PFA Premier League Team of the Season: Who Would You Have Picked?

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Congratulations to Gareth Bale and Jack Wilshere for being named PFA Player of the Year and Young Player of the Year respectively. One story that was overlooked though was that The Professional Footballers’ Association also named their Premier League Team of the Season. Here are the eleven they selected:

Van der Sar

Sagna   Kompany   Vidic   Cole

Nani   Nasri   Wilshere   Bale

Tevez   Berbatov

While some of the players justifiably deserve to be listed in the above team, I would choose West Ham United’s Scott Parker over Wilshere. The young Arsenal midfielder has had his best season yet for the Gunners but Parker has been instrumental for the Hammers. Parker has carried West Ham for most of the season. Up front, I would have selected Javier Hernandez over Dimitar Berbatov. The Bulgarian is having a fantastic season, but I would argue that Chicharito has been more influential to United’s season than Berbatov has.

What do you think? If you were one of the PFA members, what would your PFA team of the season have been? Post your opinion in the comments section below.

45 thoughts on “PFA Premier League Team of the Season: Who Would You Have Picked?”

  1. I like the selections overall. I would, however, replace Wilshere with Scott Parker, Charlie Adam, Stuart Holden, or Raul Meireles.

  2. It is a crying shame that Charlie Adam isn’t in there somewhere. He’s very deserving, and probably the only reason he isn’t is that he’s playing for Blackpool.

  3. baines over cole and gary cahill over kompany. since wilshere won young player of the year i would have balanced things out by either adding parker or adam in his place for team of the season.

  4. Cech – Chelsea has given up the least goals in the EPL.
    Hangeland – tough pick but his goals conceded is low and he scores goals too
    Charlie fricking Adam – this should have been an easy selection. Has nothing to work with and still dominates games.
    Van der Vaart – Has done more for this team than Bale in my opinion. Could have selected Dempsey here also. Wilshire isnt even in the top 10.
    Van Persie – would be leading the league in goals if not for early season injury. Berbatov or Carroll would have fit also.

    1. Cech, Hangeland, VdV and Adam all make sense and can be argued either way… BUT Van Persie?!?!?!

      Team of the Year is not “*if only* _(fill in the blank)_ would have played/scored more then…”

      Van Persie is a good striker but he is just 2 goals ahead of “super sub” Chicharito and 8 goals behind Berbatov… RvP should be nowhere near team of the year…

      1. Ok, maybe not Van Persie, but is anyone hotter than him the last 15 games? Give me a higher goal total than 15 in last 15. You cant. Like I said….Berbatov or even Carroll who has 13 goals could be here. A “super sub” who hasnt played as a starter such as your wonder boy Chicarito shouldnt be considered. Lets see him play 90 every game and not get injured and see what he can do. I would also like to add the Baines on D is well worthy of the spot. I realize your “biased” being a United fan but you should realize that this is not for the best “B” or “sub” team.

  5. i think Leighton Baines was unfairly overlooked, and he has been better than Cole this season if you ask me. He is one of the most influential players for Everton week in and week out, providing the second most assists in the league this year only surpassed by Nani, and has been great in defense as well. I think Cole is just the more glamorous choice, being that he plays for a “bigger” team. Baines has been better and much more consistent, as well as being much more influential to his side than Cole has

  6. Berbatov is only there because of the number of goals he has scored. He scored most of his goals in a few games but went missing in most of the games he has played in. I don’t agree with his inclusion.

    Wilshere has had a good season but he has not ben as good as others for their team. Tiote for Newcastle has been better. Yesterday, in a big game Wilshere was anonymous. parker for West Ham has been huge too. Again, I don’t agree with Wilshere’s inclusion.

    1. Berbatov scored 21 goals in 23 appearances (6 as a substitute). He scored in 13 different games with 10 winning goals. If these numbers do not convince you that he belongs in the PFA team I don’t know what else will. Berbatov was the main reason United stayed in the title race in the first half of the season when Wayne Rooney went missing.

      What beats me how Gareth Bale got on this team let alone named PFA player of the Year. Sure he had some remarkable performances in CL but how this is related to EPL? In the league he for the most part underperformed or was injured.

  7. Ivanovic over Cole. more versatile, more physical and a constant threat on corners.

    Sorry but I think Modric and RVDV are more important to Spurs than Bale who HAS potential. They have been consistent all year and any of the two could take Bale’s place in this XI.

    And you could make the case for a dozen players like Charlie Adam over Wilshere.

    1. Ivanovic hasn’t had nearly as good of a year as he did last year. He spent much of the season before David Luiz joined the team as a center back and out of position.

      The one thing I want to comment on is Vincent Kompany. I told my GF who knows nothing about soccer (except the cute kits and the cute songs everyone sings) that he was probably the best player in the Premier League. He’s been such a beast for Man City that I don’t think they’d be nearly as successful without him.

  8. I agree Scott Parker has been fantastic, but their going to get relegated. When you have 22 points or so, it takes a transcendent performance to make the PFA XI, and Parker’s performance hasn’t been transcendent.

  9. As great as scott parker is he’s not as good as joey barton. Joey barton should be in there over Wilshere hands down. It’s not even close. Barton is the total package he did everything better than Wilshere this season, better passer, better tackler, better marker, better goal scorer. Total package.

  10. Is this for the whole year or the part of the season when you were actually good?

    Is that midfield really the best players in the league? Nasri had a great start, but not so hot lately. Wilshire is ok, but the best at his position in the league? Nani…again, very inconsistent. And Bale? The best player this year in the league? He’s not even in the top 20!!! That is a frightening vote. Yes, he’s good, and his CL games were fantastic, but this is the Premier League we are talking about here.

  11. Probably Cech has been a better keeper, and Hart has been great too, but no real complaints with Van Der Sar.

    The defense is also pretty good, especially the central duo. Baines should have been looked at, but it’s acceptable.

    Now the midfield is where I have real problems. Where’s Modric, Yaya Toure, Silva, Parker, Van Der Vaart, De Jong, and a few others? Surely, these players have been consistently good, while others like Nasri and Bale have only had several intense flashes of brilliance. Nani I would have included though, he’s been great all season. I would probably have
    Nani, De Jong, Toure, Modric in my midfield.

    Finally, the strikers? No real complaints, both are the top two scorers by yards, have scored crucial goals, and have generally played well.

  12. Hart

    Sagna Kompany Terry Evra

    De Jong

    Nani Adam Parker Bale


    Manager Fergie (if they win the league only)

    Mentions Vidic, VDV, Nasri.

  13. Games are won and lost in midfield. This midfield seems a bit uni-dimensional to me. Individually all excellent, but could do with a bit more physical presence, bit more mettle to compliment the skill and pace. Parker for Wilshere is one option, but adding the likes of a De Jong as a fifth midfielder, or Yaya Toure, or even a workaholic like JS Park may be better.

  14. I actually take Bale off the team, he’s been injuried for some time and when playing is not nearly 90%. Jack has played thru out the season and has been Arsenal’s best player.
    Van der Sar
    Sagna Kompany Vidic Baines
    Nani C. Adam Parker Wilshere
    Tevez Berbatov

  15. If Van Persie could stay healthy and uninjured, he and Arsenal could have a good chance. I don’t think Torres would/could win the award because he hasn’t scored for Chelsea in forever and is one of most expensive forwards ever.
    Congrats to Stoke City for making the FA cup final!!

  16. Leighton Baines, Scott Parker and Charlie Adam should be in there and van de vaart would have made it if it weren’t for injury im guessing. Hernandez, Odemwingie, Djouru, Jose Enrique, David Silva, Joe Hart have all had great seasons and i dont like to say it but Joey Barton has had a great season too. Now obviously not all of them could be included in the team but a couple could definitely be in there. All players are in top 5 placed teams? And as I mentioned earlier Peter Odemwingie for Wba who has scored 12 goals and made 8 assists in his first year in the preer coming from a foreign club, thats pretty impressive. If suarez was a summer signing he would be on this but i do think he will definitely be on next years if he carries on playing at the level he’s playing at.

  17. For as much as I can’t stand Chelsea, I think that around this time next year, we’ll be talking about David Luiz a lot.

  18. I think the real question is, where the heck is tommysunshine on this post? Maybe the PFA awards are too mainstream for him. I was hoping he could regale us in the long and illustrious history of the award and explain to us why his mental encyclopedia of football knowledge is far superior to anyone else’s and that’s why no one in here is qualified to comment on who should make the squad.

  19. Van Der Sar has been good but it would have been Hart for me.

    Cole and Baines is tight but i think Baines just edges it with those fantastic Free kicks.

    Nasri startes the season brilliantly but has faded recently and for me Modric is in his own class in the centre mid position(Should probably mention im a spurs fan though).

    Teves has run the team every game for Man. City and Nothing wrong with Berbatov either.

    My XI:
    Sagna Kompany Vidic Baines
    Nani Wilshere Modric Bale
    Berbatov Tevez

  20. First off why is everyone praising, or at least not wronged the selection of, Nani? To take the words of Oliver Holt ‘he wouldn’t even be in my top 20 never mind team of the year.’ He is brutal and far more guilty of simulation and diving than Ronaldo ever was….

    Secondly, could this be the worst team of the year ever picked? Probably, They barely got any position right.

    Lastly, this should be the team:

    Van der Sar (kept Ushited in every competition)

    Phil Bardsley (despite Sunderland’s sudden fall down the league, has stayed solid)
    Vidic (inspirational captain)
    Terry/Hangelaand (both have given their all)
    Baines (best left back by a mile this season, not just in the premier league)

    Giggs (to be playing as he has at his age is unbelievable)
    Wilshere (let’s face it, he’s only 19)
    Parker (the reason West Ham might not be relegated)
    Matt Jarvis (Has had such an amazing season with such a bad team around him, the reason Wolves aren’t already in the Championship)
    Van der Vaart (his performances are argument enough)

    Odemwingie (Stand-out forward this season)

    -I think you’ll find this team is very close to team of the year, maybe 1or2 positions are up for grabs but I have been extremely fair. Evra is absolute rubbish…..
    Mark Quinn, Chelsea fan.

  21. my verdict:
    van der sar
    bains vidic gallas a.cole
    nani nasri adam bale
    chicharito tevez

    player of the year:bale
    young player of the year:chicharito

  22. Wheres matt jarvis?!
    Statistically is the best out and out winger in the premiership and an England call up doesn’t come for nothing, especially in a team like wolves where its very hard to get an international call up because we don’t have the best reputation. Also watching wolves week in week out i guarantee we wouldn’t have half as many points as we do if it wasn’t for him.

    Why is berbatov in there? ok hes premierships top scorer, but his goals have come in bunches. He’s been off form 2/3 of the season!! wheres de jong? and whats has cole done all season?! baines everyday

  23. ————–Van Der Sar———–

    VDS – been fantastic all season, save United so many points.
    M.Kelly – There hasn’t been many stand out RB’s but at just 20 years old he’s been fantastic in so many big games for Liverpool.
    Kompany – Been the reason for City’s solid defence all season.
    Vidic – He’s been consistenly good all season, never had one CB partner for a number of games (Ferdinand, Smalling & Evans)
    Baines – Without doubt been the stand out left back this season.
    Nani – Most assists all season, says it all.
    S.Parker – Carried West Ham all season, without him they’d be bottom of the league without any chance of staying up.
    Wilshere – So consistently good. Matched Xavi & Iniesta in their tie against Barca in the CL.
    Bale – Most surprising player this season, been world class.
    Hernandez – Only 21. Came from the Mexican league and has been brilliant, won United so many games this season.
    Carroll – Was in the Championship last season. Comes in and was the reason why Newcastle had such a good first half of the season. Done well for Liverpool too.

  24. nice 2 see sagna in there hes probly been the best right back in the premiership since he joined arsenal there only quality defender very under rated by people but hes simply outstanding and marc albrighton sud of got young player of the year villa have had a poor season but hes been the brilliant at times

  25. Baines of Everton actually deserves a place there and, though I’m a Chelsea fan, he should replace Ashley Cole.

  26. Without a shadow of doubt Leighton Baines of Everton has been the best left back in Europe let a lone the premier league, though I certainly agree Van Der Sar was the best man in the sticks. :)

  27. Are you mental C Dub? Chicharito started a stupid amount of games and way more than Carroll. Why are you considering Carroll he had such an average season, I’d have Bent over Carroll anyday. And lol at Ivanovic over Cole. Cole was unbelievable in pretty much every game.

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