

        1. Stone cold sober I’m afraid, definitely giving both barrells to that malicious, myopic Frenchman though. I think you underestimate the depth of ill feeling towards that vicious, arrogant, hypocritical cretin.

          1. Haha your belligerence is laughable. The ‘mauling’? Wow.
            Great job coming off like a total asshole.

          2. His point still stands. Your response did nothing to disprove that you don’t care about football but merely ridiculous, meaningless and unwarranted hate. Wenger ‘vicious’? Are you a child? Grow up. You’re the worst kind of fan.

          3. Hush little gooner don’t you cry.
            You can’t win a thing no matter how hard you try.
            Hush little gooner don’t say a word.
            You’ve slipped up in the league you’ll probably finish third.
            Hush little gooner you’ve screwed it up.
            You couldn’t even win the carling cup.
            Hush little gooner life’s not fair
            you haven’t even got any silverware

    1. Keep dreaming! Chelsea will be vulnerable at the back given it’s a “must win” game for them. They will be dealt with, pretty much as all other visiting teams have at Old Trafford this season. If they’re lucky they will draw…but that’s not good enough is it.

  10. It’s good that next week’s Man U – Chelsea game will have a huge following with Chelsea having a chance to win the title because of this weekend’s results. However, I just don’t see Man U losing to Chelsea next week. Even a draw won’t be good enough for Chelsea and I think since they will have to go for it to win at any cost that will make them very vulnerable at the back and I can see Hernandez and Rooney benefiting. Too little too late I’m afraid for Chelsea.

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