Stoke City 5-0 Bolton, FA Cup Semi-Final: Video Highlights

Some of you, like me, may have missed the goal highlights from the FA Cup semi-final on Sunday due to the Arsenal against Liverpool match being scheduled at the same time. If so, watch the above highlights to catch up on what you missed.

As you’ll see, Stoke City put on a clinical performance in front of goal with several goals scored from outside the area. If they play like that in the FA Cup Final on May 14, Joe Hart will be pushed to the limits.

“For me, this was without doubt the biggest win in the Football Club’s history because it puts us in the Final of the biggest cup competition in the world,” said Stoke City Chairman Peter Coates. “To be honest, it really doesn’t get any better than this and going to the final is very exciting for us all.”

What I find interesting about Stoke City’s rise is that it will give the team a chance to redeem itself in the eyes of some soccer fans who consider the club a proponent of the ugly side of old English football – i.e. overly-physical tactics, little creativity and punting the ball down the pitch in hopes that someone can knock it down and boot it in. While that is the stereotype of Stoke City, I disagree. They’re a lot more creative side than some soccer fans will give them credit for, and while I don’t feel they need to prove themselves to the naysayers, I hope they do well against Manchester City. Perhaps then some soccer fans will finally give them the credit they deserve.

2 thoughts on “Stoke City 5-0 Bolton, FA Cup Semi-Final: Video Highlights”

  1. I guess that I’ll be the only one to comment but here goes.

    That was one of the most surreal experiences I have ever had following Stoke. Everything fell right for us and it could have been 7 or 8 nil and that is no exaggeration.

    Nice to see that three of the goals were outside the box, we had no yellow cards and only commited 11 fouls. Dirty, cheating, boring bastards aren’t we?

    Atmosphere was immense. Good story from the journey down – One of the songs we’re singing at the minute is ‘We’re Stoke City, we’ll play how we want’. Lunchtime at Oxford Services on the motorway all you heard was ‘We’re Stoke City, we’ll swim where we want’, people turn around and a fully clothed, completely leathered, Stoke fan dives in their ornamental pond fully clothed and tries to swim around it! He’d given his wembley ticket to his mates who were travelling with him but then forgot this when he got out of the pond. His mates didn’t tell him they had it until they got to Wenbley, vicious bastards.

    For any Bolton fans, I’ve seen Stoke get tanked more than I’d like to have done over the years. God knows how it felt getting stuffed at Wembley and fair play to all of you for your very sporting reaction to the result.

    Should get a ticket for the final, will be interesting but don’t expect the same result. Hopefully the Sheiks that come over will be all shook up by the end of the match.

  2. what a great video.I listened to the match on the wireless’ as always so its nice to see a good video of the goals. Heady days for Stoke fans everywhere

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