Bolton vs Arsenal, Gameweek 34: Open Thread

Photo by Matthew Wilkinson

When Sam Allardyce managed Bolton Wanderers, Arsenal used to hate to travel to the Reebok Stadium. While Owen Coyle has brought a lot more style to Bolton than Big Sam employed, the Reebok Stadium has been a much happier place for the Gunners lately. In the past three games against Arsenal at the Reebok Stadium, Arsenal has won each one. The last time Arsenal lost at Bolton’s home ground was in 2006 when they lost 3-1.

In team news, Abou Diaby is out injured after hurting his calf against Tottenham Hotspur. Tomas Rosicky, meanwhile, is doubtful after picking up an illness. Nevertheless, Arsenal will be near full strength and will be wanting to overcome the disappointment of their drawn matches against Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool.

For Bolton, it’s better news. Matt Taylor, Daniel Sturridge and Mark Davies are back for the Trotters. They’ll be wanting to put the devastating 5-0 loss against Stoke City out of their minds.

Before, during or after the game today, post your rants, raves, questions or observations in the comments section below.

31 thoughts on “Bolton vs Arsenal, Gameweek 34: Open Thread”

  1. It’s a shame Chelsea never game Sturridge any playing time. If you are a young player Chelsea is the worst team to sign to. I think the pressure to win that the managers there are under from ownership makes it hard for them to play young players. Why would ownership sign off on buying young players and put barriers that prevent managers from developing them?

    1. The same goes for Scott Sinclair who was at Chelsea as a left winger and wasn’t given many chances, went out to loan at Wigan and was then signed by Swansea. He’s been lighting up the Championship this season. And I’m sure Chelsea would have liked to have a player with his scoring prowess.

      The Gaffer

  2. Soooooooo glad Im not an “Arse”-nal fan. Otherwise Easter would be ruined!! Ha Ha! Simply pathetic team. Choke-choke.

      1. Im glad your not a fan of my team either. Because it would be an embarasement to have cry babys with thin skin who cant take a joke on my side. Just poking a little fun, go take your prozac and relax. So go enjoy your pathetic team fallling down the standings. BTW I support several teams throughout the world, but if you must know, I am a Blues supporter in the EPL. So sit back and watch how a real team plays. We may take 2nd in the league but at least we are going out with pride. Bring on your dumb comments, I’ll be ready to shove them right back your fancy stadium’s throat.

        1. Oh, I almost forgot….My other team destroyed your pathetic Arsenal in the Champions league last round too. Guess who it is? I bet you will “Messi” it. LOL!

          1. Ugh…Chelsea? Pathetic team to root for. Just another Man City with no history. Happy to watch another coach get fired for Roman’s obsessions? Your team is old and needs to be completely rehashed, but the financial fair play rules will be going into effect soon and you’ll be totally screwed. But good thing you dropped fifty on torres. That looks like a brilliant investment. Once the financial fair play rules go into effect we will see the end of chelsea. 70 million in losses last year? Enjoy your run while it lasted.e

        2. A disgustingly pompous Chelsea/Barcelona fan.. I mean, really? Barcelona and Chelsea??

          You really are about as worse as they come haha.

      2. A joke is a joke, but you’re just being extremely dickish. Your comment, out of all the comments berating Arsenal, is the only one that is straight up immature and classless. There’s a difference. Besides, every Arsenal fan has “thin skin” considering the colossal bullshit that’s gone down in the past two months. You’re acting like no other fan base wouldn’t be upset at the prospect of what’s transpired over the course of the last 8 weeks. But, it’s all good. Keep supporting your Blues and I’ll keep supporting my Gunners.

  3. Once again Arsenal show their true colors. Pathetic defensive performance and inability to finish at the other end has cost them the game. Wenger still doesn’t get it. You need a strong defence to keep your side in the game. Even Liverpool’s teenagers have more steel than Arsenal’s backline. Unless Arsenal spend in the summer to bring in quality defenders they will be the one that will drop out of the top 4 next year.

  4. As an Arsenal fan I think it’s time for Wenger to move on. He just doesn’t get it that a good defense is where it all starts. Djourou is terrible. The others aren’t that much better. Unless he recognises the problem and does something about it I’m afraid he should go. He has been a terrific servant of the club but he is now becoming a joke with his insistence that he doesn’t need to change anything.

    I’m gutted.

    1. I don’t think Djourou is terrible. he has performed relatively well this season. One mistake or one bad game doesn’t make a player terrible. it’s just that Arsenal needs more experience(n class) in that back line.

  5. Hats off to Bolton for bouncing back from their FA Cup semifinal disastrous showing. What can you say about Arsenal. They just don’t have the mental strength to win like Chelsea and Manchester United. I like their style of play but that won’t win you trophies. Maybe it’s time for a rethink at Arsenal. Either change the players en masse or change the manager. Something has to be done.

  6. Anything that could go wrong for Arsenal actually happened. If only Wenger hadn’t been so stubborn, Arsenal would have won some trophies this year.

      1. Based on Gunners recent performance they will get no more than 5 points in the last 4 games. 7 at best. Yes, City have a real shot at 3rd. But they are City after all and I wouldn’t be surprised if they struggled to finish 4rd.

        1. “But they are City after all and I wouldn’t be surprised if they struggled to finish 4rd.”

          It will probably be easier than them to finish 4th than for you to spell “4th”.

  7. If I’m Manchester United I’m licking my chops at the thought of playing against Arsenal with the defenders they have. Easy win for the Red Devils, 3-0. The title will be United’s by this time next week.

  8. Wenger is stubborn and the players don’t have the mental fortitude to win trophies. Until Arsenal recognize this they will be also-rans year-in and year-out. Shame. They do play some wonderful football though.

  9. Arsenal are just being Arsenal. Choke artists extraordinaire. I’m surprised that people are surprised at Arsenal’s self-destruction, 2 points out of 9 in one week, and losing 4 points from winning positions. That’s their nature, year-in and year-out.

  10. Wenger looks frustrated and has the sign of a lot of pressure mounting on him. Only 1 player on Arsenal is a threat and that is Van Persie, the rest of the players don’t frighten anybody.

  11. Ironically, I expect Arsenal to beat United now as the pressure is off and they have nothing to lose by having a go. It will be their Cup Final and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a 3-o or 4-0 win for the Gunners.

    However, storm clouds are definitely gathering for the Frenchman, and without a change in approach, he might lose his players.

  12. arsenal always struggle against bolton. simply put bolton get away with alot in the opening 10 and they use it well. lots of heavy hits to the midfielders shake them and the mentality of arsenal unfortunately sees them take a step back in fear. happened with song this game, very few cock sure players at arsenal and their needs to be. the biggest stars, the ones that turn up at the big games consistently are always the ones with the egos “yeah you knocked me down but im gonna embarrass you AND knock you down”

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